Why ‘They’ DON’T Like Dr Andrew Jones and his ‘Veterinary Secrets’

Introduction to My Veterinary Journey

As a veterinarian with nearly 20 years of experience and the owner of Nelson Animal Hospital in Nelson, BC, I’ve had a rewarding career treating thousands of animals and interacting with countless clients. My approach has always been compassionate, knowledgeable, and thorough. I prided myself on being a good communicator and never received a client complaint during my time in practice. However, my interest in alternative veterinary medicine and public expression of my views led to a controversial turn in my career.

Embracing Alternative Veterinary Medicine

My interest in alternative veterinary medicine inspired me to write a book, “Veterinary Secrets: Natural Health for Dogs and Cats," which was published on Amazon. I also started an email newsletter to share home remedies for pets, discuss current veterinary issues, and express my concerns about vaccines and the veterinary college. This public platform allowed me to connect with pet parents and promote my book, but it also caught the attention of the veterinary establishment.

Clash with the Veterinary College

My outspoken views in my newsletter led to an investigation by the veterinary college. They claimed I violated multiple codes and bylaws of the code of ethics, resulting in a fine of $20,000, plus additional legal fees. I was faced with a choice: pay the fines and cease publishing my newsletter, or resign from the college. I chose to resign on principle, feeling that the decision was wrong and that I should be free to express my opinions.

The Impact of Public Criticism

After resigning, I was featured on ABC’s news show 2020, where I discussed the business practices of veterinary medicine, including unnecessary upsells and procedures. This segment went nationwide and led to a barrage of negative comments from the veterinary community. The criticism intensified after I published a blog post titled “Scap Vet," which led to further backlash and hate comments.

Advocating for Holistic Veterinary Care

Despite the criticism, I’ve continued to advocate for alternative home remedies and holistic veterinary care. I encourage pet parents to be active and involved in their pets’ health care, which has not always been well-received by the traditional veterinary establishment. However, I’ve also developed relationships with veterinarians who support holistic care, and my business has grown significantly. My YouTube channel has nearly 1 million subscribers, and we offer a range of supplements for pets.

Standing by My Principles

In summary, my journey as a veterinarian has been marked by both achievements and controversies. I’ve always strived to provide the best care for animals and to explore alternative approaches to veterinary medicine. While my views have not always been popular, I stand by my principles and continue to advocate for the well-being of pets and their owners.

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  1. Thank you for all you do. I have Dobermans. My first 2 died at 5 and 7. My last 5 I refused to vax after the first 2 puppy shots. Also fed them raw and they lived long lives. Also have never used flea or tick meds. No carpet in my home. My new boy just turned 3. Ask my vet to quit sending me cards for vaccinations. You rock.
    Nanaimo BC

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