Vaccine, Food, Supplements, Cancer…

From: Dr Andrew Jones
Author: Veterinary Secrets Revealed

Re: Vaccine, Food, Supplements, Cancer…


Hello fellow readers.

That was a BIG content overflowing webinar last night.

To those of you who were on the call, I know that
you’ll concur.

I went into details on vaccines and their side effects,
vaccine alternatives, and my advised vaccine regimen.

Clearly we have been over vaccinating our pets for far
too long.

Too many vaccine components at once.

Components of the vaccines that cause cancer, especially in
cats. Most veterinarians have seen several cases of
‘Vaccine Associated Sarcoma’s’.

Not only have we caused harm by giving some pets cancer, but
this type of cancer is especially damaging because it is virtually
impossible to surgically remove it all.

Can you imaging having your own cat dying of cancer caused by
a vaccine?

Then there is an even MORE dramatic statistic.

Most people are very surprised to learn that dogs and cats
have a higher incidence of many tumors than do humans.

Dogs have 35 times as much skin cancer as do humans,
4 times as many breast tumors, 8 times as much bone
cancer, and twice as high an incidence of leukemia.

The number one cause of death in our companion animals over the
age of 7 is…Cancer.

At the same time we have been giving our pets more vaccines,
more often, to ‘prevent’ more diseases.

Here are the words of one of the world’s foremost Veterinary
Immunologists, Dr Jean Dodds..

“…The challenge to produce effective and safe vaccines for the
prevalent infectious diseases of humans and animals has become
increasingly difficult. In veterinary medicine, evidence implicating
vaccines in triggering immune-mediated and other chronic disorders
(vaccinosis) is compelling. While some of these problems have been
traced to contaminated or poorly attenuated batches of vaccine that
revert to virulence, others apparently reflect the host’s genetic
predisposition to react adversely upon receiving the single
(monovalent) or multiple antigen “combo” (polyvalent) products
given routinely to animals.“
Clearly there is a strong connection between the rising rates of
cancer in our pets and over vaccination.

So what can you do as a concerned pet owner?

1. Limit the number and frequency of vaccines. ONLY give the
core vaccines as infrequently as possible. As new research comes out
the time between re-vaccination may even be further stretched out.
Currently I am advising a 3 year Rabies vaccine protocol, but titer
testing is suggesting that the immunity is likely MUCH longer.

2. After vaccines you can use a homeopathic remedy to decrease the
incidence of vaccine reactions.

3. Consider homeopathic nosodes in addition to limited vaccines. If your
pet has a serious vaccine reaction, then this is your ONLY alternative.

4. Incorporate Home Recipes into your pet’s diet.

5. Try feeding some Raw Food- the benefits can be immense.

6. If feeding kibble, select premium quality natural food. I have
published my advised pet food list.

7. Supplements- There are 4 key components that should be in
your dog or cats supplement.
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Best Wishes,

Dr Andrew Jones, DVM

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