3 Common Mistakes some Vets make


Importance of Communication in Veterinary Care

I want to emphasize the importance of communication in veterinary care. I recall a situation with a friend whose cat was diagnosed with kidney disease. Unfortunately, they were given no treatment options by their vet, who stated that nothing could be done to reverse kidney failure. However, there are measures to support a cat with kidney disease, such as Sub-Q fluids and antacids, which helped my friend’s cat significantly. This experience highlights the need for vets to communicate effectively and provide owners with all possible options for their pets’ care.

Concerns Over Conventional Drug Overuse

Another issue I’ve noticed is the overuse of conventional drugs, such as antibiotics and steroids. Not every itching dog requires steroids, and while they can quickly alleviate symptoms, they come with side effects like immune suppression and the potential to cause secondary diseases like diabetes. Similarly, antibiotics are often prescribed unnecessarily, particularly for conditions with viral causes, leading to antibiotic resistance. It’s crucial to find a veterinarian who is judicious in their use of conventional drugs to avoid these problems.

Embracing Holistic Approaches in Pet Care

Lastly, I believe in the importance of considering holistic approaches in pet care. For example, instead of immediately resorting to steroids for an itching dog, natural options like quercetin can be effective antihistamines without the side effects. For a limping cat in pain, curcumin can be a safer alternative to NSAIDs. And for a dog with a hot spot, bee glue, known as propolis, can be a great natural remedy. It’s essential to have a veterinarian who is open to holistic care and willing to explore these options with you.

In conclusion, it’s important to question your vet and advocate for the best care for your dog or cat. If you’re interested in more tips like these, I encourage you to check out my free book, available through the link in my bio.

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