Dr Andrew Jones: The ‘Angry Saint’ of Veterinary Medicine

Hello, and welcome back to my channel! If you’re new here, please subscribe and hit the notification bell. Today, I want to address a question a subscriber asked me: does it bother me when I search my name on Google and find unkind things said about me? I’ve searched my name, Dr. Andrew Jones, and found labels like “The Angry Saint of Alternative Veterinary Medicine." Although these comments are harsh, I want to share why they don’t bother me.

My Journey Through Conflict and Controversy

Years ago, I began publishing a newsletter on alternative veterinary practices while running my own practice. However, the College of Veterinarians took issue with my work, investigating and eventually finding me guilty of violating marketing bylaws. Accusations ranged from making unfounded claims, like using ginger for treating nausea, to criticizing the veterinary college itself. This led to a hefty fine of over thirty thousand dollars and demands to alter my marketing strategies drastically. I found these restrictions unreasonable, as they stifled my ability to discuss alternative remedies and question existing veterinary practices.

Choosing Principle Over Practice

Faced with the decision to change my marketing or resign, I chose the latter. My newsletters, which discussed home remedies and critiqued aspects like vaccines and pet food, were based on principle. Resigning was a stand for my beliefs, emphasizing that I could not condone a governing body dictating the terms of my professional expression. This decision marked a significant turn in my career, steering me away from traditional practice.

Growing Influence and Community Support

Since leaving traditional veterinary practice, I’ve built a substantial online presence, with nearly a million subscribers on YouTube, and hundreds of thousands of followers on TikTok and Facebook. I’ve produced over a thousand videos and developed a range of supplements. The growth of this community and business reassures me that my decision was right. The positive impact on pet owners and their pets is a constant source of motivation.

Focusing on the Positive: My Formula for Resilience

How do I handle seeing negative comments about myself online? The key is focusing on the positive feedback and the many pet parents who express their gratitude. I ignore the negative comments and concentrate on the overwhelming support and respectful disagreements from viewers who appreciate alternative perspectives on pet care. These interactions fuel my passion for exploring and sharing new remedies for pet health.

Gratitude and Moving Forward

In closing, I am immensely thankful for the support from viewers like you. Your words of thanks and stories of how my advice has helped mean everything to me. They remind me why I continue to share my knowledge and why the negative opinions on Google do not define my worth or dampen my spirit. Thank you for being here, and please continue to support the channel by subscribing and sharing your thoughts.

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