New Remedies for Pancreatitis in Dogs and Cats

Pancreatitis is NOT something you ever want your dog to get, it can be VERY painful.

Such as when there is an upcoming holiday, when people indulge in too much fatty food, guess what they can get?

Yes… Pancreatitis

Same thing for your dog. Aside from prevention and NOT feeding your dogs excessively fatty unhealthy foods (i.e. think hot dogs!), one of the key treatments is managing pain.

Typically in practice we would give a narcotic for pain, but nothing for inflammation… but now there is something that can help to decrease inflammation and provide natural pain relief.

And it may help prevent this from recurring, as well as making your dog/cat feel better 🙂

A Natural, Whole Plant Extract CBD tincture for Dogs and Cats:

Dr Jones’ ULTIMATE CBD for Dogs and Cats

Dr. Jones’ Ultimate CBD Formula is a liquid, available in either a 5ml (0.17fl oz), 15ml (0.5fl oz), or 30ml (1fl oz) bottle, with a medicinal quality dropper for very accurate dosage measurement.

Understanding Pancreatitis in Dogs

  • What is Pancreatitis? Pancreatitis is an inflammation of the pancreas that can be painful and dangerous for dogs. The pancreas is crucial for insulin production and digestion.
  • Why It Happens: The inflammation occurs when the pancreas starts to be damaged by its own digestive enzymes, which can lead to severe health issues.

How to Prevent Pancreatitis

  • Healthy Lifestyle: Keep your dog active, well-hydrated, and on a diet of good quality dog food.
  • Avoiding Risks: Stay clear of junk food and certain medications like steroids, which can trigger pancreatitis.

Signs and Early Treatment

  • Watch for Symptoms: Be alert to signs of pain or nausea in your dog, which are early indicators of pancreatitis.
  • Seek Immediate Care: Early detection is critical. Prompt veterinary care can lead to a quicker and fuller recovery.

Treating Pancreatitis with Supplements

  • Digestive Enzymes: Supplements like Festal and Panteric Granules can aid digestion and prevent enzyme overload.
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids: Adding fish oil to your dog’s diet can help reduce inflammation and support recovery.
  • Vitamins and Probiotics: Vitamins B12, E, A, and probiotics can assist in recovery by supporting the immune system and gut health.

Recommended Products

  • From Dr. Jones: Regular prevention is key. I recommend Dr. Jones’ Ultimate Omega 3 Krill Oil and Dr. Jones’ ULTIMATE CBD for diverse canine health benefits.
  • Final Tip: Avoid feeding your dog treats like hot dogs, especially during festive seasons, to prevent pancreatitis flare-ups.

Dr Jones’ ULTIMATE CBD for Dogs and Cats

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