Veterinarian ignores abandoned dog

Hello again to you.

A disturbing story
Kenny the Abandoned Dog

An emaciated dog was left abandoned in front of
a Veterinary Clinic-

He was a sick, helpless dog, lying in front of a
Buffalo veterinary hospital for 24 hours before
the SPCA was even called.

The SPCA has filed a complaint with the state, saying
the veterinarian whose office Kenny was found in front of,
should have helped the dog.

Dr. Hector Anderson says otherwise.

Here is the entire story:

Officials at the Erie County SPCA say they have to put
“Kenny” the cocker spaniel to sleep.

We’re told Kenny received a blood transfusion Saturday
morning, but did not respond. SPCA workers say he has
an enlarged esophagus and cannot be saved.

Kenny was malnourished and weighed only nine pounds
when he was discovered Wednesday outside a Kensington
Avenue animal hospital.

The SPCA has filed a complaint with the state, saying
the veterinarian whose office Kenny was found in front of,
should have helped the dog.

Dr. Hector Anderson says otherwise.

“The dog was not physically injured…the dog could move.
If the dog was injured, then that would be a different thing,”
Anderson said. He tells us he called the city’s animal shelter
four times, asking them to send someone to pick Kenny up,
before the SPCA arrived. He thinks the SPCA should be directing
its anger toward whoever abandoned Kenny.

Veterinarian Doctor Hector Anderson said, “I should not be
implicated in any way for what happened to the animal.”

It’s believed Kenny was left outside Dr. Hector Anderson’s
clinic on Tuesday. Kenny didn’t get medical care until Wednesday night.

Dr. Anderson said, “When I went towards the dog, it got up
and walked towards the grass patch in the back.”

Dr. Anderson says he’s been a vet for more than four decades
and that if the dog had shown some signs of injury, it would’ve
received immediate care, “As far as I’m concerned the dog was
not injured. It was able to move and I don’t think that I should
be responsible.”

Carr said, “I don’t know how a veterinarian can walk by this dog
and say there is nothing wrong with it. And that’s what I heard
him say.”

Dr. Anderson claims one of his employees called the city animal
shelter to pick up Kenny at least four times on Tuesday, “If the
city had come immediately or within the day, they would have taken
it to the vet that does work for the city.”

“I’m sorry, but this is a medical doctor…anybody looking
at this dog, anybody on this street with no medical knowledge
whatsoever could see this dog was suffering,” said SPCA Erie
County Director Barbara Carr.

“There is no way in the world that I can accept that a
veterinary doctor could not see that that dog was suffering,”
said Carr.

The SPCA wants to thank everyone who asked about Kenny’s
condition and offered to adopt him.

P.S. This story strikes a BIG chord because the
Veterinarian in question, a Dr Anderson, was SO
callous- He could care less.

NO this was not his client.

And YES the SPCA should have been involved.

But ALL he needed to do was have a staff member take
the dog inside, and have his staff provide some BASIC
supportive care.

Just show a small bit of compassion.

It’s NOT all about the mo*n*ey- although much
of Veterinary Medicine ( and our society) has Dr Anderson.

Being a Veterinarian he should be held to a
higher standard, and been able to see that this
dog was in need of care- but he chose to ignore

And I believe that the SPCA is in it’s rights
to file a complaint.

You decide.

Heal Your Pet At Home!

Best Wishes,

Dr Andrew Jones, DVM

82 thoughts on “Veterinarian ignores abandoned dog”

  1. I believe that the SPCA is in it’s rights
    to file a complaint!
    What kind of a person lets an animal suffer when they could help??
    I would NEVER take my minpin to a vet like this!!!

  2. That vet should have atleast examined the dog–it was obviously left there for a reason—someone knew it was sick and couldn’t pay for the vet bill. Don’t vet.’s have to take an oath just like human doctors?

  3. This sounds familiar. It happens all the time with several well known vets here in birmingham,alabama. The president of the veterinary board of Birmingham did this before.
    I worked for him at the time. Of course this guy also punched small puppies and grown dogs as well…once he even punched the vet tech,a woman, in the face when he missed a dogs head. The dog was under anesthesia at the time…
    There are creeps like this everywhere I suppose but they ought to be run out of town. This guy has been run out of 3 other places…he is a failure at being a veterinarian and a man in my eyes.
    I hope many people read this story and make vets live up to a higher standard! Thank you for putting it out here!

  4. I just read the story about the little dog that was abandoned in front of the vets office. If that was my vet, I would find another. He is all for the money and you gotta suspect now that he is charging more and doing more things, maybe needless things, to charge you more.

    I am surprised that the staff didn’t put him somewhere (the dog) and give him food and water perhaps more. I would have. Boss or no boss. I don’t understand people like that. Or then again, ,maybe I do understand him. The all mighty buck is what a lot of people understand. How sad this society has become. God Bless all of the angels that help the needy. No matter if it is animal or human.


  6. I think it is disgraceful that a vet should do something like this. An ordinary Joesoap on the street would see when an animal is in distress & seeing as poor Kenny had to be put to sleep he must have been in a terrible condition. The SPCA are quite right to go further with this. I guess the person who abandoned Kenny believed he would get attention at the vets clinic. I know if an animal turned up at my door in distress I would take it in,take care of it’s basic needs & then call SPCA.

  7. only the blessed are chosen to be vets, is what i thought; for they have the power and compassion to heal, help and save a dumb, trusting, unquestioning animal; who has only love to give in return.
    did dr anderson not have another choise of profession? for he is surely not one of God’s chosen one’s!

  8. I think it’s truly awful how that poor dog was ignored by that Vet and it shows to me that the Vet should permanently lose his license to practice. He is definitely in the wrong profession and there is no excuse for his behavior. If you love animals, how can you not help when one is so sick?

  9. I would just like to say that this person should have never been a vet with that kind of an attitude towards animals. I cannot believe that a vet could not see that the dog was in bad shape.
    Any person that is not a vet would have noticed
    that Kenney needed help. He probably thought he might not get paid for helping this poor helpless dog. Even though he did call the humane society, he could have taken it in, instead of letting it suffer. This man doesn’t deserve to be a vet. I surely wouldn’t take my pets to him.

  10. I think that this vet should held responsible fully. He took an oath he should never have become a vet if it was not his intention to look after animals whether it is profitable OR NOT!!

    I am completely & utterly disgusted with him, obviously he does not care about animals

  11. I think it is very sad that someone who is supposed to care about the well being of animals could walk by and do nothing for this poor sick animal. Yes I agree that the owner should be punished for leaving the animal but the bottom line here is that an animal professional did nothing to help the animal. Our whole society has come down to money and selfishness and non-caring people.

  12. I believe that a vet that would do this to any animal should lose their licence. anyone without medical training could tell something was wrong with this dog. If I ever found out my vet would do such a thing, I would find a new vet and report the old one. I believe this vet should be taken to court about this. He is no better then the people that abuse their animals

  13. What kind of Dr is he? In my opinion, he isn’t much of one. How could he not see that something was wrong with that poor dog. If I was the people around there, I wouldn’t use him again. Since he treated that poor dog that way, how is he treating his patients. I would be scared to use him. They should take his license away and not let him practice anymore. I adopted a dog over a year ago and I was told by the society that he was a lucky dog because in 2 days he would have been put to sleep. I am the lucky one. You couldn’t ask for a more sweeter & caring dog than him. He is very protective of me

  14. I agree…Dr Anderson SHOULD have helped Kenny and DONE WHATEVER WAS NECESSARY to try and save him!
    I’m sure Dr Anderson isn’t blind and could see that
    this poor dog needed medical attention even if he did get up and walk away.
    With Dr Anderson being in the medical field he is obligated to save lives, whether it be 2 legged or 4 legged, he chose the 4 legged, he still took that oath. By turning his back on Kenny, Dr Anderson broke that oath, letting this dog suffer needlessly, when otherwise he may have been saved had he given him immediate medical attention.
    The SPCA is well within it’s rights to file a complaint against Dr Anderson, and I hope this goes further than just a complaint being filed!

  15. Shame on that Anderson fellow! I can’t ever begin to think of him as a veterinarian – aren’t vets good people who try to alleviate suffering in animals however they can? The ones I know are!
    How can he have practiced animal medicine for four decades and been able to walk past that poor suffering dog? He has no heart, only a big hole in his chest that’s yearning for ever more money! Yeah, we know that being a vet is a lucrative career, but isn’t he supposed to love animals? How can you love animals and see one so obviously suffering and NOT do something about it?
    Hope he loses most of his patients!

  16. Please tell me that Kenny was cared for and is on the mend – thanks in not part to the good-for-nothing Vet. I hope that Kenny is well and will find a good home, one markedly better than the one that left him there.

  17. I’m horrified and disgusted that Dr Anderson as a Vet or anyone on his staff could leave this animal outside his practice without the care it must have obviously needed. Ok there are other parties involved here who are not without blame but that doesn’t justify in anyway this callous behavior .

  18. If this arsehole is trying to tell us everything is visible from the outside then it shows what utter idiots he takes all of us to be.
    I dread to think what this (*&)^%ing idiot has got away with in the past, I’m certain that if people do enough digging they will unearth other atrocities he’s been a party to. I could NOT think of the circumstances that would force me just walk past such a horrific situation let alone now try to defend why he feels it wasn’t his responsibility to help. If this story states the correct facts as it happened this Vet should be struck off & his registration revoked permanently from ever practising or being involved with the care of animals including ANY monetary gain from ownership or partnership of an establishment that provides care for animals & if not I sincerely hope there are enough caring people to demand an answer as to why this Vet be allowed to continue, I am from Australia so it’s very limited to what I can achieve but it makes my blood boil when I read or hear of stories like this especially from so-called professional people, these type of people the world doesn’t need & let’s NOT forget the bastard that caused this poor dogs fate in the first place, what a great positive argument for capital punishment this pair are, they would both make good chew toys for my 2 St Bernards but they are fussy in what what they eat UNFORTUNATELY.
    Anyway, I hope these people concerned are exposed to the full fury of the public, the Vet loses everything & the owner falls into a lions den or something equally as unpleasant but fitting.
    Once again I thank you for providing an excellent service Andrew & actually giving a damn, if only I lived anywhere near you, you’d have my patronage, keep it up mate.

  19. Poor little Kenny. He probably never had anyone in his whole life that loved and cared for him and then for a veterinarian to ignore his condition is beyond belief. I’m glad this vet’s name is in the media, I hope his practice suffers as much as Kenny suffered.

  20. Apparently this vet has never hear of the good samaritan. He should have provided basic care while waiting for the spca to come. Yes, a complaint is a good idea.

  21. I have only just read about this poor dog. It makes me sick to think that a vet would turn his back on such a helpless creature.I will only say that I wish for him the same care that he gave, and I pray that he will never be allowed to practice again.

  22. I hope Kenny is doing better and that Vet should not be allowed to practice anymore. I sure wouldn’t bring my pet there. That is so ignorant and irresponsible. You’d think a Vet would of known better. It just goes to show once again that a lot of people do it only for the money. It really makes me angry when I hear of people letting animals suffer Specially a Vet.

  23. Dr(and I use the term loosly)Anderson and the people who put poor Kenny in that condition should be sent to the same level in perdition! We humans, all of us, have the responsibility to care for the animals we have domesticated. These creatures depend on us and give so much in return how can any one turn their back on them when they are in such dire straits? There is no honor in this man’s actions.

  24. Should the vet have cared for him! The moral answer is a resounding YES! However, I don’t know the vet’s reasons for not caring for him. Was this umpteenth animal dumped on him in a short time? Did he have emergencies that took up his crates? There could be extenuating circumstances and I withhold judgement till the whole story is known. If he was simply negligent, a good dose of public embarassment should resolve the situation, but as a legislator, I always caution people against trying to legislate based on emotion. With him being a vet, you can’t tell me that the man has never given free care to an animal in need. If he didn’t this time, where is the breakdown and how can it be resolved to get him back to where he himself probably wishes he could be? Help the man find his joy again so he can continue helping others.

  25. I agree with everyone this Anderson guy is a jerk notice I didn’t call him Dr. because in my opinion he shouldn’t even have a practice. For someone that is suppose to help and care about animals he sure showed where his heart is…in his pocket. I hope his practice suffers because of his actions. I know he wouldn’t be my vet any longer. I hope some good comes out of the SPCA complaint. He should also be reported to the Veterinarian Association also. How could anyone not help a dog in need like Kenny or any animal for that matter?

  26. That is so sad! I absolutely agree that the SPCA has the right to file a complaint. Personally I think it is even grounds to take away his license. I would not want a vet like that to be caring for my dog or cat! And to make the comments like he did is absolutely ridiculous. I wish all the best to that poor dog. His owner absolutely shouldn’t have abandoned him, however if he was left outside a vet, could have been for good reason. There was probably no way of telling that this vet could not have cared less. I hope patients of this vet find a vet that is caring of all animals and is not all about the money, but wants to take care of and help animals and has a love for animals. Which obviously this one does not!

  27. You know there is no excuse for not taking care of an animal in that condition, No excuse at all I for one am glad that the SPCA filed charges. Any vet that does not care for an animal in this condition and do what ever possible to help this animal does not deserve the right to be called a vet or DR. or what ever you wont to call them. My thoughts are that he is no better then the person that let the dog get that way in the first place.

  28. The idiot says a Cocker Spaniel that weighs 9 pounds is NOT SICK????? What kind of retard is this guy? There is a special place in Hell for his kind…

  29. I’m very disappointed that I seem to be just about the only male to comment about this low act.
    I do suppose being 6’1″ & 120kgs solid build I don’t resemble what some people may percieve as an animal lover but to those who know me or gotten to know me have no doubt of my sincerity when it comes to abuse or neglect of children or animals, a trait I’m pleased to say that has been shared by some of the toughest men you could meet.
    The only reason I say this is because I hope the lack of posts by guys is NOT because some guys may think it’s UNMANLY or something stupid like that to speak out. It still surprises me sometimes the types of men that have a real passion for animals who would surely step in if they witnessed cruelty but are quiet in expressing their views verbally, in fact it seems in many cases the better a guy can handle himself the more passionate they are towards animals & children, whether this is because they have less to prove to others or whatever it is there.
    So guys get OFF your butts & tell others this sort of *(&^* is NOT acceptable, you mightn’t realise but there’s plenty others out here who’ll back you up.
    If it wasn’t for all the ladies there would be hardly any posts & thus taken less seriously !
    Well done ladies you’ve certainly put us blokes to shame in showing outrage & calling for action to be taken against these scum of humanity.

  30. This is such a heartbreaking situation. Perhaps the family that left poor Kenny could no longer afford to feed and care for him and thought they were doing the only thing they do to ensure his care and well being. I realize that with the current economic problems everyone is affected in different ways, but care and compassion cost nothing but time. I don’t understand how a man that has obviously devoted his life to vetinary practice could turn a blind eye to a suffering animal. I do accept that there would have been extenuating circumstances, but surely one of the staff could have directed to see to it that Kenny the most basic help. It should make no difference if the animal was able to get up and walk away. I doubt that Dr. Anderson is unable to walk each time he’s ill! I have been using the same vet now for 25 years and while I do somtimes get put out with them, they reaffirmed my faith last week when I took my dog in for his annual checkup and they were busy trying to agree on a name for a two-week old kitten that had been found outside their clinic; a kitten too small to be weaned and requiring bottle feeding. They were all involved in caring for this tiny baby. I know THEIR hearts are in the right place. Perhaps Dr. Anderson has lost his heart and needs to find a different career.

  31. Anderson and his staff should e sanctioned and the persons responsible for this animal’s condition and abandonment at Dr. Death’s door should be pursued and prosecuted.

    This is also a good time to demand stricter ethical standards and reporting requirements for the veterinary profession. I find it hard to believe that his vet could not do a cursory examiniation and provide the dog with a little water and kibble. As it was dying, it probably would not have eatenmuch. Moreover, the Western New York community is filled with animal lovers who would have gladly contributed to the care of this poor little dog. Andersen actually missed a wonderful business opportunity. He could have generated goodwill and respect. Instead, he is reaping the contempt and disgust that he so richly deserves.

  32. I agree that this “vet” (term used loosley) should be held accountable for animal neglect. This is his chosen field ,to help animals. How compassionate can he be to his patients(oh yeah,he gets PAID for those) to neglect an animal clearly in need? Would i take my animal children there…no way. Not a dime from my pocket.
    I always judge a person by the way they treat their pets…this is one sad excuse for a person,yet alone a vet.
    What I would rather read is how this man generated good will and compassion to help a sick and dying animal.Perhaps his practice would increase and his life be enriched by the good deed. I hope a lesson was learned and perhaps he should have to do community service to animals in shelters…along with his staff who are accomplices.

  33. Thank you for bringing this horrible behavior to light. It broke my heart to hear of such callious behavior from a “Doctor”. Just from looking at Kenny’s picture, I would have run to get help. Doesn’t anyone from this doctor’s office any sense not to mention compassion??? This doctor has put his reputation and goodwill(if he has ever had one) at serious risk.

  34. Wow, this is sad. But do we ensure that the meat we purchase to eat is from animals that have been raised and slaughtered humanely? Do we buy milk from dairies that don’t keep sickly animals in filthy conditions and inject them with God knows what as well as eggs from free range chickens rather than chickens kept in stacked cages and force molted?

    Sure, this vet is a jerk and a fiend. But are we doing our part? Just because we don’t see the suffering animals that we consume or get our dairy from, does that make it okay? Are we also not complicit in animal abuse?

  35. This Anderson creep just shows how unscrupulous more than half of the veterinarians are. Such trash are strictly looking out for their own “pocketbooks” just to make the money, and could care less about an animal. In my opinion subhumans like this (he is lower than scum)have no right in the medical profession. And sadly enough both, regular medical doctors and veterinarians mostly behave like this today. Such bumbs should be put out of business, and this scumbag should be locked up for neglect and total disregard for this poor helpless animal.

  36. I think the veterinarian whose door Kenny was found in front of was responsible in EVERY way for giving Kenny the care he needed so that he could survive whatever trauma he had endured. When you pass by an accident, and you are a certified Firt-Aider, there is something called “duty to rescue” that becomes an integral part of whether or not the being in peril is going to survive. Each province/state is different in terms of that common law, but what kind of loving “veterinarian” would walk past a dog in need and just ignore it? The same kind of person that would walk by a human being and ignore it’s need for help. I hope they sue him for all he’s worth, and his veterinary practice gets shut down. If that were MY vet, I’d never take my animal to him again.

  37. I think that vet’s licences should be revoked

    it breaks my heart to think of that dog being

    left like that

  38. OMG … This “so called” Dr. not only needs to have a complaint lodged against him, he needs to be prosecuted for contributing to Kenny’s death! And what about all the patients that walked by this poor dog when they entered for thier appts? Where was thier outrage?

    If this had happened at the vet that I was going to, I would have stood in the middle of the waiting room yelling about what a horrible DR & HUMAN BEING he was to let this poor dog lay out there like that! I would have made sure everyone knew that if he could let that happen, that I had no confidence in him as a Vet or a Person!

    I would have taken pictures with my phone, pick Kenny up & taken him to an emergency vet then call the SPCA and the police! My blood is boiling!

  39. Very sad indeed, but I am glad Kenny was helped in the end. I have had a similar experience with a vet in College Park, MD. I was a volunteer with the Partnership for Animal Welfare (PAW) at the time, and this vet got a lot of his business from them. One morning last summer, two cats were abandoned in their carriers at the door step of his hospital. The woman who usually deals with the rescue was out that day, so the owner/head vet wanted to have these cats picked up by animal control, before his staff even had a chance to get in touch with any of the rescue people. We are in Prince George’s county, where the shelter is high-kill (it was full that day), so these cats would have probably been put down the same day. They were rescued though thanks to the dedication of some volunteers. These cats are young, healthy and very friendly. Some vets just don’t care, which is very sad. What is also sad is that some of these rescues think these vets are Gods and have a very unhealthy relationship with them. Unlike the SPCA in Kenny’s story, my former rescue did not have the guts to confront their God-like vet about the cats. Very sad indeed.

  40. I would hate to be one Dr. Anderson’s children. Hopefully he doesn’t have any. I think it is disgusting for Dr. Anderson being a veternarian, having taken an oath, and just letting a sick dog just lie there, basically dying before his eyes. I sure wouldn’t want him as my vet or my Dad!! Hope he does get a lawsuit and a good fine. But Dr. Anderson is probley so erogant it won’t bother him one bit. They should make him retire!! Poor little Kenny, at least he is not suffering anymore. Hopefully he got a person to hug him and talk to him before he was put to sleep. I believe God has a place in heaven for all our loved animals and Kenny too will be there.

  41. This is a very very sad story.

    The “real truth” about veterinarians is that they are not ALL compassionate. There are many vets that are either burnt out or were callous to begin with, who truly only care about the business aspects of it all. Sadly, I have heard from TOO MANY people on the “inside” about many many veterinarians who have strict rules for their staff that any abandoned animal — injured or not — is NOT to be brought inside the hospital but instead is to be taken to animal control. One vet I heard of from the “inside” would euthanize any animals his staff had the compassion to bring inside.

    We pet owners have to get the big clue that many many vets simply do not have compassionate hearts and do not actually care much about animals. If he would do this to an abandoned animal, I certainly would never assume that he would treat my pets with compassion, even if I were a “paying” customer. It HAS to be about something other than money. There HAS to be compassion. All this guy is busy doing is trying to make excuses for his heartlessness.

    There just are too many of this type.

  42. It is pathetic! That this person is emotionless and heartless to abandon one of God’s creatures because Kenny didn’t have the money to pay him. We have vets locally that are in it for the money, they could care less about the animals. I even had a vet one time that slapped my Boston Terrier in the head while I was standing there. This dogs one eye actually burst the next day from the pressure and condition that his eyes were in. His other eye was bad but never did burst. Then this vet called me later and apologized, I never went back. I took my Boston to a vet that specialized in eye disorders that was almost a 2 hour drive one way every week so that he could have adequate care. It is sad that some people look up to these vets but they never really look at the person treating their animal. Anderson should be made to pay for all of Kenny’s care until he recovers. I would say community service but not with animals!

  43. All that is required for evil to succeed is for good men and women to remain silent.

    This story make me appreciate all the wonderful vets I have known.

  44. I believe, if that vet had any compassion, he should’ve followed that dog and then brought him into the clinic. i have no medical training, but i know a sick dog when i see one. How could he do that to that poor dog. Why would he not even give it some water. no compassion, he’d loose my business permanently. i wouldn’t want a vet who didn’t care about the animals he treats, whether he is paid to do it or not. My vet is an excellent vet, he cares about the animals whether you can afford to pay or not — he’ll work something out for you. He has more compassion and is a truly caring and giving person.
    That vet should face charges. he should loose his licence.

  45. I’ve worked for a veterinarian with this exact same attitude, & I’ll tell you exactly why he didn’t do anything (as i’m sure most intelligent people know already).. “There was no financial gain to be made by helping this poor creature”… PERIOD! For him to suggest “The animal wasn’t injured, so he didn’t feel any responsibility to him out” is classic for a money hungry human, & it says to me (if i were a CUSTOMER of his) to find a CARING Veterinarian, who errors on the side of caution, for the sake of the life that presents itself to him or her. I’ll give you an example of how uncaring these kinds of Veterinarians are.. A family drops off a 12 year old Collie that’s got a tumor right on the rectum, protruding outwards about 3 cm. The Vet tells them, “its a since to remove it, & he’d do it first thing in the morning under a general anesthesia. Morning comes, & the assistant gets the OR ready & discovers we’re low on anesthesia, so said assistant lets the boss know, there’s only enough to do the Collie, but not enough to do the rest of the days cases. So instead of calling the drug rep to spend more money on what they needed, the Veterinarian makes the assistant soak a rag with Ether.. something the assistant had no experience in doing, & was very uncomfortable with. I don’t want to go any farther in reliving that day.. but lets just say.. IT didn’t work, the assistant quit three days later, & to this day still hear those screams when each animal woke up before Mr Cheapo was done. So.. the moral of my story is.. make sure your leaving with pet with a caring veterinarian, and ones that can prove he’s got to the ability to put your pet to sleep for the operation. Uncaring ones… or ones that have run down practice, unclean building, un-mopped floors, dust all over the place.. Ask to see the OR. If they refuse.. Run with your pet. Sorry about the rambling about my past, but the experience of this poor dog here, brought back all of that, & I’d bet my house I’m not too far off about this guy.

  46. i’d like to see “that dr.anderson” fired and all the “vets” who are EVIL and get a job by sweeping the floors that’s exactly what they deserve nothing more.there is no excuses to treat all sweet precious animals that have 4 feets or 2 feets that really KILLS ME to hear a story like this THOSE ANIMALS DIDN’T ASK TO BE BORN THOSE EVIL VETS SHOULD BE HANGED OR THEY SHOULD BE TREATED THE SAME WAY THE PRECIOUS ANIMALS ARE TREATED TO SEE IF THEY LIKE THE TREAMENT


  47. This man should be ashamed of himself for letting this poor dog continue to suffer. His licence should be suspended or take a course in compassion. It’s always about the money.

  48. I am just sick after reading what an educated “human” did.
    It is people like this that cause hit and run accidents without any remorse. I would think that the LEAST that the SPCA should do is make certain that this disgrace of a person should have his license revoked permantly plus pay a substantial fine. He certaintly is not qualified to treat anything living !!
    Please keep us posted on what happens to this piece of crap. Thanks.

  49. I can’t believe someone who is an animal lover could not help this dog….. But then is he! or is he just a doctor of animals also I think his staff are as much to blame they could have done more regardless of what he said I would have, once seen you have a moral duty to help, “your ancestors are watching you”

  50. For anyone to be so callous is horrendous…for a VETERINARIAN to be so callous just beggars belief…i’m just thankful he’s not MY dogs veterinarian. I don’t know how he can sleep at night.

  51. How sad. Animals have feelings too. The SPCA is well within it rights filing a complaint against this vet. How could the staff ignore the poor dog too. Just evil people I swear.

  52. How can he say he isn’t to be held responsible. Everyone should have enough compassion to be responsible in a situation like this.Shame on him for not helping this little animal. We are ALL responsible when some creature could be helped!

  53. Imagine if a human being was laying on a doctor’s office lawn and in obvious need of care (the extent unknown) but was ignored for 24 hours.
    I’m sure that happens too. I realize doctors do not wish to encourage people to “drop off” sick animals, but if they (the owners) refuse or are unable to provide care, isn’t that better than letting them slowly die with no one being aware.
    Or is that what the public wants.(The “I don’t CARE as long as it isn’t ME” and “I don’t care if whom(ever) suffers, I’d rather not know about it.”) If the SPCA did not respond, there are animal control officers or at the very least, the vet could have put the animal down mercifully, not allowing it to linger 24 hours with no one giving a damn, only to be put down anyway.
    This is such a prime example of our sickening society. Ghandi’s comment was so true, “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”

    We are a throw away society. If it’s not convenient, or if it’s easlily replacable, don’t
    bother to care for it, just dispose of it and get a new one. Sickening.
    You can see this in so many aspects of our society, animals are just a magnifying glass on our selfishness and self-serving ideology.
    That’s what happens when people stop believing in anything greather than themselves. They have no one to answer to and nothing to inspire them to do the RIGHT THING, even when that means you will get no reward, no recognition or worse, it will cost you in some way.

  54. (Supersedes # 58. Typo correction)

    Is this a Canada story or a New York one? I see only Erie County as ID, and we both have SPCAs. I ask because I live in Suffolk County NY and have a similar ugly story, but one that may HELP AVERT FUTURE ABUSES of this sort: Some years ago my Siamese cat was injured, and I picked him up and raced him to the vet I was using at the time (never since!), a Dr Dale Kuhn. I was on crutches at the time recovering from hip surgery, so could not manage cat, crutches, car and purse. Mind you, I had been taking this animal to this vet for some time, but HIS RECEPTIONIST REFUSED TO ALLOW US TO BE SEEN BY THE DOCTOR BECAUSE I HAD NOT BROUGHT MY PURSE WITH CHARGE CARDS AND CHECKBOOK. I have since been told that such rejection of a sick animal in an emergency is AGAINST THE LAWS OF NY STATE. Presumably Canadians also have legal recourse. I hope so.

  55. Dr. Anderson should be prosecuted for animal crulety and have his license revoked. All of his customers should be told about this. I hope someone contacts the local media and newspapers and asks them to run a story on Dr. Anderson.
    It is so sad that those who choose to go into the field of veterinary medicine forget why they chose this field. Anyone looking for a vet should find out everything they can before choosing.

  56. That vet should have done more than just move Kenny to a grassy patch. Kenny should have been taken into the building and checked out. If this vet was mine, I would leave his practice so quick and spread word around about what happened to Kenny. A vet is supposed to have compassion for amimals, especially if they are sick and a person could tell it. I’m glad the SPCA is going to do something. I hope they have his license taken away.

  57. this poor dog was dropped off at this office for help, even i can figure that out. the owner is probably in the same boat as many of us dog and cat owners,can’t afford the outrageous vet bills. i agree with dr.jones on this one,it’s all about the money.because of this greed our countries pets are suffering.i feel that this vet did play a part in what happened to this dog, because he could have and should have helped this dog. he had the resources right there. he should have at least checked the dog out.if someone where to drop their dog or cat on my door step i would open my home to it, give it food and water,at least make sure it wasn’t sick.god gave us these animals for unconditional love and friendship. it is our responsibility to protect them and care for them.this vets action is not acceptable.

  58. They could have at least seen that the poor dog had water, if nothing else. Kenny deserved more than he received. I have taken stray dogs in before and it will not be the last time that I do that either. I own 2 Poodles at present, and various other breeds throughout my 63 years. How can people be so cruel to dogs. May Kenny rest in doggy Heaven where he will NEVER SUFFER FROM ANOTHER HUMAN HAND. I have just lost a bit more faith in humans. I have more faith in my boys (Poodles) aged 5 and 6 years.
    G. Ward

  59. that is ssoo said i am sure he whould have made a great dog for someone if the vet helped him the vet should be out of bissnnes the staff should have doen something the people that were coming should have doean somthing iknow a dog where i live and this dog is soo skinney i have called 2 places and no one whants to do anything this is just horbal it seams like one cares about this dog but me

  60. This man is a disgrace to call a Vet. Just as well he has been working for 4 decades, because NO sane person would take their pet to him after this appalling story. I pray the SPCA has a big win against this callous, evil, uncaring, excuse for a human being! RIP angel will be collecting you from the Rainbow Bridge VERY SOON! Just in case any of you have NOT read “The Burning Bridge”, you should. Find it on Google. I have NO doubt at all, that it will be Dr Andersons final destination! I just HOPE SO!!!

  61. We need more Dr. Jones’s to expose unethical and cruel treatment of our companion animals by some veterinarians. Almost everyone sounds mad and a little surprised, yet this kind of unacceptable and immoral vet behavior has been going on and on and on. . .

    If your vet wants to take your companion animal to the “back” think twice before you give your permission! I have read about, and have talked to, people whose vets mistreated and literally hurt animals in the “back” examination room! So if you pay vets for your companion’s health and treatments and they (vets) still mistreat animals in the “back” room, why is everyone surprised that this Anderson did NOTHING for Kenny?

    Losing his license?? PLEASE–VETERINARY MEDICAL BOARDS ARE A BIG JOKE!!! They DO NOT DISCIPLINE even for the most outraged cases of animal mistreatment and/or death, based on my own personal experience and nationwide statistics.

    Once again, I applaud Dr. Andrew Jones for coming forward and exposing Anderson’s cold and callus behavior. (IT IS TIME VETS STARTED POLICING THEMSELVES!) To Anderson, it was “JUST ANOTHER needless DOG” since he would receive nothing if he provided compassionate health care to the dog.

    The vet profession has to weed out their bad ones! For a lot of them, compassion and love for animals are not the reasons they become veterinarians but simply PROFIT and to take advantage of the public’s perception of veterinarians as honest, compassionate people!

  62. I’m heartened to see so many people who feel the same way I do about this disgusting excuse for a veterinarian taking the time to post.

    The most telling thing of all is that the poor little dog got up and walked away when that man approached him. Kenny knew what kind of person he was and wanted nothing to do with him.

  63. I had a similar situation a dog was hit on side of the road. People did pull over as I, they called the police no one showed. The dog was barely alive limp and bleedin by the nose and mouth. I picked it up to take to a vet that was right around the corner. I ran in saying help dog has been hit. The vet came out stating he was in surgery for spading and can’t help I was like what I just want to know if the dog was still alive and can you help he’s dying. No vet tech there to help. He said i can’t help again I have another dog in surgery. Just tell me if the dog is alive and I’ll go to another vet. He wouldn’t I said shame on you I’ll pass to every one I know not to go to you and what you did. Needless to say on the way to the other vet he expired. But the vet I went to took me right in and tried to help they were great. There one of the best vet in the state thank god for people like them.
    Sorry it was so long winded but I coul’nt believe what he did.

  64. “Suzanne Says:

    Dr. Anderson should be prosecuted for animal crulety and have his license revoked.”

    Suzanne: Did you know that veterinarians are IMMUNE from PROSECUTION for animal cruelty in the whole US?? Basically, VETERINARIAN ACCOUNTABILITY IS NONEXISTENT! Under the law, companion animals are considered “mere property” and dead are worth only their market value! Anderson knows that he is immune from prosecution, and that is the reason he didn’t provide any medical care to Kenny.

  65. I think that the vet should be accountleable for the dog I have always said that you can always say what a person is like the way they are with animals weather they are stray or belong to someone a lot a vets will not help if they can not get money for the service they provide

  66. I had a similar experience about a year ago. On my way to work I saw cars dodging a dog. I was able to catch the dog but had difficulty getting him to the car. Finally someone stopped to give me a hand. The good samaritan gave me his name and phone number and said he would pay for the dog’s vet bills if I took the dog to a vet. I took the dog to the vet clinic down the street. They refused him because the dog was not their patient and was technically a stray. They did not look after strays.
    I called my vet clinic. They happily took the dog, cleaned and stitched him up. The dog had an identity chip so his distraught family was found. Someone had opened the gate while the family was away for a few hours. The good samaritan paid the bill and a happy family picked up their dog.

  67. I guess after 40 years you become immune to an animal’s suffering…….maybe it’s time the vet retired…….

  68. I don’t know what all of you are saying. He would most definitely see me in his office again….. So I could cuss him out!!! Is this what our society has come to? People who are supposed to help and save us simply turn the other way cause they won’t make a profit?!?! This is awful! It makes me sick to my stomach to know I’m part of the same species as that awful piece of filth.

    I hope he is treated the way he treated kenny. I especially hope that all his patients abandon him the way he abandoned kenny. No more money for that selfish b@$terd.

  69. Here’s the story I’m seeing here:
    A bad Samaritan (remember the good Samaritan left MONEY with the inn keeper, and said he would take care of the rest when he returned).

    The bad Samaritan does a dirty deed, and abandons an animal in front of a BUSINESS.

    Veterinarian refuses to a do work he will not be paid for and calls on an agency that has a government contract and receives MONEY to humanely handle these types of problems. SPCA then reflects blame onto Dr. Anderson (perhaps there’s some other reasons they don’t like him), and gets media attention on it to do more damage.

    Dr. Andrew Jones then uses the story to take advantage of public emotion to sell for MONEY his trashy literature online that discourages people from seeking veterinary care.

    Well, at least this dog made it to the door, and wasn’t at home getting some home remedy crammed down its throat.

    He should have taken the dog in, and provided some care. If bills aren’t getting paid in the business, he should charge more MONEY for what he does to avoid these types of embarrassments, and then file a complaint with the county providing MONEY to the SPCA. (perhaps he already did that, and that’s why they retaliated and made this public).

  70. My goodness what a shame. you would be surprise how many vets are like this. I witness a beagle get hit and I called our so called rescue which a vet opened. I was told they could not take the dog unless I wanted to fork out 200.00 to cover the vet bill (which I had no money like this) I ask them about their rescue and then I was told I had to pay them to take the dog. The dog was not even mine and I couldn’t find the home he belonged to. this showed me the vet was all for the money just like this dr. anderson. I think all vets like that should lose their license and never practice. My goodness have a heart. I know it cost money to keep a business open but there comes a piont to where you help a helpless animal then worry about the bills later. The beagle by the way ended up with only a sprang leg I took care of him until I found him a good loving home and indeed he did and it didn’t even cost me 200.00 It was about 50.00 to nurse him back to health. I say get this dr. anderson for every thing you can. Burn him at the stake.

  71. Peter, you might have noticed that out of the 70+ people here, you are the only one defending this vet. And…big surprise! You are a vet too! As much as you dislike the idea, the public at large expects vets to be more than businesses. We expect you to act with some basic decency and compassion since the “business” you are in requires you to apply your skills and judgement to sentient beings. This vet’s refusal to treat this abandoned dog caused a delay in treatment when time was of the essence, added to the dog’s suffering and precipitated his death. I suppose that’s OK with you, so long as it made business sense for this business owner. Scary, isn’t it: the only one who finds this behavior acceptable is another vet!

    Dr. Jones does not uses public emotion to sell his “trashy” literature. First of all, there is no link between this story and the sales of his literature. Secondly, you have no business slendering his products; many people use them and are grateful to have access to them (he has many free products too). Also, the need for alternative approaches to many veterinary issues, including vaccines, food, non-steroids, etc. is well recognized, as much you may hate this fact (interferes with your “busines,” doesn’t it?). I see a Hills advertisement on your site. I wouldn’t be caught dead feeding that stuff to my pets. And yes, Dr. Jones’ take on what to feed our pets, even though it not be a panacea for everything, is far more sensible and healthy than yours, it seems to me. How sad that many veterinarians are in bed with the noxious pet food industry and lack basic humanity and compassion the way the rest of us define these things.

  72. Peter, You suck. You and Anderson ought to be locked up with Vick. By the way, they ought to throw away the key and leave Vick in for a lifetime. Shame on Philadelphia Eagles for paying him more money. He has no remorse, or would not have abused dogs in the first place if he did have remorse. Anderson and all other veternarians like him do not deserve to make the high pay associated with animal vet clinics. Dr Jones does not discourage vet care. He tells the Anderson story, then says you decide the right or wrong of SPCA. Peter, you are an idiot and retarded. This greed and abusive action of Anderson should be exposed.

  73. Wow, over two years ago. Just for the record, I know Dr. Anderson well, and he is the only vet I trust around these parts. He serves parts of the community no other vet will bother with. If you can’t pay the entire bill, he will work something out as long as the animal is cared for.

    On the other hand, our local SPCA is not without issues. They have ruined more than one reputation with very public ‘outcries’ that are overstated or untrue. Remember, always two sides to the story. Dr. Anderson called the Buffalo City Shelter four times, they never responsed. Is anybody made at the shelter?

  74. SO, all of you who have ranted about how the vet is evil and should have helped this animal…Have you made donations to your local veterinarian’s offices? They could use these donations to fund charity cases.

    Yes vets love animals, and we want to help them all. Unfortunately, this care is not free. My staff and I have families and pets that we feed with our salaries. I get at least 10 calls a week of people who want free care. I can’t help them all. Medicine and veterinary care is not free.

    If there were a way to practice for free and still pay my bills I’d be the first to sign up, but until that happens…why not donate to your vets’ charity fund? Have medications that you didn’t use? Why not donate them to the “free drug” drawer that all vets have.

    No, I wouldn’t have walked away from this dog, he’d have been brought in and provided care, a warm bed, and food (at my expense). And I would have held him for the required period of time and tried to adopt him out…Just like the 2 other dogs I’m currently holding in my clinic. And by the way…NO ONE has offered to help with the cost of their care. They have been neutered, had dental cleanings, and are ready to be adopted.

    So until you are actaully helping animals, and not just bashing people…perhaps you should remain silent.

  75. Dr. Anderson has been on Fillmore for over 25 years helping families and their pets. He was generous with payment arrangements with people who could not pay. He charges less than his competitors and when a person actually brought in their sick dog he did not turn them away he treated the pet and there were too many occasions where he never received payment for his services. So he has never been “all about the money”. Where is the owner of the dog who was apparently abusing/neglecting the dog before it was seen in front of the clinic. What is the story how long had the dog been in the streets? Did it run away, was it a stray or was it dropped off? No one knows what today’s society ignore cries from people in need of help all the time in the streets why would the numerous people walking past the dog care about it. Basically because it happened to be in front of a Vet the Vet Clinic is responsible. People are quick to point fingers and judge but I rarely see anyone acting on it. SPCA is always in need to volunteers and donations if they had more help maybe they could have gotten there sooner since they were called 4 times and it is their field of expertise to rescue animals.

  76. SPCA seems to like to take the attention off of themselves. Why does it take them so long to respond to calls? SPCA has no business slandering people. Dr. Anderson is a not a not for profit agency and yet he still cares for animals that are brought into his clinic. If there was a concerned owner did they try to get help. People shouldn’t own pets if they can’t care for them. Sad the dog seemed to have a rough life in general not just in the last days of it’s life. A Physician has a right not to treat a patient and just in the last few years EMTALA was implemented so that sick people weren’t turned away from a ER. Be better people and stop judging only God can judge. What type of people talk crap about a situation without all of the facts. And in case you are counting there were 2 dogs over the years near Dr. Anderson in need of help and the SPCA was called several times in both cases with obviously delayed response so if he didn’t care he wouldn’t have called once or up to 4 times. Get it right people. There are hundreds of animals he helped for little to no cost for owners that cared enough to actually bring their pet in the clinic. FOOD FOR THOUGHT

    1. DANG! I’m not a vet, and I could have done better than that!
      Every dog, cat, or bird I ever encountered on the street got a [non-professional] exam, a light meal, and a trip to an actual vet for whatever care he/she needed.
      A few got to live with me in comfort for the remainder of their lives.?

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