Dr Jones’ 7 Secrets to Dog Longevity: Happy Birthday Tula!

Celebrating Tula’s 12th Birthday and the Secrets to Her Longevity

Today marks a significant milestone in my journey with Tula, my remarkably healthy 12-year-old poodle. Having faced virtually no veterinary issues throughout her life, I’m excited to share the seven secrets that I believe have contributed to her longevity. For those interested in natural pet health and wellness, you’ve come to the right place.

1. The Importance of a Varied Diet

First and foremost, diet plays a crucial role in Tula’s health. Unlike many pets that stick to one type of food, Tula enjoys a varied diet. She’s currently on a high-protein, low-carbohydrate kibble called Anana Ranchlands. However, her diet doesn’t stop there; she also enjoys high-quality canned dog food and additional animal protein, such as roast mixed into her kibble. Once a week, she gets prepackaged frozen raw food. This variety ensures she’s not just getting nutrients from one source but a broad spectrum that supports her overall health.

2. Exercise: A Cornerstone of Health

Exercise is another pillar of Tula’s well-being. She enjoys three to four walks a day, with at least one being a run. Regular exercise keeps her at a proper weight, limits joint issues, and normalizes her metabolic systems, reducing her risk of developing conditions like diabetes. I advocate for walking your dog for at least 20 minutes three times a day to support their physical health.

3. A Minimalist Approach to Vaccines

For the past six years, Tula hasn’t received any vaccines. I’ve observed that many dogs are over-vaccinated, which can lead to a host of secondary diseases related to the immune system. By vaccinating less, I believe we can have healthier dogs that are less prone to autoimmune diseases, allergies, thyroid disease, and organ dysfunction.

4. Choosing Natural Over Conventional Medications

As Tula has aged, she’s experienced more episodes of pain, especially after rigorous activities. Instead of reaching for conventional anti-inflammatory drugs like Metacam, which can have significant side effects, I opt for natural alternatives like CBD. These choices offer pain relief without the adverse effects associated with many pharmaceuticals.

5. The Benefits of Hybrid Vigor

Tula is a standard poodle cross Corgi, which may contribute to her robust health due to hybrid vigor. This mix of genes from different breeds means she’s less likely to suffer from genetic diseases and might have a stronger immune system overall.

6. Mental Health Matters

Tula’s mental health is just as important as her physical health. She’s deeply connected to her human family, enjoys a variety of activities, and receives plenty of positive reinforcement. I firmly believe that a happy dog is a healthier dog, and Tula’s excellent mental health is a testament to that.

7. Supplementing Tula’s Diet for Optimal Health

Lastly, I supplement Tula’s diet with Dr. Jones’s Ultimate Canine Advanced Health Formula. This supplement supports her joint health, intestinal tract, and immune system, containing high levels of probiotics, colostrum, and curcumin. Despite not being the perfect pet parent, sticking to these seven principles has significantly contributed to Tula’s health and vitality.

As we celebrate Tula’s 12th birthday with a special raw dog cake, I’m reminded of the importance of consistent care, a varied diet, regular exercise, and the choice to use natural health solutions. These principles have allowed Tula to enjoy a happy, healthy life, and I hope sharing them helps other pet owners achieve the same for their furry friends. Happy Birthday, Tula, and here’s to many more healthy years ahead!

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