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A pleasant morning to all of you.

There has been a whole lot of news lately about Bob
Barker retiring from the Price is Right Game Show, and
How Rosie O’Donnel is considering being the host.

So What?

It’s only a Game Show..Right?


Bob Barker has done MORE for animals than most
people on the planet.

He has principles, and stands behind them. He puts
his mon**ey where his mouth is.

And in this world of meaningless celebrity, he has been
a shining light.

Here is his story…

Bob Barker was named the most popular game show host of
all time in a national poll.

Bob Barker has become more than just a game
show host?????he?????s a daytime television institution. Underneath his smiling
exterior, though, Barker is one of the most serious and dedicated
animal welfare activists in the entertainment industry.

Over the years, he?????s worked on behalf of animals such as chimpanzees,
elephants and wolves, as well as cats and dogs. He?????s spoken out
against animal abuse in the entertainment industry, protested
against fur farms and lobbied Congress on behalf of circus animals.

And for the past 20 years, he?????s ended every Price is Right show
with a message urging people to spay and neuter their pets.

Man of Action Barker?????s love of animals stretches back to his early
childhood. Born in Darrington, WA, he grew up on the Rosebud
Indian Reservation in South Dakota, where he and his mother,
Matilda, a teacher, lived in the town?????s hotel. ???œIt was the only
two-story building in town,???? Barker says. ???œWhen my mother wanted
me, she?????d go up to the roof and look for the dogs. I always had
a pack of dogs with me, and wherever the dogs were, she knew she?????d
find me.????

As host of both the Miss U.S.A. and Miss
Universe pageants, Barker had been urging the show?????s organizers to
stop awarding fur coats as prizes. The executives of the Miss U.S.A.
pageant agreed that they would stop giving away furs in 1988, but
when Barker arrived in Albuquerque, NM, to host the show, he was
shocked to learn that the contestants would be making their swimsuit
competition entrances wearing fur coats.

During negotiations with the show?????s producer, during which
time Barker said he could not
possibly be on the stage surrounded by women wearing fur after
speaking out on the inhumane cruelty of fur production, the story
was leaked to the media, and the ???œFur Flap???? became front-page news
across the country.

???œIf [the anti-fur movement] had set out to
accomplish this, if we?????d tried to get this type of publicity,
we would never have done it,???? says Barker. ???œIt was the best
thing that ever happened to the anti-fur campaign.????

Barker persuaded the producers to use synthetic furs, but the
following year they reneged on their agreement. Amidst much
publicity, Barker resigned.

He did, however, persuade the producers of The Price is Right to eliminate
furs as prizes, as well as leather products and safari vacations.
Barker made headlines again when, while working with Los Angeles-based
United Activists for Animal Rights (UAAR), he helped expose animal
cruelty on the set of the 1987 movie Project X. Barker?????s work resulted
in an investigation by the Los Angeles Department of Animal Regulation,
which recommended that charges be filed against some of the animal
trainers. ???œBob has been willing to step up and actually get things
done,???? says UAAR founder Nancy Burnet. ???œI don?????t know of another
personality who?????s been willing to do that to the extent that he has.????

Since Project X, Barker and Burnet have teamed up many times to expose
abuse in the entertainment industry. Recently they were instrumental
in exposing cruelty to the horses on Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. Their
investigation resulted in the termination of one of the animal trainers.

And in 2000, Barker and Burnet rescued chickens from the set of TV?????s
reality show Big Brother, moving them to a sanctuary outside of
Riverside, CA.

???œHe?????s done more for animals than most people in the world,???? says Price is
Right announcer Rod Roddy. ???œHe puts his money where his mouth is.???? Barker?????s
concern for animals in entertainment doesn?????t just include those in movies
or television. In 2000, he again joined forces with UAAR, as well as with
Galt, CA-based Performing Animal Welfare Society and several other
celebrities to lobby Congress for bill H.R. 2929, The Captive Elephant
Accident Prevention Act.

Creating a Legacy These days, the most important thing in Barker?????s life
is the DJ & T Foundation*, which he founded in 1994. Named for both his
wife and his mother, who was known as Tillie, the foundation awards
grants to low-cost or free spay/neuter clinics or organizations that
subsidize such programs. Barker funds the DJ & T Foundation with his own
money, and he doesn?????t solicit any donations from the public. ???œI realized
that many organizations that were doing what they could with low-cost or
free clinics were under-funded and needed help,???? Barker says. ???œSo I
established this foundation with my own funds. I?????m adding to it during
my lifetime, and at the time of death, most of what I have will go into it.
We?????re only using the interest, so it?????s something that will go on for years
and years after I?????m gone.???? And thanks to Pearson Television, producer
and owner of The Price is Right, Barker?????s fight for the rights of animals
will also continue for many years.

In honor of Barker?????s 30 years as the
show?????s host, Pearson recently donated $500,000 to Harvard Law School
to establish the Bob Barker Endowment for the Study of Animal Rights,
which will support teaching and research in the field of animal rights
law. Today, Barker shares his home with a cat named Dulce
(Spanish for ???œsweet????) and a Labrador named Winston, who was saved
by a friend. And in keeping with his longstanding sign-off on
The Price is Right, Dulce is spayed and Winston is neutered. *

If you’re a member of or know of a nonprofit 501(c)3
organization dedicated to low-cost spaying and neutering,
you can contact the DJ & T Foundation for a grant application
at 9201 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 204, Beverly Hills, CA 90210;
tel. (310) 278-1100,
or visit


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Best Wishes,

Dr Andrew Jones, DVM

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