As a Vet: 5 things I’ll NEVER do with my own Dog

As a practicing veterinarian who has seen numerous dog emergencies, I’ve learned firsthand the importance of certain precautions in caring for my own dog. Here are the five things I’ll never do, based on my experiences:

  1. Avoiding the Dog Park: I’ve witnessed too many injuries resulting from dog fights at dog parks. Additionally, there’s a risk of respiratory illnesses spreading among dogs in such settings. My approach is to avoid these parks as a precaution against both physical injuries and illnesses.
  2. No Hard Chewables: I’ve treated numerous dogs with tooth fractures caused by chewing on hard objects like deer antlers. Understanding the risk, I choose not to give my dog super hard items to chew on. Instead, I opt for safer alternatives that won’t jeopardize her dental health.
  3. Running with Sticks is a No-No: I’ve seen cases where dogs have sticks wedged in their mouths or suffer puncture wounds on their palates. Based on these experiences, I never allow my dog to run with sticks in her mouth. It’s a seemingly innocent activity that can lead to serious injuries.
  4. Avoiding High Saturated Fat Foods: Foods high in saturated fat, like bacon, are a major cause of pancreatitis in dogs. This serious condition can cause acute vomiting, intestinal pain, and in some cases, can be fatal. I make a conscious effort to keep my dog away from such foods to prevent this health risk.
  5. Leash on Roads Always: The number of dogs hit by cars because they were not on a leash is alarmingly high. No matter how well-trained a dog might be, a single moment of distraction can lead to a tragic accident. Therefore, I always walk my dog on a leash when near roads or parking lots.

By following these guidelines, I aim to minimize the chances of my dog encountering emergencies that I’ve seen too often in my veterinary practice. These precautions are simple yet crucial for the wellbeing and safety of our canine companions.

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