Veterinary Prescription Diet Problems

Veterinary Prescription Diets may not actually be helping your dogs or cats- in some cases they may actually cause illness. Dr Jones shows you hos top 3 concerns.

References: Dr Lisa Pierson:

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  1. Hi Dr. Jones! My mom has adopted a cat from a rescue and she has developed a rodent ulcer around her mouth and lip:( I help mom with the cat because she struggles with Parkinson’s Disease. I have taken Rosa, her kitty, to the vet multiple times and ulcers keeps coming back. Vet has given her steroid shot and antibiotic shot. Then recently put her on the crappy “prescription food” Hills ID hydrolyzed protein but on good note Rosa doesn’t like it, smart cat. So, we put her back on Tiki wet food. Do you have any suggestions? Vet said next thing is referring her to a Vet dermatologist. I have bought her new stainless steel bowls just in case but that is not helping either:( I would really appreciate any help with this matter. Rosa is a sweetheart and really helps bring up my mom’s spirits! Thank you for all you do for the pet community! We love you!

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