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  1. So how do we determine what they are allergic to? We changed dog food to a no corn, wheat etc. food but my Cocker still bites at her feet, scratches at her ears and itches. :/

  2. is there a way to determine whether your cat has heart worm and what home/natural remedy’s to give it??

  3. Deb…
    We arfe having problems with all 3 of our labs..so dont know if its food or environmental..2 are related the other isnt…I have taken them off all grains and meat. Trying a fish sweet potatoe food…and making sure treats are the same as well which also includes no preservatives in anything….basically their treats are baby carrots and dehyrated sweet potatoe..they also get blueberries or spinach on top of their food. Ordering the supplement today 🙂 Have also been giving them flax seed oil, vitamins (multi and vit c) plus glucosamine (all weight approriate dosages)

    A friends moms pom’s have “black skin” disease and she tried a Dermagic product, organic shampoo bar soap as well as the skin conditioner and lotion. We have just started using the shampoo bar and have the others on order…and waiting to get the supplement..lol…it seems to be helping so far..

    Good Luck


  4. My cat started licking his hips last summer a bit. I started giving him flax it seemed to help some. Then I read that fish oil was better~put him on salmon food/fish oil. Licked both hips completely bald. Took him off all fish/oils and carefuly read the labels on food. The hair grew back in for one month…he currently has his hips looking patchy, skin looks fine, he’s always been prone to extreme dandruff on back which seems better when on flax, but never completely gone. He also licks his front legs and chews at them. His neck, ears face etc are fine. He seems really itchy and will all of a sudden stop walking and just go ‘nuts’ trying to reach the itchy place. Currently feeding him NATURE VARIETY INSTINCT limited ingredient dry food as well as canned 96% Before Grain soft food. He is an indoor cat(with access to our fenced back yard), never had fleas and is currently 9 yrs old. We’ve also introduced a dog into our house who is now 3 yrs old and joined us as a pup. They don’t get along great but they don’t traumatize each other either. Any suggestions and recommendations would be appreciated. Along with flax I have also added a Seagreens powder recently.

  5. great post..well 10% of all allergy cases in dogs are food allergies. Dogs also can suffer from food intolerance, which is different from a food allergy.
    so now we should be aware about it because we don’t want our dog to suffer.

    Campbelltown Vet

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