Why Are 50% of Dog Owners So Hesitant To Vaccinate Their Pets?

Dr Jones goes in to detail about why many dog owners are so worried about vaccines for their pets. Dr Jones shows you his advised dog vaccine schedule, along with sharing his concerns on dog vaccines.

2 thoughts on “Why Are 50% of Dog Owners So Hesitant To Vaccinate Their Pets?”

  1. im dealing with possible ibd after rabies vax in my giant breed. My last giant breed was diagnosed with ibd after his vaccinations. My aussie is MDR1 positive. I am worried about long term build up in the brain and neuru issues resulting from vaccines. My cat is dead from VAS from her 2nd rabies shot. I worked with Dr Shultz and there was absolutly zero differnce in rabies titers from before and after a vaccination. Here is the thing Vaccines work! They work so well that you only need one after the animal is mature to handel it.

  2. I have been questioning rabies vaccines for 30 years. I have asked every single vet I have gone to if they have ever treated or seen a dog with rabies. I have yet to find one who has.

    I now have Frenchies. Rescues. They are invariably plagued with issues. Allergies. Skin problems. Digestive problems. Cancer. My girl now is incredibly healthy and she will not get the full spectrum vaccines again. As you said, bordatella and parvo yes. But not every year.

    Thank you so much for this video. I find it affirming. I’m not a vet nor a medical person (although I came through my own cancer and have had quite an education) but I just know that vaccinating that much is not good.

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