How to Save Your Dog from Choking | Must-Know Dog Safety

Your dog is gasping for air after a ball has been lodged in their throat.

There is NO time to get to an emergency veterinarian.

Do you know WHATto do?

In today’s newsletter I am going to show you a specific technique, but so much of this relies upon prevention.

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Intervention for Choking in an Unconscious Dog

XXT – eXternal eXtraction Technique

Emergencies Happen

Ball chocking emergencies happen more often than you think.

Obviously the best idea is to prevent this, avoiding balls, and NEVER using a ball smaller than your dog’s throat.

I recall many a choking dog in practice, and it is virtually IMPOSSIBLE to remove a saliva coated, slippery round ball lodged in the back of a dog’s throat.

This NEW technique can make a SERIOUS difference.

I have posted a video showing you HOW to do this on Youtube 

You can watch it here External Extraction Technique

1. Place the unconscious dog on his back

Brace the back against the floor. Straddle the dog, adjusting yourself based on the size of the dog. Position the head in “in-line position" with the airway parallel to the floor.

2. Identify landmarks

Trachea (ringed tube), ball location, mandible (v-shaped jaw bone). Make an open diamond shape with your hands. Place your thumbs on either side of the trachea below the ball or object. Grip the “V" of the jaw using lip/cheek to protect fingers.

3. Push with a J-stroke down

Push with a J-stroke downand out against the ball until it ejects from the mouth.

4.Provide two rescue breaths

5. If patient does not respond, begin CPR.

P.S. I have many Free resources for you to learn basic Home Veterinary Skills. Including Pet First Aid Skills such as How to Stop your dog from choking.

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