Why Is Your Cat Always Hungry?

If you have a cat that is ALWAYS hungry, then this video can help you. My cat Murray LOVES food, is always hungry, here is how I am helping him.

To start, rule out any underlying issues. If your cat is older, losing weight but always hungry, take them to your Veterinarian to check for thyroid issues. If you have a younger cat with a pot belly, this might be from parasites.

Diabetes Mellitus is when your pancreas is not producing enough insulin, or your cells are no longer responding to insulin. This can cause hunger! Lastly, emotional eating can also happen in cats! Food can be a comfort for them.

If your cat is always hungry, here are some steps you can take:

  1. Changing their food. Murray has gone off high-carb kibble, and is now only eating high-protein canned food. High-protein foods can help lower hunger, meaning they won’t have to eat as often.
  2. Scheduled feeding. You can try sticking to a schedule of feeding your cat 3-4 times per day.
  3. If your pet knows to come to you for snacks, and you’re giving them constant snacks, they will keep coming back! Try to stick to a schedule, as mentioned above.

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