Colitis Remedies

Colitis is inflammation of the large intestine or colon. It can also be referred to as Large Bowel Diarrhea – what happens is because of the inflammation, water absorption is reduced within the bowel, and can cause inability to hold feces.

You’ll notice your dog either straining to defecate, and small amounts of blood can be seen in the feces, or they will defecate often and sometimes urgently. Colitis can occur from stress and/or trauma, infections such as e.coli and salmonella, parasites such as giardia, or inflammatory bowel disease.

Here are some remedies to help your dog feel better:

  • No food for 24 hours. Give the intestine a rest and time for the inflammation to subside.
  • Chamomile Tea – ½ cup per 10lbs of body weight, twice per day. Good for vomiting and diarrhea, and can help calm and reduce inflammation.
  • Feed cooked white rice after letting your pet fast for 24 hours. White rice is bland, very easy to digest and will help bind the stool. Give the same amount of food you would usually feed your dog. You can also add ½ scoop of Ultimate Canine Health Formula mixed with some water, once rice is cooled.
  • Pepto-bismol – you can give 1tsp/20lbs, over 3-5 days. This will give only symptomatic relief.
  • Topical relief (not for use internally) – 5 drops Chamomile essential oil mixed with 1 tbsp of carrier oil (coconut oil or MCT oil). Gently rub around belly.

Most healthy dogs will recover in 3-5 days. Visit your Veterinarian for severe or recurrent instances. Here is the link for Dr. Jones’ Ultimate Canine supplement, which can help with inflammation and healthy gut flora.

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