Helping Cats with Leukemia

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Re: Helping Cats with Leukemia


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Immunosupression and Homeopathy

There are some pretty serious dog and cat diseases which poorly respond to conventional medications – In cats diseases like Feline Leukemia Virus come to mind; in dogs ALL of the Immune Mediated Diseases, such as Pemphigus are too common. Homeopathy is a COMPLETELY underused healing option. It won’t upset your pet’s stomach, it is easy to give, and OFTEN effective.

Here are THE effective Homeopathics for immunosupression:

Infectious Viruses and Cats

Cats are unique in that there are some common serious infectious viruses, for which we have NO effective conventional treatment.

The TOP 3 are, Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV), Feline Immunodeficency Virus (FIV), and Feline Infectious Perotinitis (FIP).

The signs all vary; but they all relate to having a chronic suppressed immune system and it varies as to which organs are affected.

In all diseases you can see weight loss, severe dental disease (gingivitis), chronic poor skin, Cancer (lumps, enlarged lymph nodes), ongoing diarrhea, recurrent fevers. In FIP you see inflammatory tissue cells all throughout the body.

The organs may fail, fevers develop, and fluid accumulates in the chest or abdomen. FIP cats are often thin with large distended abdomens.

They are ALL caused by viruses, BUT vaccines are NOT effective in preventing them.

FIV is caused by deep bite wounds that occur during fighting. It is similar to the Human AIDS virus, although signs may not occur for more than 5 years after infection.

FIP is caused by a mutation of a rather benign gut virus (Coronavirus). In FIP the coronavirus leaves the intestinal tract, and causes other organs to be attacked by the immune system. FIP is NOT contagious- most cats NEVER get FIP even though Coronavirus is common.

Feline Leukemia Virus is caused by a virus spread through by the saliva of infected cats, via blood (ie cat fights) and via mother to fetus in pregnancy.

Most infected cats eliminate the virus and become immune. In those cats that do not develop immunity, the virus spreads to the bone marrow.

SO what CAN you do?

Well the Veterinary Community has done a good job of trying to convince you that VACCINES are the answer, where in fact they do a very poor job of preventing any of these diseases.

The key is to ensure that your cat has a strong immune system – VIA quality diet, supplements, and rapid treatment of any chronic diseases which may lower their immune response.

ONLY give the necessary vaccines.

AVOID any long term conventional medications.

IF they have these diseases?

You can do many alternative things to support your cat in dealing with the diseases. He won’t get over
the virus, BUT he can have a great quality of life.

And this is where the alternate remedies, such as Homeopathy comes in.

You want to be giving specific Homeopathic remedies to match your cat’s condition.

Here are the TOP 3 remedies that I would advise:

Nux Vomica – Use this is the disease has vomiting/nausea as part of the symptoms.

Ferrum Phos – For a dog or cat with fever, but no other serious recorded symptoms.

Pulsatilla – Primarily for UTI’s, but also for immunosuppression.

To get the details on treating Infectious Viruses homeopathically, PLUS specific doses, and OVER
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P.S. I am a big fan of homeopathic remedies for sick pets – it won’t upset their stomach, and it is very easy to give. In many of these diseases, your pet feels ill and won’t eat, so homeopathy is ideal.

IN my Special Report and Video, YOU will see over 40 NEW Homeopathic remedies, PLUS the exact way, and
regimen to give them.

If you have yet to include homeopathy in healing your dog or cat, you really are missing out on a very
under appreciated and EFFECTIVE technique.

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Heal Your Pets At Home!

Best Wishes,

Dr Andrew Jones, DVM

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  1. So what ARE the reccommended vaccines for felines, Dr. Andrews? I did a search, looked through the articles that came up, and still did not find the answer. Can you or someone reply?

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