Too many unnecessary tests?

There have been studies showing that there is a overuse of diagnostic tests leading to excessive health bills, as well as unintended harmful outcomes for patients. Dr Jones shows you why this is happening, and how you can prevent this from happening to you and your dogs or cats.

1 thought on “Too many unnecessary tests?”

  1. I have been at wood sand with veterinarians and I have to say I think you are one of the first that I think I like. I would rescue so many more dogs if veterinarians weren’t so expensive. I would say unaffordable for at least 80% of pet owners. I want to thank you for the educational video on scraping plaque. My rescues will just have to deal with me doing it. And I have a girl who I’ve had in my life for 5 years and she has tumors which I cannot afford to take care of for her and it breaks my heart.

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