Snoopy Dog… (not the rapper)

From: Dr Andrew Jones
Author: Veterinary Secrets Revealed

Re: Snoopy Dog… (not the rapper)


A warm Thursday to you and your pets.

My theme this week ( or the last few weeks) has been animal
shelters and issues around animal adoption.

And just yesterday my belief around the importance of why we
should never give up on a pet was re-inforced.

Snoopy, a 5 yo Hound cross, came into the clinic yesterday
for an exam. She has a sore belly from eating the wrong thing.

Snoopy was adopted 2 years ago from the Second Chance Animal

Snoopy was in the shelter for OVER 365 days.

She went through 11 foster homes. I had her at my own
house a few times with Lewis- I was really rooting for her to
be adopted, but deep down inside I was wondering if it would
ever happen.

Snoopy is now in a loving FOREVER home.

Her new owners love her- they were able to spend hundreds of
quality hours bonding with her and training.

In many shelters, Snoopy would have been euthanized.

This means Second Chance is a No-Kill Shelter- Pets are kept until
they are adopted. No cat or dog is euthanized out of

In fact when I first started practice in Nelson, the local
animal society had a 7 day policy- If you weren’t adopted in
7 days, then you were euthanized.

Fortunately times have changed- but this important change is very
expensive. It means extra care, extra feeding, extra boarding costs.

If you were interested in being part of the Save the
Animal Shelter Week, but hesitated, you can still partticipate.

I am now DONATING 10% of Everything I sell to the
Second Chance Animal Shelter.

A great way for you to start is to try my new membership site
out, and I’ll be donating monthly.

It’s at


P.S. As an aside, I used one of my safe and effective home
remedies on see exactly what it is you need my book at

And I had a problem working my video recorder, but I will
try and re-record a special video tommorrow in which I
hand over a BIG FAT check to Sherri, the Second Chance
Animal Shelter director.

It’s Your Pet. Heal Them At Home!

Best Wishes,

Dr Andrew Jones, DVM

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