How to Speed Bone Healing for Dogs and Cats, and injured Youtube Veterinarians…

I am currently typing this very slowly with one hand—the result of a bike mishap. I was thrown into the air, off my bike, and landed on a rock, impacting my left shoulder collarbone. After a long walk down the bike trail, I ended up in the emergency room.

The injury required surgery, and now I’m walking around with extra hardware, doing whatever I can to speed up the healing process.

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Discovering the Benefits of Cannabinoids for Bone Healing

It turns out that two specific cannabinoids, CBD and CBG, have been studied at Penn State for their potential to speed bone healing. They also provide excellent pain relief. This is an awesome option if you have a dog or cat with a fracture or wound, especially one that has undergone surgery.

1. Bone Minerals:

  • Calcium and Magnesium: Key nutrients for bone health.
  • Dosage: Calcium: 50-100mg per 10 lbs daily; Magnesium: 20mg per 10 lbs daily.

2. Speed Healing Minerals:

  • Zinc: A study indicates that zinc supplementation can stimulate fracture healing. I am currently taking zinc.

    • Dosage: 5mg per 10 lbs daily.
  • Vitamin C: In animal studies, vitamin C has shown to accelerate bone formation through enhanced osteoblastic proliferation and differentiation, and its antioxidant function.

    • Dosage: 50mg per 10 lbs daily.

3. Comfrey (“Knitbone"):

  • Known for centuries as a medicinal plant, comfrey has proven effective in topical treatments for pain, inflammation, and swelling in conditions like degenerative arthritis and sports injuries.
    • Topical Use: Apply a topical salve to the affected area four times a day.
    • Homeopathic Use: 1 30C capsule per 20 lbs, four times a day for the first 5-7 days, then twice daily.

4. Horsetail Herb:

  • Traditionally used for its health-promoting effects, horsetail improves bone density and promotes tissue regeneration, reducing inflammation. It’s rich in minerals, especially silicon, which is important for healing bones, ligaments, and tendons.
    • Dosage: 1mg per 10 lbs daily.

5. Cannabinoids (CBD and CBG):

  • Penn State scientists found that CBD and CBG not only manage pain effectively, comparable to NSAIDs, but also significantly enhance the fracture healing process, leading to higher bone volume fraction and mineral density.
    • Product: Dr. Jones’ ULTIMATE Cannabinoid Blend for Dogs and Cats.
Dr. Jones' Ultimate Cannabinoid Blend for Dogs and Cats: Full Spectrum Cannabinoid supplement in 100% Organic Cold Pressed Hemp Oil.
Dr. Jones’ Ultimate Cannabinoid Blend for Dogs and Cats: Full Spectrum Cannabinoid supplement in 100% Organic Cold Pressed Hemp Oil.

There are surprisingly many things you can do to speed up bone healing, including supplementing with inexpensive Vitamin C. I am feeling better now and considering taking it a bit slower on my bike… maybe.

P.S. About those cannabinoids: Our new Cannabinoid Blend includes CBD and CBG, which have been shown to increase bone healing and provide pain relief. I am finding the Cannabinoid blend to be working exceptionally well.

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