Urinary Incontinence in Pets: A Common Issue

Leaking urine (incontinence) is actually very common.

There are many ways to naturally help dogs, but a newish remedy involves an amino acid found in Green Tea (L-Theanine).

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Understanding Bladder Control in Pets

Signs of incontinence include waking up to a puddle of urine or dribbling urine while walking. It’s common in middle-aged, spayed female dogs due to a loss of estrogen needed for bladder control. Other causes include bladder infections, spinal cord damage, and kidney failure.

Before concluding it’s incontinence, rule out a bladder infection or submissive urination. Incontinence often occurs at night when your pet is relaxed or sleeping.

Solutions for Pet Incontinence

  1. Night Water Restrictions: Limit water at night but ensure free access during the day.
  2. Supplements: Glandular supplements can help produce natural estrogen. Female Caps (Solaray) is one option.
  3. Plant Estrogen: Ground flaxseed and soy isoflavones can provide plant estrogens.
  4. Nervy: Address back injuries that may pressure bladder-controlling nerves.
  5. Acupressure: Points like BL1, BL13, BL14, BL15, BL67, SP6, and SP10 can help control the bladder and adrenal glands.
  6. Herbal Therapy: Oat straw, plantain, nettle, and horsetail can replace lost estrogens.

New Natural Remedies: Corn Silk and L-theanine

Corn silk can soothe bladder irritation and function as a diuretic. L-theanine, as per a recent study, may protect bladder function by suppressing chronic sympathetic hyperactivity.

Final Thoughts

If your dog has incontinence, consider trying these alternatives. Traditional veterinary treatments like estrogen Stilbestrol can have undesirable side effects.

P.P.S. If you have a dog with incontinence, then I encourage you to try a few of the alternatives… the veterinary treatments (ie estrogen Stilbestrol) can have side effects that are best avoided.

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