Second Chance Animal Shelter Special…


I’m holding a CRAZY “Everything but the Kitchen Sink Sale” as a way to HELP my local animal shelter – Second Chance. 25% of ALL proceeds are being donated to help animals in need.

Here’s a video I made explain the urgent need for funds….


1. Veterinary Secrets Revealed (e-Book)
2. Veterinary Secrets Revealed (M.P3 Audio)
3. Pet First Aid Secrets: Complete Canine And Feline First Aid Manual (e-Book)
4. Pet First Aid Secrets: Complete M.P3 Audio
5. Pet Food Recall Report (Video Presentation)
6. The Veterinary Code (Video Presentation
7. Pet First Aid (Video Presentation)
8. Homeopathy, Herbs, Acupressure and Massage (Video Presentation)

Try My System And Get FOUR Free Bonuses!

Bonus 1: Pet Food Secrets

*The truth behind pet food – from a Veterinarian that lost his dog in part due to diet. This includes the best diets for keeping your pet healthy, and how to choose a quality pet food. PLUS, which ones I recommend.
*The supplements that work, and which ones you should be using with your pet now!
*Food that you can make at home – balanced, simple make-at-home diets for common pet health problems, such as allergies, cancer, diabetes and weight loss.

Bonus 2: The Pet Vaccine Report

*Extended report on Dog and Cat Vaccines:
*Dog and Cat Diseases For Which Vaccines Are Created
*Side Effects Of Vaccines
*Alternatives To Vaccines
*Dr Jones’ Vaccine Protocol
*Homeopathics To Give Following Vaccines

Bonus 3: Pet CPR Video (BRAND NEW!)

Here you can see the EXACT Steps in performing CPR on your Dog and Cat. You will learn rescue breathing, Heart massage, and How to STOP choking – This may SAVE your pet’s life.

Bonus 4: Special Online Seminar with Dr Jones

**I will be holding a Special Online Seminar going into Detail on the most common Dog and Cat Health Problems, And how you can begin to treat these At Home Immediately. We’ll have a Live Q&A at the end – you don’t want to miss this!

You have NEVER seen this BEFORE… and it WON’T LAST

Go here right now and claim your copy before they’re all gone!

It’s Your Pet. Heal Them At Home!

Best Wishes,

Dr Andrew Jones, DVM

P.S. This special sale ends at midnight, on Wednesday June 18th. If you’d like to get the revolutionary dog and cat healing system so many pet owners are raving about… and

SAVE $457

…then go here now!!

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