STOP Dog Diarrhea with these REMEDIES

From: Dr Andrew Jones
Author: Veterinary Secrets Revealed

Re: I almost gagged this morning


Hello everyone.

I am little late today.

I just finished cleaning up a HUGE pile of diarrhea from Mr Lewis.

Lewis went to work with me yesterday- his favorite thing is to break into the cat kennels when they are open for cleaning- and scarf down cat food.

And as you can guess- it doesn’t always agree with him.

Did it ever NOT AGREE with him this morning.

It woke me out of a deep sleep – I was somewhere off in a dream on a Sandy Tropical beach…

Now HOW can I STOP the diarrhea?

Well would you rush your dog off to the Vet?


He is pretty happy – in fact he was wagging his tail staring at Cleo’s cat food.

SO then it’s off to my bag of Home Remedies:

1.24 HOUR FAST. Stop putting food into your pet for 24 hours (Day 1). This allows the intestines to rest and regenerate. Always have access to plenty of fresh water. After 24 hours, introduce a bland food for the next 24 hours (Day 2). Plain cooked white rice for dogs, feeding equivalent cups of rice as their normal diet. For cats, protein is essential, try cooked chicken breast with the rice. After a day of the bland food mix 1/2 regular diet and 1/2 bland diet (Day 3). By the end of Day 3, they should be back on their normal diet.

2. Homeopathic – Arsenicum Album 30C- 3 tabs every 4 hours today.


P.S. If any of you have suggestions for the SMELL – both I and especially my wife would LOVE to hear them.

The FIRST major pet ‘disturbance’ in the New House isn’t making Lewis very popular..

Post your suggestions below.

It’s Your Pet…Heal Them At Home!

Best Wishes,

Dr Andrew Jones, DVM

42 thoughts on “STOP Dog Diarrhea with these REMEDIES”

  1. You asked about getting the smell out. White vinegar is good, use warm water mix some vinegar 1 part to 2 parts water then spray on the area. While the vinegar is a strong smell, it is good to erase odors. Odoban is good too and you can find that at wally world. If you have a carpet cleaner, the Resolve with pet odor control works great. Good Luck. I can not wait to get where I can afford your materials. I love the info you are giving in your emails. Your sale is wonderful, but alas, one day… From the proud momma of a poodle, a chi, and two cats!

  2. I clean up diarrhea residue with plain old brown bottle Lysol. It’s not much more pleasant than the odor of diarrhea but it does cover the smell with it’s own “special scent” 🙂 Also, then the area is disinfected. Talk on the pet forums for odor/stain problems is Eco-88, I’ve not tried it yet though.

    Get better soon Mr. Lewis!

  3. what surface are you removing the smell from? baby wipes work well on carpeting, have removed stain and smell from kitty poo and hair balls. set in stains came up with woolite oxy pod. for bare floors I use vinegar.

  4. Smell – try Zero Odor – really works!!!!

    Large Dogs can also have Immodium in small doses according to my vet, one tablet two times per day, no more.

  5. Hi, I have heard & tried this remedy for unpleasant smells in the home.
    You put a few drops of Vannila Extract on the burner of a stove(coil burners).
    Or in a pot on the stove heat both Vanilla & Nutmeg till it steams.You can add any spice like cinnamon or allspice as well.
    It smells like apple pie. You can place the pot in the areas you want to rid of the odors.It is more pleasant to the nose than a chemical cleaner.

  6. For the “smell” in your new home…and a disinfectant…I would reccommend something called “OdoBan”….it is available at Walmart and Sam’s Club. Not sure about any other places. Just a thought…I use it all the time!


  7. Been there….Hopefully it wasn’t on a carpet. That is usually where I find it! Yuk!
    Baking Soda and Water or Vinegar and water are the old stand-bys for odor. Vinegar is also a disinfectant.

  8. Check out They have a great home recipe for eliminating pet odors permanently. I bought it for around $8.

    We used it when we were trying to sell our house and our cat had peed in a couple of areas of carpet repeatedly.

  9. Try hydrogen peroxide, 1 tsp baking soda and a drop of dishwashing liquid….this is very cheep, and it does the trick better than the stuff you buy in the pet store for $20.00….for vomit, try Vodka…(putting it on the stain, not drinking it!!!!)

  10. Natures Miracle works well at eliminating odors! I keep it on hand all the time…and I love the scent of Fabreze!

  11. We use Pet Out. We get at Wally World in the states – don’t know if Canada has it or not. It smells like coconut and also helps get the stains out.

    I use it alot. I have an older dog with a sensitive system.

  12. Every one else said it.Vinegar is it.put a drop or two of dish soap in the vinegar and rub the spot.Them dry with a towel and mist a little straight vinegar on it.light a soy candle and all will be well soon.

  13. After many years of trial and error from such “accidents”…. you need to destroy the source of the odor…rather than merey masking it. I have tried them All and the only thing that works is plain old vinegar and warm water. The acid in the white vinegar kills the bacteria that will continue to grow in the carpet and of course bacteria is what causes odor. The same can be acheived to eliminate urine stains and odors. It is best to soak up the area with a towel ( I stand on the towel until the area is soaked back up)… then take 1/2 cup each of vinegar and water and pour over the area. Wait a few minutes for the liquid to soak down thru the pad and either use the towel method to soak that back up or even better… extract with rug machine or a shop vac. It will have a strong vinegar smell, which will disappear as it dries. This is very inexpensive and easy way to permanantly rid your home of these odors…for good !! Good Luck !

  14. We have a Chihuahua that eats anything. He well get into our Husky’s food and at times ends up with diarrhea. We give him a teaspoon of plain cooked pumpkin. May need it a couple of time. No food for a while, then bland diet of one day.

  15. Regarding Odors: Having had a pack before (4 dogs) who were copycats, I found that the enzyme cleaners are wonderful. There are many brands, but they all are have active enzymes to deactivate the source of the odor. They work for pet barf, diarrhea, spraying, accidents, also for the same for people: vomit, accidents etc. They may not always take out the stains (mine had gastritis frequently) but definately take out odors. I used it on a regular basis with a house ful of pets in the carpet shampooer – people always wondered if I had pets; only way they could tell was the pet hair. Works well on porous wood too – leave it sit for a bit if you can. Second treatment is sometimes needed if it is large amounts. I have used “Kids n Pets” and health store brands – all work well. Good Luck.

  16. BTW – Regarding smell: Ozium carries a line of air freshners – industrial strength. Only thing I could tolerate doing chemo since smells of most kinds made me ill. Poor basset had to deal with my sensitive nose! Very concentrated — be aware it will overpower if used liberally!!

  17. Here’s a site that has various supposedly safe
    de-odorizers for a variety of applications:

    I’ve tried MANY (having cats the last 20+ years.)
    The best I’d found thus far is called ZERO ODOR.
    Here’s the website. It’s guaranteed, plus not
    perfumy smelling. I did find that on bad areas
    (old persistantly re-marked areas) the odor would
    return after a few days, but when I spot shampooed the carpet, then days later (after it
    dried) put it on, it took a few applications and
    the smell was at least managable. One of my
    cats is a total stinker. The vet says he didn’t get oxygen at birth and isn’t all there. He is
    completely untrainable. (Put his food by the spot even and he would eat and still go…sometimes a foot away from his food bowl and then go back to eating….the vet was right…there is something missing upstairs for him.) He uses his box when he wants to and periodically for one or two bathroom calls, won’t bother to get up to go to the box. This has been over 9 yrs and he has a clean bill of health.
    Here is their website…very REASONABLE and quite good product…I recommend it highly compared to
    all I’ve tried:

    I recall when I was 1st told he isn’t quite right due to oxygen deprivation at birth. (We’d just gotten him and he was only about 4 months old.) Just a few hours later, he and I were sitting together on the couch. I was petting him and I told him,
    “I don’t care what they say…you might not be the shiniest apple on the tree, but I think your
    still pretty bright!”
    With that he started rubbing his head against me, and accidently stuck his head into the armhole of the sleeveless jumper I was wearing and couldn’t get it out!
    So much for my theories….

  18. You don’t mention exactly where the odor is but if it’s lingering in the room, use Air Sponge. I buy mine at Walmart in a box that contains two of them plus a spray (never tried the spray but it should work on surfaces). It absorbs all odors. Great stuff. Would probably be good to have these in your office as well for absorbing pet odors.

    To reduce or even eliminate odor of stools, use Inliven probiotic superfood: under Health Products on Use a very small pinch to start. Dogs don’t need much. A container lasts a long time. Best probiotic I’ve tried out of many dozens, both prescription and non-prescription.

  19. I agree with the white vinegar and warm water, add a little mild detergent… I use a wonderful company that works really hard at doing things the right way, the first time. Good natural stuff and tea tree oil and vitamins. Can’t beat the cleaning products. My puppy had coccidia and she was always pooping diarrhea in the house. A little of the mild cleaner, vinegar and water always got it nice and clean!

  20. the posts already have it covered quite well. on carpet the steam cleaner with the cheap pet oder remover works and on hard floors any good cleaner works well

  21. I’ve used Odo-ban and Ozium…both are pretty darn good. However, the BEST is an enzyme product called Bio-matic. My vet carries it and recommends it to his clients. It’s expensive, but is fantastic!!! ( You can also order it on line….do a google search.) I used it for cleaning up old cat urine…The cats had a pissing contest on the carpeting in the basement. Then the dog joined in and started remarking. I thought the Ozium and Odoban did the trick (no more smell for a while), but obviously the animals still smelled it. The Bio-matic finally did the trick!!

    Grandma Jan & the King Kritters

  22. After reading the previous comments, I see that a couple of people have already mentioned Zero Odor. I had already copied the page from my bookmarks, intending to just paste it here. Everyone on my ferals group here in Austin, has been raving about it. I plan to get some when my budget allows (even though it really isn’t that expensive). Of course, I also intend to get your complete program, one of these days. With 40 rescued cats–most are unadoptable–and 2 rescued pit bulls, my disability income doesn’t stretch very far.
    I think it’s fortunate that your wife isn’t psychic. If she had foreseen this incident when you were having the discussion about letting Lewis have the run of the house, I think you might have had an even more difficult time winning your case!


    Here’s the paste, though you don’t have to include it in the comment area if you prefer not to.
    How Zero Odor Works
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  23. Well, the paste didn’t come through anything like the original. Fortunately, someone else provided the original link.


  24. I would also add ‘activated charcoal’ to a little food.
    It absorbs the liquid in the diarrhea, yet also extracts
    any toxin or irritant that caused it. Excellent for

  25. I would use the same thing that works in our bathrooms to cover the worst of smells–Super Citrus non-aerosol, made in USA by CITRATECH, Macon GA.

    Am waiting to hear that your MIL has finally allowed your FIL to take their dog in the car! I finally sprung for your sale package and can’t wait to dig into it. THANKS for all your caring advice!

  26. Another remedy that works for my dogs tummies, especially garbage eating is slippery elm bark. it soothes and coats, while drawing out any consumed toxins. laundry soap & vinegar followed by natures miracle enzyme gets out my tough pet stains

  27. I had to clean up messes from my dogs when they were puppies. I just cleaned it up and then mopped the floor with Pinesol mixed with water. Cats stink worse than dogs. I have 5 cats in a room and they dirty and pee on the old clothes in there. I had to clean it because the smell was giving me respiratory problems. So I had to wash all these old clothes. Last year I washed them in Pinesol but that didn’t get the smell completely out. This year I’m using this liquid laundry detergent that has Febreeze mixed in it, and that really gets the smell out. For normal cleaning, I used either Bleach or Pinesol. Bleach is cheaper, but I used to sneezed a lot from it. I have Chlorox now which was on sale and it’s supposed to kill 99% of germs and it deodorizes.

    One time I was in town and wanted to use the facilities in the store, but when I went in there, it stunk so bad, I couldn’t take it. So I did my shopping and had to wait till I got home. A little girl was in there, apparently sick. The next time I went to this store, it smelled nice and perfumy, so they must have used some product, what it was I have no idea. This was a “people smell”, though not dogs and cats, but it was bad enough!

  28. Distilled white vinegar always works and it’s non-toxic not only to YOU but the animals, too. With 7 cats and their respective furballs, you can imagine how often I use it (also,one neutered male just LOVES to spray…..working on a homeopathic remedy for that one – help!)

  29. Vinegar — the distilled white stuff — is great in so many applications EXCEPT internally. For eating one wants raw organic apple cider vinegar or similar. When it comes to deodorizing and disinfecting, the nasty white liquid is your best bet. I keep a gallon jug on hand to use in emergencies such as a spider bite (wrap the area in vinegar soaked towel), a tree stump that insists on sprouting…the uses are almost endless. When my floors are especially soiled, out comes the vinegar to add to the usual soap nut solution.

    Regarding the hair balls mentioned above, the incidence of them is pretty low at my house since adding a few drops of oil to the cats food. This usually is hemp seed oil, sometimes coconut oil, and occasionally good olive oil. Just a little dab’ll do it!

  30. I too have to agree with the zero odor or another one I recently tried which is even better for lingering odors its called “Anti Ickypoo” I purchased it through a place on the internet but have read about it before in other websites so I assume its also available elsewhere but the anti ickypoo seems to have the same odor removing properties in it as the above mentioned Nil Odor which is very industrial strength indeed! Either of these two work better than any others I have tried and believe me I have tried Everything!

  31. Hi Andrew, I feel for your wife, it is not the best start for you and Lewis in the new home, but, I have just cleaned up a smelly mess made by Rusty and Bella and freshened uo the room with a few drops of LAVENDER oil in water, mine is water soluble and I use it most days in a spray bottle to freshen the dogs beds and any other smells around. I also add it to the final rinse when washing their beds. quite old and a bit smelly and Rosie just likes to get into any smelly thing. So I use the lavender oil quite a lot. Good health Lewis!

  32. Hi Andrew, I feel for your wife, it is not the best start for you and Lewis in the new home, but, I have just cleaned up a smelly mess made by Rusty and Bella and freshened the room with a few drops of LAVENDER oil in water, mine is water soluble and I use it most days in a spray bottle to freshen the dogs beds and any other smells around. I also add it to the final rinse when washing their beds. quite old and a bit smelly and Rosie just likes to get into any smelly thing. So I use the lavender oil quite a lot. Good health Lewis!

  33. Hi Dr Andrew,

    Have you heard of the product Urine Off? It is fantastic. You can use it on urine or faecal “accidents”. It is an enzymatic cleaner and as for urine, it actually breaks down the molecules of urine so that it is urine no more. You need to soak up as much of the urine (I use tissues) as possible, or clean up the faecal matter using a little warm water only. Once you have done this, spray the area with Urine Off. It has a very pleasant perfume to it and being an enzymatic cleaner, if you use the product appropriately, cats in particular are not interested in urinating in the same place again. As a registered breeder of pedigree cats, I honestly believe that no cat owner, or parent of a human toddler, should be without it. It is inexpensive and worth its weight in gold!!

    Another alternative – especially for faecal accidents is the laundry powder Bio-Zet. It too is an enzymatic cleaner. It is the best washing powder I have ever used. My vet recommended it to me. It has a very pleasant perfume to it also and is environmentally friendly. My washing has never smelled so good – especially puppy blankets which have been used to chew meat or chicken bones on. We also have two Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppies and their Mum.

    I hope this helps you.

    Kind Regards,


  35. Dear Doc,

    Try any of the enzyme-based cleaners. They smell pretty good and they are pet-safe and people-safe. If they’ll get out cat urine they’ll get out anything

    I’d put the cat food up on the counter out of Mr Lewis’s reach! (Sometimes a simple solution is best.) Also to keep him from “cleaning kitty boxes,” I’d add some dog-repelllent ingredient to the cats’ food so it also shows up in their feces.

    Poor Lewis. He’s just being a dog, and he’s not popular because of it. Is there a kindly dog-motivational trainer you can call on for some help [house- and car-wise]?

    All the best to you, Mr Lewis, and the Purr-sons.

  36. Oh! I forgot: a small dose of Pepto-Bismol (a bright pink bismuth formulation) is apparently recommended by many vets. don’t know how “natural” it is but it is on hand in many homes.

    Ask your kennel techs to put the cat’s food up out of Lewis’s reach when they are cleaning kennels, or keep Lewis sequestered for that period of time.

    Best to all

  37. I just found some stuff I hadn’t tried before & it
    works just awesome! Renuzit Super Odor Neutralizer!
    I used the “pure breeze” fine mist spray – I can’t say enuf good about it!
    thanks for all your emails about animal care – wish I could buy your products but ss doesn’t go too far -but I and all my critters (I have 6 poms – 4 of them rescues for various reasons) and 3 cats – all of which no one wanted. we’re just one big happy family) – we all value your info in the emails. thanks again!!

  38. depending on the suface i worked at a boarding kennel and really the best thing for cutting through residues left buy pets from accidents and also just from their bodies themselves(some breeds are actually very greasey) we used a gallon jug of water with about a half cup of bleach and and a couple of teaspoons of dawn mixed together and it worked great for smell and residue also burning inscence like sandalwood helps with any odors in the air

  39. Hi –
    Having had to deal with many foster dogs over the years and working with a homeopathic vet…I fhave found the fastest, most effective treatment for diarrhea – or even loose stools – is straight pumpkin. I always have a couple of cans of pumpkin at home – never had a dog not liking it – just give them a couple of spoon fulls a few times a day – or for a larger dog – about 1/2cup about three times a day.
    By the way – THANK YOU for your time and all your great info and most of all – your commitment to the cause.

  40. Our dog got sick and had diahhrea in a big circle on our nice new light-colored carpet. Attempts to clean it up moved it further into the carpet we think. We tried Natures Miracle which is supposed to have odor-eating Enzymes, and after scrubbing for hours had a yellow ring. We rented a carpet cleaner and went over it many times and although the stain seems to be gone, today we had a dirty diaper smell over the entire area we shampooed, or should I say sham-pooed becuase I think we in effect just unwittingly spread the poo water around under the carpet. PetSmart no longer carries PetSavr, which I had hoped to try on it. Does anyone carry that at stores? I can’t live with this odor whil waiting for shipping! I see lots of things that look like they will get rid of URINE, but what about dog diahhrea dirty diaper smell deep in the carpet?

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