Natural Remedies for Hypothyroidism in Dogs

Hypothyroid disease is commonly diagnosed in dogs, with few alternative options every offered as a treatment. Dr. Jones shows you his top 5 natural remedies for low thyroid in dogs. Links to studies, and doses at bottom of description box.

Golden and Lab Retrievers most commonly diagnosed. The Thyroid gland is not producing the thyroid hormone, causing issues such as:

  • Slowed Metabolic Rate
  • Less Energy
  • Symmetric Hair Loss
  • Weight Gain
  • Skin Infections

The thought of the underlying cause is an Autoimmune Thyroiditis, where the immune system attacks the thyroid gland. The principles of supplement with treatment are:

  1. Decrease Autoimmune Damage
  2. Provide Nutrients to Make More Thyroid Hormones

#1 – Probiotics

Lactobacillus Acidophilus is the most commonly recommended probiotic.

Dosage of 100 million cfu’s/10lbs of body weight, daily.

#2 – Zinc

Zinc is a mineral required for thyroid hormone production. Many humans with hypothyroidism have been shown to benefit from supplementing zinc.

Dosage of 25mg/50lbs daily.

#3 – Selenium

Selenium is another micronutrient required for thyroid hormone production. Studies show humans with hypothyroidism can also benefit from selenium supplementation.

Dosage of 50-100ug/50lbs daily.

#4 – Iodine

The issue with iodine, is that you only need a very small amount, so it’s great to supplement with nori seaweed sheets rather than a capsule form. Nori is also high in iron, magnesium, B12 and Omega 3 Fatty Acids.

You can safely dose of 1 sheet of nori per day, for a 50lb dog.

#5 – Dr. Jones’ Advanced Canine Formula

My Ultimate Canine Formula contains all of the above nutrients per serving in a day, and is much easier to give to your pet! (Dogs love the taste too!) Check out the link below!

BONUS! – Ashwaganda

Ashwaganda is an herb with plenty of studies helping with hypothyroidism. It is an adaptogen, which helps the glands respond better and balance out hormones.

Dosage of 400mg/50lbs daily.

2 thoughts on “Natural Remedies for Hypothyroidism in Dogs”

  1. I REALLY wish u had had discounts for disabled people and their service dogs!!!! If u r disabled before u r a senior u REALLY STRUGGLE on disability!!! We r a class of people who are basically overlooked and overloaded. I do so many things to cut bills down and I have to go to food banks so I can afford dogfood,but as utilities keep getting approved to raise their costs we r failing.and NO vet will take I try to use food,etc to keep him well.
    Also how long does it take to see a difference with using ur product.ty for helping Buster (lab- collie mix) and I.God bless u! ? Long time followes

    1. Hi Michele, we do have senior discounts available, please contact customer support at: And for your question, it really depends on your pet’s health condition and how they respond. Some respond quickly, with others it may take long and / or a multifactorial approach.

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