Veterinarian Explains: 7 Conventional Habits that are Keeping Your Pet Sick

Dr Jones shares 7 ‘habits’ or conventional medical practices that may be causing your dog or cat to be sick. Are you doing any of these?
Feeding the wrong, food, too many vaccines, too many insecticides, giving the wrong medication, not asking your veterinarian these questions?

1 thought on “Veterinarian Explains: 7 Conventional Habits that are Keeping Your Pet Sick”

  1. My heart breaks for pet owners that can’t afford to feed there dog
    Healthy food. I was once a millionaire from starting and selling my company and unfortunately I married a con artist and lost everything. So I have gone from millionaire to welfare. It is a real struggle to feed my bailey good food.
    I had a golden retriever that lived to be 14 years old. He only died because of an irresponsible act by a house sitter. He was my heart.
    It took a long time to get another golden and he died from cancer at ten years of age. I believe pet foods are getting worse.
    I now have an adopted mix breed that I love dearly but I will continue to feed him GOOD food.
    Regardless of where I have to cut back.

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