Trick or Treat?

From: Dr Andrew Jones
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Good morning all.

I just learned that my site has been doen for the last 3 days- the internet domain hosting company had some type of virus and had ALL of their servers crash.

My webmaster left me a message, as I am away at a conference..

If you are looking for a hosting company, I can tell you who NOT to go with..

Computers are a mixed blessing..And unfortunately I can’t even fix the virus.

I am told that the site will be up today…

I will blast out an email when this happens..Thank You for your patience.

Halloween is soon approaching..and are You ready?

It is a FUN time for young children and many adults alike.

I regularly see frightened pets and poisoned pets.

Cats and dogs get nervous and some will take off if they can.

That means an increase in animals hit by cars.

Be aware of the fear biters..

All those dressed up little monsters can trigger territorial instincts or fear-responses in some dogs, who may then become a bite risk.

So what can you do?

Be aware of at home remedies for poisoning, and noise phobias..I give great detail in my book at

You can keep your dog and cat safe by restricting them for the evening in a crate or a quiet room far from the front door or any holiday festivities.

Then there is the Black Cat concern.

There are cultists and other weirdos that will harm black cats.

Most shelters?? halt the adoption of black cats in the days before Halloween.

Candy is a problem more for dogs than for cats, because cats are generally picky about what they eat.

Not so for most dogs, who’ll wolf down candy wrappers and all if given the opportunity, giving many a serious case of garbage gut.

Any candy can trigger a bout of intestinal upset, but chocolate can do much worse.

The small dog who gets a large amount of chocolate could end up dead without prompt veterinary intervention.

Some people put costumes on their dogs, and that’s safe enough if you use common sense.

Halloween can be made pet-safe with just a few basic precautions.

So please take them, because I would rather hand out candy to little trick or treaters than be stomach pumping chocolate from your dog.


I hope your all ready.

One day to go till halloween.

Talk to you tomorrow.

It’s Your Pet- Heal Them At Home!

Best Wishes

Dr Andrew Jones

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