7 Signs Your Dog Needs a Supplement



Does your dog need a supplement?

Well, good question…

When I first started in practice, I was often asked this and I would say:

“So long as you are feeding a ‘Good Quality’ Dry Veterinary Approved Food, then NO.”

But imagine how things can change… I was clearly NOT giving the best advice.

For instance that supposed ‘healthy’ dry food was causing many a dog to become overweight on too much carbohydrate, and turning too many pets into diabetics.
Here are my TOP 7 SIGNS that your Dog should be on a Supplement:

1. Limping, lameness, stiff movements, especially after rising from getting up. The most common cause of these signs is from Arthritis, seen in middle age and older pets. Supplementing with Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM and Essential Fatty Acids can reduce pain and inflammation.

2. Chronic itching and scratching. When your pet has these signs, they likely have an Allergy. Supplementing with Essential Fatty Acids, and Key Antioxidants can decrease the inflammatory response in the skin – meaning LESS itching and scratching.

3. Recurrent bouts of Diarrhea or Vomiting- in this case your pet may be having difficulty digesting certain ingredients, or suffering from some type of disease in which the intestinal tract gets easily inflamed. Either way beneficial bacteria called Probiotics are often helpful, decreasing the severity and frequency of GI upset.

4. Chronic and ongoing Ear Infections. The most common underlying cause of ear infections is Allergies. A supplement that decreases the allergic signs can lessen the chance of ear infections – Essential Fatty Acids, Antioxidants and Probiotics can help in this case.

5. Withdrawn and Sleeping longer- this can be seen in older pets which may have joint pain and discomfort of arthritis. Old age does NOT mean inactivity and less interaction. An effective Arthritis supplement can make your pet feel better, and be LESS withdrawn.

6. Constant Paw chewing, excessive hair loss, and ‘Foul’ Odor. The smelling pet is a BIG sign that your pet has an underlying health disorder, and can benefit from a Supplement. This could be a food allergy, inhalant allergy, and secondary skin infections with yeast or bacteria. Supplementing with Essential Fatty Acids, Probiotics, and Antioxidants can decrease the smell.

7. TOO many trips to your Vet. If you have a pet that seems to repeatedly be getting ill, then you should look at what you are feeding them, and do what you can to PREVENT diseases from happening in the first place. Supplementing with nutrients that may improve your pets immune response to disease, such as Colustum, Maiitake and selected Vitamins and Minerals.

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Best Wishes,

Dr Andrew Jones


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1 thought on “7 Signs Your Dog Needs a Supplement”

  1. Dear Dr. Jones,

    I just read your 7 signs of why your dogs need your suppliment and would like to comment. My furkids, Yorkies, have not shown any of your signs of needing it, but I’ve bought it anyway (for other reasons). My guys LOVE it and are doing remarkably well on it. I have a (spayed) 10 year old female that has started acting like puppy again. She plays non stop with the others. She used to play for while and then quit. Now, she chases them all over the house!! She and 2 others, both spayed, both 8 years old, one male and one female play with toys for hours.

    I just wanted to say Thank You for this suppliment. I have tried other things and my dogs either wouldn’t eat it or showed no signs of improvment while on it, So Thank You!!!

    I do wish though, that you’d make a dog treat with it in it. Or give me a recipie for one!! I thik dogs would love them!!!

    Sue Smith
    Hesperia, CA

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