New Kidney Disease Therapy for Aging Cats

Chronic Kidney Disease is so common in our cats affecting OVER 40% of cats10 years and older…

One of the ways to potentially help your cat is by providing additional antioxidants to help decrease kidney damage, as well as lowering the amount of Phosphorus in the diet which may also be damaging the kidneys

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Seems like a good idea to be on this…

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Renal failure is a prevalent cause of suffering and mortality among domestic cats, affecting approximately one in three. Despite early detection efforts, treatment options remain limited and largely ineffective. Typically, creatinine levels continue to rise, leading to eventual kidney failure and death.

In our study, we explore the efficacy of a novel, non-invasive treatment known as Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Fields (ICES-PEMF). This low-frequency, low-intensity treatment is specifically designed to induce micro-electric currents in deep tissues, aiming to reverse the damage caused by renal insufficiency.

The case study follows a single aging cat over a period of five years, documenting the cat’s renal health as it fluctuates with the application and withdrawal of ICES-PEMF treatment. The treatment was administered two to three times per week, each session lasting between 20 to 60 minutes. During these sessions, the owner manually held the treatment coils near the cat’s kidneys, located just behind the mid-back on either side of the spine.

Our observations noted that whenever the treatment was paused, the cat’s creatinine levels began to rise, indicating a resurgence of renal insufficiency. However, once the treatment was resumed, the cat’s renal function improved, demonstrating the potential of ICES-PEMF as an effective, affordable, and safe approach to managing feline kidney disease.

For practitioners and researchers, further study is recommended to fully understand and verify the benefits of this treatment method.

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For those interested in the specific PEMF machine used in this study, it can be found here: Pulse-Pet ICES Digiceutical Pulse Generator Model A9a.

P.S. Thanks for a subscriber putting me on to this new remedy. This is the specific PEMF machine that was used: []

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