Home Remedies: Hemorrhoid Cream for Dogs

Preparation H is a hemorrhoid cream for people that can be very beneficial for many common dog health conditions. Dr. Jones shows you what type to use, and how it can help your dog.

In Canada, Preparation H has added biodyne included – which is a yeast live cell derivative. It has not been for sale in the United States since the 1990s.

Though it’s created and marketed for hemorrhoids, and helps with pain, swelling and itching that comes along with it, there are other uses you can use to help your dog at home.

Use #1: Paw Wear Injuries: 

You can take a thin layer of the Preparation H on their paw pads to help shrink red blood cells, oozing, and inflammation to help speed up healing.

Use #2: Anal Gland Inflammation:

If your dog has an anal gland issue, is straining or has inflammation around the anus, try putting some gloves on and applying a thin layer of Preparation H around the affected area. Try this 2 times per day, for around 5-10 days.

Use #3: Burns:

They happen! You’ll want to maintain a moist environment, and this can help do that as well as decrease pain and inflammation.

Use #4: Wound Healing:

Tula has a reoccurring infection in an old wound in her nostril. I’ll put it onto the affected area 2 times per day for about 7 days.

Use #5 Vasculitis 

Vasculitis is when the hair on the inside tips of the ears disappears, can be red and inflamed and is very common. I think this is a great option!

Hoped this helped, let me know in the comments!

Dr. Andrew Jones.

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