It’s someone’s special birthday!

You’d never guess who is now a serious senior?

Not I… the ‘I can’t believe I am getting older, slightly vain Dr Jones who has a slightly inflated ego with all of the subscribers like you 🙂 ‘

It is none other than the famous unpaid canine star.


She is 12 today, yet acts like she is 3. The secret to her longevity? Well I can’t take full credit for it, but the ONE supplement that she is faithfully getting every day is… Apparently time is going by and we are getting older.

Dr. Jones’ Ultimate Canine Advanced Plus contains the amino acid L-taurine (Taurine). Supplementing with taurine can help with multiple issues, including improving cardiovascular and brain health. If your dog has heart issues or you are concerned about DCM (Dilated Cardiomyopathy), Ultimate Canine Advanced Plus can help.

Tula is really 12!

Fortunately she has been very healthy, seldom having to see the vet, and still acts like a puppy.

In fact I still get asked….’Is she a puppy?’ ahh nope, but she is an AWESOME dog 🙂

And what is the secret to her longevity?

I do try and practice some of the stuff I preach, so here is what I think is helping:


She does eat kibble, but also canned, some homemade, and some raw. In fact her morning meal today will consist of some leftover roast 🙂


she is so fit, being walked 4-5 times/day, including a run/bike ride/hike


she doesn’t get any, and has NOT had any vaccines in 6 years

Few to no conventional medications 

If she is a little sore after exercise, or has hurt herself protecting us from those dangerous squirrels, then I’ll use CBD oil, or 95% curcumin for pain.

Dr. Jones’ Ultimate CBD Formula is a liquid, available in either a 5ml (0.17fl oz), 15ml (0.5fl oz), or 30ml (1fl oz) bottle, with a medicinal quality dropper for very accurate dosage measurement.


This you can’t control, but it does help that she is a cross of Standard Poodle X Corgi X ? Who knows.

Mental Health

Tula is so connected to the humans around her, and feels so wanted. She is always happy to see me – also this just so happens to be good for my mental health, so it’s definitely a win/win


I am not the most diligent pet parent when it comes to giving Tula variety in her diet/making her food from scratch. I do though give her our Ultimate Canine Advanced supplement, with all of those super beneficial ingredients to help her muscles/joints, to support her intestinal tract, and boost her immune system.

Best Wishes,

Dr Andrew

P.S. Tula is getting something extra special today… a cake made out of hamburger, topped with her favorite treats, Mighty Wolf!!

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3 thoughts on “It’s someone’s special birthday!”

  1. Happy Birthday Tula! What are the dog food brands you are using? You feed Tula 4 times a day?
    We have 2 Lab puppies almost 2. They are Sisters from the same litter. Both with Alergies

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