TOP 3 Pet Cancer Prevention Tips

My father died nearly a year ago of Bladder Cancer that had spread to his pelvis and likely his spine.

I researched a TONNE on Urinary Bladder Cancer.

In reading about bladder cancer and treatment options, I came across some very interesting studies.

Many of the researchers talked about HOW to prevent bladder cancer, ( and other common cancers) in the first place.

Some pretty common sense stuff.

1. Avoid ingesting toxins that produce cancer. In people SMOKING is the BIG one, while in pets, food and environmental toxins are more important.

MOST dog and cat foods have piles of artificial colors, flavors and preservatives- MANY Of these have direct links to cancer. Especially things like bladder cancer as the kidney filters many toxins and concentrates them in the bladder.

2. Diet- For people the simple long term solution is to eat MORE nutrient rich fruits and vegetables… The same advice applies to your dog or cat. If you are wanting to avoid cancer in your pet, then FEED them better quality food.



3. Water- the last BIG suggestion for preventing bladder cancer was to have people drink MORE water.

More water means more dilute toxins, and they leave your body quicker.

A real inexpensive way to have your pet NOT get cancer is to get them to consume more water.

For cats, use canned food.

For dogs, moisten their dry food.

Are there more things to do?


BUT if you ONLY made the top 3 changes, then the incidence of bladder cancer would drop by 60-70 percent.

And if you make the same changes with your dog or cat, the chance of them getting cancer will drop dramatically-

I would say by at least by 50%.

SO let’s recap.

1. Feed your pet less toxins. Don’t use chemical sprays in your house or on your lawn. And don’t smoke..

2. Feed a more nutritious diet to your pet ( more healing nutrients rich in antioxidants and fatty acids).

3. Drink MORE water.Feed canned food and add water to the dry food.

If your dog or cat is to get cancer, there are some specific homeopathic remedies that you can be using now.

In my opinion, Prevention is BEST and done most effectively with a Complete Dog or Cat Supplement.

Ensure that there are specific antioxidants, plus immune boosting ingredients.

My supplement has many of these ingredients.

It’s here:

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P.S. Cancer treatment is muti-modal. Meaning that not one remedy is going to treat it- many remedies are required.

Many different nutrients also can play a role in preventing it.

Here is what I am giving my own dogs and cats, and you can now get a trial bottle for 50% OFF:

Ultimate Canine Health Formula

Ultimate Feline Health Formula

Best Wishes

Dr Andrew J

DISCLAIMER: This information is for educational purposes only and is not intended to replace the advice of your own veterinarian. Dr Andrew Jones resigned from the College of Veterinarians of B.C. effective December 1 2010, meaning he cannot answer specific questions about your pet’s medical issues or make specific medical recommendations for your pet.

2 thoughts on “TOP 3 Pet Cancer Prevention Tips”

  1. I need help choosing a dog food for my 8yr old boxer mix. He just had 6 mass cell tumors removed. Pathology said they were grade 2 mass cell tumors. The oncologist may want to do six weeks of chemo. Idk yet. But, what is the best dog food that I can get him to help fight this? I hear grain free an ive heard carb free. Im so confused. Chemo is not something I really want to do but, I will if necessary. Are there a few dog foods I can find locally that will help my dog jj?

  2. I am wondering why canned food for cats? Wouldn’t a raw food diet be much better for cancer prevention? I would not recommend canned food for dogs or cats. Particularly cats as they do so much much better on raw meat. Maybe you have a reason to recommend canned?

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