Recovering from a Broken Collarbone: Top 5 Remedies for Rapid Bone Recovery

A week ago, I suffered a bike accident resulting in a fracture. Now, I’m starting to feel much better. In this video, I’ll share the top five things I’m using to speed up bone healing, which you can also use for your dog or cat.


Key Minerals for Bone Healing

1. Essential Bone Minerals: Calcium and Magnesium

  • Importance: These minerals are crucial for remodeling and healing fractured bones.
  • Dosage: For a standard human dose (two tablespoons), there’s about 200 mg of magnesium and 150 mg of calcium. For dogs or cats, a general guideline is 1 teaspoon per 20 lbs of body weight daily.
  • Alternative Supplement: Tablet form containing 300 mg of calcium and 167 mg of magnesium, with a recommended quarter tablet per 20 lbs daily.

2. Zinc and Vitamin C

  • Zinc: A key micronutrient that accelerates fracture healing by stimulating osteoblast differentiation, crucial for new bone formation.
  • Vitamin C: Known to increase the rate of bone healing by enhancing osteoblast activity, which speeds up callus formation and stabilizes the fracture.
  • Dosage for Zinc: Approximately 0.5 mg per pound of body weight, once or twice daily. For a 20 lb dog, about 10 mg once daily.
  • Dosage for Vitamin C: Around 100 mg per 10 lbs of body weight daily. Start with lower doses to avoid diarrhea.


Traditional and Herbal Remedies

3. Comfrey (Oral and Topical)

  • Known As: Boneset; reduces pain and inflammation.
  • Key Ingredients: Allantoin and rosmarinic acid, which promote bone growth and act as anti-inflammatories.
  • Application: Apply topically over your pet’s fracture twice daily, ensuring they do not ingest it. Homeopathic comfrey tablets are safe for oral consumption.
  • Dosage: Standard is 13C capsule per 20 lbs of body weight twice daily.

4. Horsetail Plant

  • Benefits: Rich in silica, traditionally used to treat bone fractures and reduce osteoclast activity, promoting new bone production.
  • Dosage: 1 mg per 20 lbs of body weight daily. For medium to large dogs, one capsule per day.

Advanced Natural Remedies

5. CBD and CBG from Cannabis

  • Study Insights: A Penn State study found that treatments with CBD and CBG led to higher bone volume fraction and mineral density, speeding up bone healing.
  • Dosage: Standard is 3 mg per 10 lbs of body weight, administered twice daily during the initial one to two weeks post-fracture.
Dr. Jones' Ultimate Cannabinoid Blend for Dogs and Cats: Full Spectrum Cannabinoid supplement in 100% Organic Cold Pressed Hemp Oil.
Dr. Jones’ Ultimate Cannabinoid Blend for Dogs and Cats: Full Spectrum Cannabinoid supplement in 100% Organic Cold Pressed Hemp Oil.

These remedies have not only helped manage my pain but are also aiding in my fracture’s faster healing. If your pet ever suffers a fracture, these methods can significantly speed up their recovery. For more tips on natural pet health and wellness, subscribe and hit the bell for notifications. Click the link below for a free copy of my book on pet health secrets.

Thanks for tuning in, and take care to stay on your bike and away from rocks!

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