EPA Negligence Exposed: Seresto Flea Collar Fatalities

The Dangers of Seresto Flea and Tick Collars

I want to share a concerning story about the Seresto flea and tick collars that were responsible for over 100,000 incident reports to the EPA and almost 2,000 animals dying. Despite these alarming numbers, the EPA continued to claim they were safe until they were finally pulled from shelves in 2022. It’s a stark reminder that government regulations and pet medications don’t always guarantee safety.

My Experience with Seresto Collars

I had an experience with the Seresto flea and tick collar that I’ll never forget. Manufactured for 10 years from 2012 to 2022 by Elanco Animal Health, these collars were sold to millions of pet owners like myself. The collars contained two common insecticides, imidacloprid and flumethrin. However, despite their widespread use, there were over 100,000 reports of adverse effects in animals, and nearly 2,000 pets died as a result of wearing these collars. I was shocked to learn that the EPA did nothing about it for so long.

The EPA’s Failure to Protect Our Pets

The situation with the Seresto collars finally caught the government’s attention after extensive media coverage of the toxicities and animal deaths. A congressional subcommittee launched an investigation and called for a temporary recall of the collars. The Inspector General’s investigation revealed that the EPA had approved the safety of these flea and tick collars based on outdated safety standards, failing to consider the numerous incident reports and animal deaths.

Lessons Learned and Safer Alternatives

This experience taught me two important lessons. First, just because a government organization says something is safe doesn’t mean it is. Second, we need to be cautious about the insecticides we use on our pets. Instead of relying on chemical solutions, I now use a simple flea comb and consider holistic options like diatomaceous earth, which is a natural and safe way to control fleas and ticks without exposing my pets to harmful insecticides.

My Advice to Fellow Pet Owners

I urge fellow pet owners to stay informed and question the safety of the products we use on our furry friends. Opt for natural and non-toxic alternatives whenever possible, and always monitor your pets for any signs of adverse reactions to medications or collars. Together, we can ensure the well-being of our beloved animals.


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  1. My daughter’s Banfield vet recommended the new Seresto 8 month flea collar. We have an older cat (17) who had somehow gotten a massive flea issue without anyone noticing. She was acting lethargic and not her usual self. After giving her a bath with just regular pet shampoo we put on her new collar and within a couple of days she was twitching and her balance was off. She was having trouble walking. We immediately removed the collar and she has since recovered completely. I accompanied my daughter to the vet appt. and asked about the safety of flea collars especially on older cats, and the vet treated me like a doddering old fool. She dismissed my concerns completely. Afterward my daughter commented that she had never treated her that way, and was surprised by it. This was back in late October, and we took the collar off by Halloween. The cat has made a full recovery. I never bothered to inform the vet of the side effects due to her earlier dismissal of my concerns. I still have the collar though. I wasn’t surprised at all to see your video, but the one we have is a newer version I think.

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