6 Inexpensive Ear Mite Home Remedies

Ear Mites are surface mites that spends its whole life cycle primarily in the ear canal, hence the name. There are several ear mite home remedies available but first, we must understand what ear mites are.

The most common ear mites are called Otodectes cynotis and they feed on skin debris, wax and oil in your pet’s ears. Ear mites are highly contagious and though they are generally found in the ears, they sometimes wander out onto the other parts of the body causing more irritation. These pesky parasites are usually not life threatening but could cause itchiness and discomfort and on severe cases, ear infection and hematoma on the ear flaps.

Symptoms of Ear Mites in Cats and Dogs

Ear mite, though microscopic in size, the infestation may be easily recognized through your pet’s behavior and appearance. The most common symptoms are head shaking, scratching, hair loss at the base of the ear, skin irritation and inflammation, and excessive black debris found inside the ears.

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New Effective Ear Mite Remedies

Ear mites are a common issue that can plague the ears of pets, leading to discomfort and potential infections. Treating ear mites effectively requires addressing their entire life cycle, which lasts approximately 21 days from egg to adult. These pests can survive for about two months inside your pet’s ears, continuously reproducing. Therefore, any treatment must be consistent over a three-week period to be effective: 1st week on, 2nd week off, 3rd week on.

Conventional Treatments

For those preferring conventional methods, consulting with a vet for a definitive diagnosis and treatment plan is essential. Conventional treatments often involve prescribed medications that target the mites at various stages of their life cycle.

Home Remedies for Ear Mites

Several home remedies can also be effective in treating ear mites. Here are some common methods:

  1. Olive Oil + Calendula Mixture

    • Ingredients: 8 tablespoons of olive oil, 2 mL of calendula tincture.
    • Benefits: Olive oil suffocates the ear mites, while calendula offers soothing anti-inflammatory properties.
    • Application: Apply 5 drops into the ear, massaging gently. Use a Q-tip to remove debris without pressing hard. Start with cleaning on Day 1, and repeat twice daily for a week, follow with a break, and repeat for another week.
  2. Coconut Oil

    • Benefits: Has antiviral and antibacterial properties and smoothers adult mites.
    • Application: Warm to liquefy, apply like the olive oil + calendula mixture.
  3. Diatomaceous Earth

    • Description: A talc-like powder that compromises the mites’ waxy coating yet is safe for pets.
    • Application: Apply a pinch via a Q-tip to the ear canal, rub in, and wipe off, following the same treatment schedule.
  4. Baby Oil

    • Benefits: Contains mineral oil and vitamin E, helping to break down debris and soothe inflammation.
    • Application: Apply 2-3 drops in each ear, massage, and clean as with other treatments.
  5. MCT Oil

    • Advantages: Already in a liquid state, derived from coconut oil, it suffocates ear mites.
    • Application: Apply 2-3 drops, massage and clean. No heating required.
  6. Sweet Almond Oil

    • Benefits: High in beneficial fatty acids and vitamin E, it soothes sore ears and kills mites.
    • Application: Similar to other oil treatments, with application and cleaning instructions.

Have you tried any of these home remedies for ear mites? Share your experiences and let us know which remedy worked best for your pet!

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8 thoughts on “6 Inexpensive Ear Mite Home Remedies”

  1. jdwdlm7@gmail.com
    I have a brother & sister (pregnant) & are very clean. But, they have severe ear mites Going with Diatomaceous Earth & baby oil.
    I’d like to take them for walks. Bought matching collar & leash. Should I take them out? …also… together?

  2. Hello Dr. Jones,
    Where do I purchase diotomaceous earth for my cat? I sold it in the pool business. Is that the same ?? My cat is an indoor cat but has all Beginning symptoms of having ear mites.
    Thank you

  3. Just tried Organic Sweet Almond Oil my senior cat’s ears. For once, the cat was infinitely grateful and happy to have her ears treated. She actually got around my neck and was so relieved and heppy afterwards. That’s never happened with all the other “standard” and alternative purchased options I’ve tried. Who would have thought something on shelf works better with both of us happy. Think I’ll add some Diatomaceous Earth during the week. Note: I already have this stuff around because it’s super awesome for humans too. A HAPPY customer.

    1. Help please
      I’m trying the sweet almond oil
      But which one to use
      I found one hair and skin sweet Almond oil
      And one that’s for cooking with also sweet almond oil

      I have started to use the hair and skin. Did I chose right

  4. Saw that “any oil” was an option so for a few different reasons I decided to try warm cocoa and shea oil. My girl seemed genuinely pleased while I administered this treatment and immediately stopped scratching and laid down and napped with no sleep interruptions due to scratching. Hoping this works for my sweet girl!

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