If pet vaccines are harmful, why are so many given?

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If vaccines are harmful, WHY are so many given?

This question was posed to me by a fellow newsletter subscriber.

Thanks for the question!

WHY do some Veterinarians give multiple vaccines yearly, while others are giving far FEWER vaccines (if any at all)?

In fact ALL of the Veterinary Colleges are advising a limited vaccine regimen with fewer vaccines given, and LESS often.

Here’s my take on it.

1. Habit. This is what has always happened. You come to ‘The Vet’ for your shots. Your Vet gives you ‘The shots’.

2. Vaccines do prevent certain diseases. Parvovirus is the most important one. But 2 puppy doses at 8 and 12 weeks are protective, likely for life. It does not need to be given every year, and perhaps not again after the puppy series.

3. That friendly Drug Rep… Vaccines are BIG business to a few select LARGE Drug Companies.

It’s in their interest to have you give MORE vaccines MORE often.

And those same companies have representatives who develop relationships with Veterinarians.

And being human, it’s hard not to get influenced by it. I mean it has happened to me.

4. Finances. I can relate my own personal experiences as a Veterinary Practice Owner. Clients were ‘trained’ to come into the clinic for the yearly vaccines. By not sending out yearly vaccine reminders, I was concerned about lower client visits, and ultimately being able to pay all the bills.

But this has not been my experience – In fact most clients are very appreciative of me being honest and were more likely to accept other health suggestions (such as senior wellness tests).

Unfortunately there are still those who are convinced that they need to be sending clients yearly vaccine reminders OR their practice income will drop.

In other words, it’s about the money.

Ultimately it is YOUR decision.

NOT your Veterinarian’s.

Become informed.

Learn about the potential side effects, and the newer and advised vaccine regimens.

Heal Your Pets At Home!

Best Wishes,

Dr Andrew Jones

7 thoughts on “If pet vaccines are harmful, why are so many given?”

  1. As explained by Dr. Elizabeth Hodgkins, I was gobsmacked to learn how the pet care industry is structured. I wish every pet owner were required to take a “course”, based on real information from vets like yourself and Dr. Hodgkins. I support your efforts and was shocked by tonight’s news story. All the Best for your future, our pets are in debt to you.

  2. This has not been a secret among large kennels for years but I have one question many kennels struggle to answer. Dogs that show, race, hunt and attend parks/ boarding kennels have a higher chance of getting sick or bringing it home from dogs not vaccinated? As a rescuer new dogs are quarantined for 7-10 days before contact with the regular pack. Older dogs are not vaccinated but contact with dogs that leave the house for events are kept separate. Is this a safe practice or being foolish?

  3. I’m dismayed to hear that at a college that is designed to help the health and welfare of animals would be so against someone like yourself going the extra mile to help people take more responsibility toward caring for their pets. The ‘college’ is being unreasonable and excessively harsh in my opinion. The holistic approach of health care in humans is strong, as it is as much a popular health alternative with people toward their pets. I applaud your standing up for animals the way you do and myself, I am in debt to you and your course, and your informative and wise advice. You made me sit up and take notice of how I can ensure better care for my pets. You help me be a better fur-mom for my babies. From my heart, I thank you, and am relieved you are not resigning from your alternative veterinary practices and assistance to people. Will you set up an holistic veterinary practice clinic? Surely the ‘collage’ cannot forbid you of that. You ARE the best of both worlds this way. A most winning combination of knowledge and talent.
    Bless you for standing up for the right reasons for the animals, and for us pet guardians.
    As unfair as I felt the ‘college’ is being toward you, I am actually very excited for you in your successful new ventures.
    Bless you for being a trail blazing hero !

  4. Yet another heart breaking announcment, I have only read/heard of this news tonight. Were it not for your continuing your alternative veterinary treatments we pet owners would be completely devastated. I pray you will have even greater success with this and that sooner rather than later the college will see the error of their ways. Unfortunately its always the animals that must suffer the most for big bu$ine$$ where the only goal is more money completely without care to how its obtained. How many traditional medical regimes have produced as many miraculous recoveries and improvement of quality of life as some of the alternative regimes? With NO damage? Full speed ahead Dr Jones, your internet subscribers will stand by you all the way. You are a hero to many both four and two legged!

  5. I did not see where you went against any individual other vet.

    This whole thing reminded me of the “Oprah issue” where she was actually on
    trial for allegedly maligning the beef industry, for some remark she made on her show about not
    wanting to eat hamburger anymore.
    Funny, when they say, “Freedom isn’t free”,
    it’s not wars to worry about, it’s the courts.

  6. Over the recent years we have see a reduction of the amount of vaccines given. In fact some that use to be administered every year are now being done only every 3 years.

    It is good that you are bringing awareness to the public on these issues!

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