Sleeping next to pets could be harmful?… NOT!!

A recent University Study suggests that there are RISKS to sleeping with your pet.

The 2 authors of the study, claim that:

“There are private places in the household, and I think our pets should not go beyond next to the bed,” Chomel says. “Having a stuffed animal in your bed is fine, not a real one.”

Chomel and co-author Ben Sun, chief veterinarian with the California Department of Public Health, did an extensive search of medical journals and turned up a hair-raising list of possible pathogens.

There’s plague (yes, bubonic plague, i.e. the Black Death); chagas disease, which can cause life-threatening heart and digestive system disorders; and cat-scratch disease, which can also come from being licked by infected cats.

They reported on several cases of plague in New Mexico over the last 10 years- it was transmitted by fleas found pets who slept with their owners.

A number cases of cat scratch disease linked to sleeping with or being licked by an infected cat.

Other diseases that are commonly shared with people are hookworms and roundworms. These worms are carried by almost all puppies and kittens and it is estimated that about 10,000 people in the US contract roundworms each year.

Though many people love getting licked or planting a kiss on a pet, it may not be such a good idea, the authors say.

It’s rare, but it happens. That’s why good hygiene means keeping Fluffy and Spot next to the bed, not on it, two experts in animal-human disease transmission say in a forthcoming paper.

So WHAT do I think?

That this STUDY is a few University Researchers justifying their positions, not really adding in anything valuable to society.

There are OVER 150 million dogs and cats in Canada and the United States- I suspect nearly 75 million of those SLEEP on somebodies bed.


And that with ALL of those 75 million supposedly potentially disease causing pets, there are a FRACTION of a %, such as .01% that actually cause ANY type of disease.

You have a MUCH HIGHER chance of being struck by lightning.

I would go on to make the point that our pets, our dogs and cats that SLEEP in our bed, give us HUGE emotional support and connection… By doing so give us HUGE health benefits.

Our pets are KEEPING us healthy, and PREVENTING and in some cases even TREATING diseases in the first place.

Can you get sick from a pet?


The chances of this happening?

Virtually NON existent.

The Benefits of Pet Ownership


My ‘non licenced’ Veterinary Advice:

Keep on sleeping with your pets.

Let your children sleep with your pets.

My one dog Jessie now always sleeps with my son Liam, and Lewis ( my other dog) sleeps with my daughter Aliza. My cat Cleo regularly sleeps ON my head ( to my wife’s dismay 🙂 )

By sleeping with your pets you will be HEALTHIER

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Talk soon with fur in your mouth

Dr Andrew

179 thoughts on “Sleeping next to pets could be harmful?… NOT!!”

  1. These doctors have nothing to do.
    Of course that if the dog or cat is filthy, plenty of thicks and other bad things of course that you shouldn’t sleep or even have them near you.
    Our pets are very well treated, feeded, bathed and clean, so why bother ?

  2. All I have to say on this university study is they obviously don’t love their pets or maybe they don’t have any pets. I sleep better knowing I have my dog sleeping next to me. He likes to make body contact with me to reassure me he’s there and that is comforting to me. I wouldn’t have it any other way. In fact my ex-husband said to me one day, while we were married, to make a decision, either the dog goes or he goes. Well… I hope he’s doing well.

  3. I wholeheartedly agree with you. Pets are sooo beneficial to human health. We have 3 dogs and 4 cats the cats always sleep on beds (my sons & my daughters) and my daughter has often said knowing the animals are there gives her peace at night, she couldnt imagine sleeping without them. The dogs usually sleep downstairs but she quite often brings them upstairs to sleep with her. I for one dont have a problem with that! So yea, carry on letting them sleep on beds if thats what you like 😀 xx

  4. Hi, I am 1/2 century old. Since I can remember my pets have slept with me. I have never been sick regarding my pets. I think they have provided lots of emotional, happy support to me all my life. Thanks To my wonderful family friends!!!

  5. Two of my cats sleep with me every night. Mookie keeps my feet warm. Baby Girl and I “spoon” together and blissfully sleepy the night away. What a joy it is to wake up to her soft purrs and kneading to get me to feed her…and the rest of the crew who choose to cuddle with each other.
    I used to sleep with stuffed animals but there’s nothing like a living, warm, loving fur ball to keep you company whilst you dream.

  6. My wife and I have three Yorkies who sleep with us in the bed. OK, let me rephrase that, they let us sleep with them. We wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s a time they enjoy since they have our undivided attention to play with them and give them the attention they were missing while we are out working. So no study is going to stop them from letting us join them at bedtime!!

  7. This is so timely b/c we have 2 17-week old Australian Shepherd puppies and just this morning I let them venture into the bedrooms. They jumped from one bed to another. It was too much fun for them to say that they settled down on one bed but I did think about the consequences of the action. Having read your comments I know I will continue to share the beds with them. Our cat, Cleo, already sleeps on my bed…and it is she who will have to get used to sharing my bed space with one or two pups. 🙂 Have just joined your email list and already got good information. Thank You Dr. Andrew.

  8. I totally agree with you! Researchers be damned. Our cat sleeps with us and if she doesn’t come to bed with us I don’t get into a deep sleep until I know she is there. Early in the morning before it’s time to get up she crawls under the covers and curls up against me until it’s time to get up. She’s an American Curl cat and a real cuddler!

  9. Cody, my Goldendoodle regularly stretches out next to me. The choice is his and most often he choses the bed rather than the floor and I love it! Sophie, my English Bull prefers her crate and that’s fine with me. It’s in my bedroom and I leave the door open so she can sleep wherever she likes. Because she likes to take her half of the bed out of the middle I don’t sleep as well when she choses the bed! At any rate, I think the health risk issue is a bunch of bunk and the benefits of snuggling with my furry kids FAR outweighs any risks.

    I also have 2 cats. They have some issues with marking so I do not allow them in my bedroom unattended (including when I sleep).

  10. Well- keeping ones pet(s) clean is vital for both sides… as to sharing the bed- as you said the benefits outwaigh the risks. Small children carry all sorts of bugs- yet we kiss, hug and let them be in our beds regardless. I suppose that most pet lovers do not consider cats and dogs of a lesser value. Anyway – I am amazed that some one had time to actually do a study on this as if we do not have more important issues to study…

  11. I have 2 american bulldogs that sleep with me. The younger one who is 4 must sleep right next to me. I have a very stressful life, caring for my 90 yr old mother, disable brother and grandson, plus I work full time. When my day is done I look foward to time spent with my dogs. They are a great comfort to me on our walks and at bedtime.

  12. Dear Dr. Jones:
    I raise Yorkshire Terriers, and the thought of NOT having them sleep with me far outweighs the so called “risks” of having them sleep with me. The only risks I have are the ones that keep me wondering if I will somehow roll onto them in the night. I have anywhere from 3 to 9 of them on the bed at the same time. I don’t let them sleep with me until they are approximately 4 or 5 months old. For THEIR safety, not mine!! If I go to another place for the night, i.e., motels and such, I can’t hardly sleep without them.

    So, for my own two cents, I’d say let them sleep with you, if they want to. The choice is theirs.

  13. I’m a 77 year old very healthy woman who has ALWAYS slept with her four pawed family members.(cats and dogs)
    In fact when I travel I can’t find blissful sleep without them.So I stay home with them.
    We are totally comfortable sharing the big bed.It is a calming peaceful experience in fact I have no need for any drugs.
    Christel Fiore Portland Maine.

  14. I agree with you 100% on this subject Andrew. My Chihuahuas sleep with me and I find them a great comfort. So Chomel and co-author Ben Sun in my opinion are full of shit. Please excuse the french, but idiots like those two make me so angry.

  15. I’ve been sleeping with my dogs for 60 years and as of yet have gotten no diseases from them. My dogs get regular baths, teeth brushed, vet care, vacinations, good food, exercise, and lots of love and praise. That stuffed animal on the bed sits and collects dust and dust mites, no doubt, not too good for anyone with asthma. My current dog will not sleep with me. When I would not allow her lover to sleep with us, shortly after I took her off the streets of Panama, she quit sleeping with me. She took his position on the floor in front of the door, like a guard dog.

  16. Agreed. We let our Lhasa sleep on the bed, albeit at our feet. When he’s not there we miss him and he hasn’t passed any infections or disease on to us.

  17. I agree with Dr. Jones 110%!! I have had dogs in my life since I was 11 years old. I have always had by dog(s)sleep in bed with me at night and have never become ill in any way from them or because of them. I am now 57 years old, and have a Chihuahua/Rat Terrier mix that every night likes to tunnel under the covers and sleep between my husband and I. He thinks he is a miniature person and so do I!! I love my dog and it seems you love yours as well – I will take your advice and continue what I enjoy doing. Thanks!!

    God Bless You and Our Pets!!

    Linda McLaughlin
    Reston, VA

  18. Hurray for pet lovers everywhere!!! My coworker read the first article and agreed 100% with those morons about not sleeping with pets…another alarmist to add to the uneducated crowd. OMG…people have been sleeping with their pets for centuries, especially kids and lived to tell about it. I have 3 kitties and a dog…all sleep with me at various intervals throughout the night including my kitty Houdini, who usually sleeps on my pillow right in front of my face. The rest choose locations anywhere from my tummy to my feet, including over, close to, on top of each other and me. Winters are especially cozy and warm. I’d have it no other way!!! Enjoy your pets, they are after all, family!

  19. Dr Jones
    I too do not believe everything I read. We have cats and love them. They sleep with us and it’s a great feeling when they do. They always seem to know when you are upset or not feeling good and they bring us the greatest of comfort. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Our cats have helped us thru the toughest of times by just being there. I can’t understand why all these studies by universities or otherwise are ALWAYS aimed at discouraging us from a simple act of love. After all, that’s why we have pets, to love and comfort us and in return we do the same. Maybe they should spend the time and money on helping pets instead of tearing them down.

    Cindy G. Connecticut

  20. Brandy our 2 1/2 year old GSD, has sleep with us since we got him. Apart from taking must of the bed, it is a great confort to feel he is there, it makes us feel very close. I will not have it any other way. Some times he is the only one that makes me smile and forget the day to day problems.

  21. I do sleep with my petdog every night and we are both healthy.. i keep my dog clean ofcourse most of the time after we walk out and do his business and give him a weekly bath… we feel that we are much connected emotionally and this makes my dog really behave everytime i command him to do something.. So its more of the benefits that you can get sleeping with your pet..I guess its to what kind of pet you sleep with.. Dogs, Cats, are fine but i don;t think snakes, tiger, lions or any wild beast is not recommended.. You might end up a meal to those animals instead…Just a thought…otherwise it is healthy to sleep with your beloved pets…

  22. I’ve been sleeping with my furfriends for over 60 years and I NEVER got the plague. We currently have TWO king size beds side-to-side to allow room for everybody to snuggle down into their chosen spaces.

    These studies can show whatever they decide to, but I GUARANTEE I will not get HIV, or any STD, from my furbabies.

    More people would be safer sleeping with animals who are strangers than HUMANS who are strangers!

  23. You put it in perspective, Dr. Andrew. There are risks to everything we do in life. People catch colds and flu from other people … but we still go out in public and hug and kiss friends and family. Basic good health and cleanliness of both your animal and yourself (hand washing for example) goes a long way toward preventing any “health risks.”

  24. I have been sleeping with my little Maltese
    Missy since she was a puppy…Ain’t dead yet nor
    have I been sick…She is doing fine too…
    Been doing this for almost 10 years…What are
    they going to say against pets now!!!!

  25. I would suggest that these so called “experts” have never known the love and joy that a pet brings into a person’s life. I have a Pug who sleeps in our bed every night and in fact, cries at the door if it is closed and he can’t get in. He loves to snuggle up with us at every opportunity including during the night. Will we ban him from our bed because of this study? ABSOLUTELY NOT! He is part of our family and even though he can be a royal pain at times and a bed hog, we wouldn’t have him any other way. We call him our little love bug and he is a major part of our lives now that we are “empty nesters”. It’s time these experts doing all the studies kept their opinion to themselves.

  26. Thank you for the article. I myself was alwayz wondering if the fact that my 2 cats sleep in my bed might harm me. I keep imagining that the worms they might have infected me as well but if we worried about every possibilities happening to us, we would not live, we would just stay in a glass box scared from every dicease and misfortune. Despite of this, I would be grateful if you could educate us how to recognize if the pets are infected by worms, what are the signs and what are the signs of people being infected too. This would give us confidence that we are protected.

    Thank you


  27. I’ve always slept with my dogs and never once have gotten sick from doing so. Presently I have a 2 y/o King Shepherd probably a bit over 100lb who snuggles up next to me every night, places her head on the nook of my neck and I love it.

  28. BTW, none of my 6 children, 19 grandchildren or 10 great-grandchildren have ever gotten ill from a pet either.

    As an RN, I believe the human’s immune system would have to be already severely compromised to be susceptible. And since our pets give us love and affection and moral support, the joy of a pet actually boosts immune function. I’ve been “kissed” by hundreds of my rescues over the years and never got sick from it even once.

    I’ve witnessed actual miracles due to pet therapy programs I’ve participated in. We need more pets and closer relationships with them, NOT less.

  29. I agree with you completely! My cat,Chevy,was a feral kitten when I adopted him. Now, at age 4, I firmly believe he has finally become an affectionate, loving, playful cat due to home cooking, patience, and allowing him jump up on the bed at will.

  30. I am 57-years-old and have slept with my pets my whole life. My dad has his doctorate in microbiology and worked in pathobiology-the study of animal diseases. He was an animal lover and we had cats, dogs, birds, turtles, rabbits and anything else that needed a home. My dad aways told us not to kiss the cat that we would get ascrids which would migrate to our brains and all the other bad things you hear of-cat scratch fever, round worms, tape worms. We never listened to him and except for an occasional bout of ring worm (that we caught from my dad) and a few fleas no one was worse from the experience. I still sleep with two dogs and one crazy cat and would not have it any other way. Can you catch things from animals? Sure, but most of these diseases are specific to animals. I miss my dad as he has passed on but he would appreciate me at least remember his advice even if I never took it.

  31. what a bunch of crap about not sleeping with your pets. I have had dogs for more than 20 years and they always sleep with me, even under the covers and you know what I’m not sick either. I have revenue property and I see what kind of filth that at least 50% of people live in, and I think that the way people live in terms of cleanliness & what they eat has a lot more to do with their health than sleeping with their pets.

  32. I have chronic pain and most of the pills that the doctor gave me worked for a while but after my body was used to that pill then the doctor had to change it and prescribe a stronger one.

    I started to feel sick, those pills have so many side effects that I decided to quit taking them. As we say in Spain I felt that the remedy was worse than the illness.

    We have 4 cats and soon 9 dogs, because my brother is shipping me his dog (from Spain to Minnesota). We live in the country. I had noticed that when I had a lot of pain the cats would come and sit by me or they would be on top of me, right where the pain was and after a while the level of pain was a lot less. I started to check in Internet to see if this was just my imagination or it is was true, and I found out that IT IS TRUE. Animals help to reduce pain. So I sleep with my cats (not all of them) and some of my dogs :)…and they help me to relax. I have not taken prescription pills for a year or more and the level of pain has lower from 7 (I used to start the morning with that kind of pain) to I would say 3 or 4..which to me it is WONDERFUL.
    I have never had a health problem related to sleeping with my pets. So I would say that if you keep your pets healthy, they will keep you healthy too.
    Take care, and by the way I LOVE YOUR WEB!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for being SO HONEST!!!!!!!!!!

  33. I am 56 years old. I have been sleeping with my dogs(currently 4 out of 6 of them) for years now with absolutley NO health problems. As a matter of fact i sleep very happily and soundly with them tucked in all around me. If i listened to that kind of advice, i would never kiss my granddaughter for fear of catching flus and colds! Rediculous!!! And the sad thing is, many people LISTEN to this stuff because they are “doctors”. So sad… mare

  34. I sleep with dogs, several of them. The only time I don’t want to sleep with them is if they HOG the bed! If I try to move them with my foot, and they don’t move, then I push them. hey then have the choice to throw a SNIT, and move, or get OFF!!!! LONG LIVE SLEEPING WITH PETS!!!!!!

  35. Our Yorkie sleeps between my husband and me. She has gotten so comfortable with this situation that if after she is settled and you move, you may get a growl. We just laugh at her and move her over anyway. We love sleeping with her and would not change a thing.

  36. We have had our wonerful shih-tzu sleeping with us since the day we brought her home. No sickness, no bugs!! I can’t sleep if she’s not in the bed!!!

  37. Hello Sir. RESPECT! to you for sticking to what you Believe in and standing by our Pets at the cost of your life work with animals. {THEY} the Vets Org.seem to want to turn a blind eye on the TRUTH of the health ricks caused by pet food, over medicating, and other risks to our beloved pets. WHY! is it for their reputations or Money which THEY} are making lots of.
    Back to todays sleeping with your pets. yet again i agree with you Sir, I sleep with my Jack Russel Timmy who is 8 yr now and our new rescued dog Jack as well Maisey May, sleeps with my daughter Sophia, and have done since we had Timmy’s grandfather Jasper 20 yr ago, it is a bounding, loving, cuddly , happy , warm thing to do and we are very close ,they are part of our family ,and get treated with love, RESPECT and good food x

  38. really?!? sleeping with my pet is dangerous.
    huh, i guess the last 8-9 years have been a lie cause my dogs have been sleeping in and on my bed since i got them. 1st as puppies, now as adults.
    you know, the one time my nephew got ring worm was because of the yard since we didn’t have any pets at that time. before yes, after yes but at that time-no.

  39. Eight of my nine dogs all sleep with me and I wouldn’t have it any other way! These so called ‘experts’ have nothing better to do than come up with these hair-brained ideas. People have been sleeping with their pets for centuries and now all of a sudden it’s dangerous?? C’mon…get a life!!

  40. I have two dogs, my little toy poodle sleeps under the covers and she gets as close to me as she can, I love it! I have slept with my dogs and cats for 40 years and never caught anything from them. When I was young, my parents wouldn’t let my poodle sleep in the house. I use to sneak out my window and bring her in at night, she hid under my covers all night!

  41. Oh my, I guess I should have died years ago. My cats used to sleep on the bed, pillows, etc. for years. The only reason why they no longer do is I got 3 shi tzus over a period of a year (they were all puppies when I got them), and now one of them sleeps on the bed every night (my dogs and cats are “typical” – they do not get along hence why the cats are no longer in the bedroom). I would not have it any other way. I agree with Dr. Andrew – the emotional benefits greatly out weigh any dangers. Also, my animals are all “indoor” animals. The dogs only go out for their daily walk to to the back yard to go to the “bathroom”. They are most likely cleaner than alot of people I know. Anyway I say “rubish” to the college “experts”.

  42. We woke up this morning and it was -28 C outside with a windchill in the minus 30’s ! Our bedroom faces north and is the coldest room in the house. I was pretty glad to have a furry 40 lb “heating pad” snuggled in between us! I wonder if these so called experts ever thought about THAT?

  43. We sleep with two of our four Pugs and except for them trying to hog the space in our King Size Bed – we have no problems. If they start to snore louder than my husband – they also get a nudge to roll over. I think their “study” is just another waste of taxpayers money. Thanks for all you do!

  44. I am a 63 year old who has worked in medical research for over 40 years, and like some other medical papers I have read I don’t believe a word of this. I have always let my pets sleep in my bed and particularly like the closeness I have with them at night. I can’t imagine NOT sleeping with them. When I am away from home I rarely sleep as well as I do when my dogs and cats are within reach. For that reason, we bought a camper and our pets go on vacation with us. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  45. Well, as you can see, this topic got a lot of response…overwhelming FOR having our pets sleep with us. My miniature dachshund burrows under the covers and snuggles right next to me. In the winter he’s like a little hot water bottle and he my baby! So that’s just where he’ll stay! Never have I had any ill effects from it, but rather blessed.

    And best to you and your family and pets Dr. Nelson…and I’m just wondering what that is on top of your head in the picture…pretty sure it’s not Cleo! : )

  46. If these people spent more time fighting for the rights of animals instead of trying to tell us what we shouldn’t do with our animals they would do a greater service to all animnal lovers. I have slept with my dogs for over 40 years and have never gotten sick from them. I have gotten sick from being around people or in the Hospital but not my pets. I think it is theraphy. I have one dog that is a rescue dog who had been so badly abused and now she sleeps on the bed with me and every night comes up and talks to me it’s like she saying thank you for rescuing me and I really could use some loving. My 2 dogs are so comforting because my Husband works away. They give me a sense of security. Thank you and KEEP SLEEPING WITH YOUR FRRRY FAMILY

  47. We completely agree! Animals help us much more than hurt us when we allow them to sleep with us. Cats seem to be especially “in tune” with how we feel and I have actually seen them snuggle to keep us warm when we are feverish. A few years ago, I went through some major health issues and I KNOW that my cat, Rudy (who has since, died) helped me heal much faster than if I didn’t have him with me.
    There is a definite healing connection-THAT, is what they should be doing more research on…

  48. Well I guess the only thing to say is mark one on the wall for pets. These people who waste time doing these “Studies” need to wake up and smell the roses. They must think the people who own pets were born yesterday, they need to get a life and join the crowd. My airedale terrier sleeps with me when she chooses, she moves closer and closer to me and I love it. Soo far I’m not sick because of her. The world is a much better place with pets in it. Bless them all.

  49. Obviously those men are not animal lovers. I feel sorry for them because they will never truly know unconditional love.

    A few years ago I had a broken leg which was not diagnosed by MDs for 6 weeks. As soon as they discovered it I was rushed to the hospital for surgery, complete bed rest. This was on a Thursday, the surgery was until early Saturday Morning. I begged the doc to let me go home until the morning of the surgery, I promised I would be back in time, that I could not sleep without my 5 Chihuahuas. He said no & the only sleep I got during the 4 days I was in the hospital was when they drugged me. I have always slept with my Chis & will continue to do so until the day I die.

  50. Obviously those men are not animal lovers. I feel sorry for them because they will never truly know unconditional love.

    A few years ago I had a broken leg which was not diagnosed by MDs for 6 weeks. As soon as they discovered it I was rushed to the hospital for surgery, complete bed rest. This was on a Thursday, the surgery wasn’t until early Saturday Morning. I begged the doc to let me go home until the morning of the surgery, I promised I would be back in time, that I could not sleep without my 5 Chihuahuas. He said no & the only sleep I got during the 4 days I was in the hospital was when they drugged me. I have always slept with my Chis & will continue to do so until the day I die.

  51. I will NEVER stop sleeping with my dog. I agree with Ron above, it is freezing in my house when I wake up and my dog keeps me warm all winter long. More importantly he gives me such a sense of comfort and emotional support that can’t be measured. I take care of a parent with Altzheimers and with out my dog I would lose my mind. He has truely saved my life.

  52. People have had there pets sleep with them for years. There are some people who have to find something to comment sbout to get things stirred up just to justify their salaries. Yes it can be unhealthy but if you keep your pet clean I just don’t see the harm.I am a faithful animal lover and have always had my pet sleep on the bed with me and my husband.

  53. My dog sleeps on a blanket behind my legs on the bed, I am the leader of the pack and she is my shadow. She knows her place, as long as she doesn’t come between me and my husband he don’t mind. I also don’t let her jump off the bed as it is high and she comes right up to my face if she needs to toilet through the night. My son has asthma so I keep her out of his room and basically keep her clean.

  54. I had to stop letting my cats in my room.Period.
    I got tired of going to bed and laying in a wet area. They all love me and want to mark their spot next to me. And they would wake me up breathing in my nose. Or they would jump on on my stomach,YES, lay on my head, or knock something over. I would have to get up and clean it up. Or I would turn over and lay on or smother at least one. I have 10 cats now, so I really don’t want them in my room. They have their own room, with a lattice sliding door, for ventilation. I love my part of the house that is mine alone.But I have the best, most affectionate bunch ever.

  55. I couldn’t sleep if my cats weren’t beside me in bed.

    These “experts” who gnash their teeth and prophesy disaster to pregnant women from scooping litter, to transmission of disease to humans are doing homeless pets a grave dis service if they scare even ONE person from owning an animal.
    I run a cat rescue group and am horrified by the number of people who want to give up their cat because of some ludicrous imaginary danger they’ve just read about in some publicity seeking article.

  56. Yes pets can cause problems. if you are alergic or have breathing problems by all means keep them away from your face and bed. but otherwise love your pets and if you and they enjoy sleeping with you great. Joy heals, and pets love unconditionally people who have their pets close are gennerally happier people and if you can’t enjoy your pet(s) why have them.

  57. What a waste of money. I went through a severe depression and my Cody was my constant companion. She made me better not sick! I will never forget what she’s done for me and did not ban her from my bed. She has since passed away and now I have 3 tiny toy poodles who share my bed. They keep me warm and sleeping like a baby.

  58. Being the mother of six kids………… me, sleeping with pets is a lot safer then sleeping with your husband !!!!!

  59. How much did it cost for that so-called study and better question – did they get a grant from the government to do it? There are so many other projects that need attention. Personally, I think that these guys are just jealous that we all find the companionship of our pets preferabe to most of the humans that we know. A recent study showed that we prefer to have pets to having children. How about that for a “study”

  60. One of my cats (Tiger) sleeps on my head nightly. I suffer from Tinnitus (incurable ringing in the ear) and the warmth of him and the “white noise” of his purr are a source of comfort and healing for me. I give my love and attention to so many cats during the day (my hubby and I rescue and rehabilitate strays) and my time with Tiger is when I let myself be selfish and receive without worrying about giving back as he is happy just to be there.

  61. Thank you for being a common sense vet! My American Bulldog and my Boston Terrier sleep on our bed.They have their own blankets and snuggle up to us and everyone stays warm. I keep a large blanket on top of our comforter to keep it clean. Our bed, a waterbed, is the day time nap spot for our furkids when we are at work.

  62. I don’t know if anyone mentioned it previously, (I didn’t have time to read ALL the wonderful comments!) If your animals are healthy, they aren’t carrying disease. If you treat them in a ‘normal’ veterinarian approved way, they are most likely not healthy! If you follow a ‘back to basics’ alternative care regimen like the one recommended by Dr Jones, you will have healthy happy animals that are a pleasure to cuddle with in bed. I have a 2 yo Jack Russel Terrier and she has spent time with me on my bed every day of her life, and has slept with my daughter for the past year or more, she loves it (dog and daughter)

  63. More time and dollars wasted on redundant research. Nothing about their conclusions is new. They should have been focussed on why, in spite of the purported risks, we all continue to cuddle up with our furkids. The benefits far outweigh the supposed risks. I love my wee darlings and would much rather share my bed with them than nost people I know.

  64. I’ve been an animal-lover all my life, and always welcomed times when our family cat chose to sleep on my bed. When I married Jim, we had a string of big dogs, none of which were allowed on the bed because they took up too much room, kicked and squirmed, and generally made pests of themselves at night. However, that all changed when I began working at a kennel – I soon brought home my first miniature dachshund pup, and because she was so tiny, I put her between us so she wouldn’t fall or jump off the bed in the dark. Pretty soon, #2 came along, then #3 – and anyone who has dachshunds can tell you, they are royal bed-hots! They sleep crosswise between their people, or plastered up against them, picking their own layer of bedding to occupy, and ours are no exception. Jim decided to leave the doxies to me and HE moved to the room our son had grown up and moved out of. Right now we have five, and they all sleep with me, even given the choice of sleeping with him. These dogs would accompany me to the ends of the earth, and while they would gladly lick a stranger to death, let anyone make a hostile move toward me, and my dear doxies would do as much damage as they could, before gladly giving their lives in the attempt to save mine. Not sleep with my dogs? HA! I think we should find somebody to fund a study by pet owners on the dangers of sleeping with scientists and university professors!

  65. Loved your answer Dr. Jones………my dogs have always slept with me if they want to. The one I have now does – and doesn’t – as her mood is. She is bothered if I move or sneeze and will leave and go to her own bed. But, I love to have her sleep with me and sleep better when she does.
    Whoever wrote that article really doesn’t care for animals I think. Of course the animal should be clean – but it should be kept that way anyhow.

  66. I have 3 small dogs that sleep with me every night on my king bed. I cover the duvet with an old sheet because of hair. On top of the sheet is to little doggie beds so they sleep in them. I would not have it any other way.

  67. Animals were on this earth before us and nobody gets sick from animals unless there not taken cared of, just as us. We can catch much worse from humans. Studies have shown people live longer with animals, they are much therapy for us and comfort, sometimes much more than humans can be. I would have it no other way, than my 2 dogs in my bed, I sleep much better with them than without them.

  68. Hi Dr Jones,

    Glad to see that you are of the same belief I am
    when it comes to sleeping w/pets. Regardless of WHATEVER your thought would have been though, there was NO WAY I was going to stop my dog from sleeping w/me each night. She has been sleeping in my right arm w/her head on my shoulder for
    10 years now. She has my routine down pat & jumps up on the bed & gets into her spot AS SOON as I turn my computer @ night. This routine has been has been a positive for both of us. It’s soooo
    adorable hearing her “doggy sighs” as she settles into my arm each night. As soon as I give my sigh
    after hers, she nuzzles her nose into my neck & off we go to sleep. Life’s sweet ! ! ! ! ! !

  69. Another example of things that come out of LA LA LAND, For some reason, I never have trusted anything coming from California….

  70. YAY for you and your wonderful opinions, Doc! As a child I slept every night with my Snoopy stuffed animal, my favorite toy, because my parents wouldn’t let me have our pet dog Minnie in our bedrooms. At the now ripe old age of 53, I would not think of sleeping without my two Yorkies Beezer and Charlie; we three comfort each other. When I have to travel without them, I miss their snuggles at night and their cold wet noses waking me up in the morning. NOTHING can replace the warmth of waking to two cuddly puppies rolled over on their backs for gentle belly rubs. I am blessed beyond measure and wouldn’t care if this activity gave me a disease; their love has kept me sane and healthy for years!!!

  71. I totally agree with Dr Jones. I think that sleeping with our pets keeps us healthy. I was recentlly diagnosed with breast cancer thank to God Im fine now but having my 2 dogs in bed with me game a reasurance that everything will be fine. They also took care of me. I do believe that my Chihuahua dog was the one that knew I had cance before the doctor did. She would smell at the area where they found my cancer before they diagnose me with it. After having surgery my dog never smell that area again. I do believe she is a cancer sniffing dog. Anyway yes I believe that sleeping with your pets is emotionally beneficial.

  72. Oh yes, my four little Chinese Cresteds sleep with me. My little senior lady sometimes will have a bad night and she will always come up to me and snuggle in for comfort when that happens. It makes her feel better to be close to her “human” and get petted and hugged until she can once again get back to sleep. Of course we did get a larger bed to allow all of us to sleep comfortably!

  73. Totally love sleeping with my pets I have a mixed breed we call them “potcakes” and he’s the best snuggler – also have a German shepherd that sleeps with us – apart from occasionally hogging the bed I wouldn’t change it for anything!!! Wish you were my vet!!

  74. My pets have always slept in my bed and will continue too, The bed is just not complete without my little kids there curled up next to me,,
    We need each other, Support, love I believe goes both ways, since I was 7, My mum gave me a Chihuahua to sleep with me, I got married with that chihuahua in our bed and it ain’t stopped since & never will!

  75. The only reason our two toy rescues don’t sleep with us is that either my husband or I get up several times during the night to go to the bathroom. Our dogs would think that they should get up, too. Also, now that my husband is on oxygen all the time and there’s the tubing, I think it’s probably better they aren’t in bed with us. We have no fear of them giving us any disease, though. When the older of our two dogs pass, we’ll probably let our female sleep with us. Our male has housebreaking issues, yet. They sleep together in a crate. Together they tip the scales at 18 lbs. We can’t imagine life w/o them.

  76. I love all the positive comments!! I am 70 yrs. old and a passionate animal lover!! We have 12 cats, and one BIG dog who tolerates the rubbin’ lovin’ from the kitties. Yes… our kitties sleep with us, not all 12, and it is a very comforting feeling to have them nestled against my back or my legs. Two in particular like to crawl under the covers w/me and give me extra special love. And I also believe that cats are healers, I have seen the proof many times over the years. Our kitties and puppies are a Blessing, I wish everyone could realize the benefits of their unconditional love.

  77. I think it is healthy to sleep with your pet. It gives a person a sense of comfort, warmth, and relaxation. I have chronic pain due to an injury and my dog sleeping next to me makes me feel emotionally better. When I wake up in the morning in pain and he gets up with warm welcome, it makes me want to get out of bed. I’ve been sleeping with my pets since I was little and nothing has happened.

  78. Oh my gosh. I laughed when I read this. I am 68 years old and have been sleeping with dogs and cats since I was 4 years old. At present, my hubby and I share our bed with our westie, Holly and 3 cats. Granted it gets a little crowded now and then, but they would not be denied the love from us or the comfort they give us for the world. My two children and their families,who have 5 dogs between them, also sleep with their pets. I have fibromyalgia and like other comments here, many times when my meds don’t work, the love of these furry bundles works wonders to slow the stress that causes my pain. Being able to put my arm around Holly as she snuggles her little body up against me, is the end of a perfect day for me. A much loved, well cared for animal does not prove a threat to our health, I don’t care what the “experts” say. That’s my opinion and as a senior citizen, I’m sticking to it. Thanx for all you do.

  79. As a nurse I didn’t think that this made any since. If its a mite or flea issue there in your house, period, you’ll get them from the couch the carpet etc. Bobonic plaque, really come on how many people have heard of that out break? And cat scratch fever, your cat is more likley to scratch you when your awake playing in the living room than when your both SLEEPING!! The “experts” that come up with this “stuff” must think we are all stupid because if you repeat these statments over to your self they very obviously DONT make any sence. I would rather let my dog lick me than use most of the products out there that are untested. 20 years later they find half the stuff in these products have serious side effects. Yet dogs have been licking thier wounds for centuries and thats how they heal them. THINK ABOUT IT!!!!

  80. Dear Dr. Jones, I totally agree with your “non licensed for now” veterinary advice. I´ve slept with my pets for as long as I can remember and I don´t recall a day when I didn´t wake up in a good mood. One thing I´ve learned from my beloved companions is to start each day as happily and excitedly as possible. As for our physical health, there is nothing better to keeping us free from disease than being emotionally stable. I sleep with five adorable yorkies in my king bed and even their ocasional snoring makes me feel comforted. Eventhough they spend most of the day bickering and barking and running around like cracy, come bedtime, they all take their favorite spot on the (our) bed and imediatedly fall asleep. Why waste time with that kind of research? No pet owner will listen to it, we know better!

  81. Dear Dr. Andrew – KEEP UP THE GOOD WORD and WORK !

    After reading so many folks who sound like me – I feel right at home- – My older sister was an American Eskimo, as were my younger brothers and sisters. I have a picture of me still in a diaper with Susie lying by me and watching over me, and I’ve slept with my dog family all of my nearly 66 years. My children lived with, played with, ate with, slept with our dog family and in all of these years no diseases were ever caught from any of them! We raised American Eskimos for a couple of decades, when my mother was alive, so have had a dog family ranging from 4 to 20+. This latest family of Eskies, father, Bear,(I got at 10 weeks) and daughter, Bebe,(born on my bed, in a box), are wherever I am -(mother died of a possible stroke a year ago). Cooking in the kitchen – they are in there nibbling on their dry food, or the cat’s; in the den, watching TV – they are on the couches with us, and they go to bed without me when it gets late “dark” – but if I stay up too long, they come back into the den or wherever I am to say “it is time for bed!”. They love pillows and sometimes share, but if I get up, one of them is on my pillow before I can turn around, and then will move when I come back to bed – “keeping it warm”. When we had momma Munchkin, I could truly say I was prepared to withstand any cold night (even if we live in Texas) with my three dogs, the Bear family. I will NEVER be without my dogs, God willing!

  82. I couldnt imagine not tucking in my mini bulldog mix ‘Mocha’ at night right next to me. She shares everything from the bed to the couch , my plate and the front seat of the car.
    Life would be so lonely without her right next to me snoring at night. And the first thing I do in the morning is rub her head and give a big smooch on the cheek!! She wont get out of bed until I kiss her 🙂

  83. These Drs are nuts. If your animal is harboring plague carting fleas, then they are already in your house. What does it matter if the animal sleeps with you or not?! As for the other diseases, people without pets get them too. So….are these Drs nuts??????? Are they so desperate to publish that they have to come up with this c**p?


  84. Dear Dr. Jones,
    Love you and all that you do to promote alternate means to keep our pets healthy. My two poodles, Bella and Boomer have always slept in bed with me. Boomer sleeps next to me on my pillow and Bella like to sleep at my feet. I wouldn’t have any other way.

  85. Thank you for your very fascinating articles and insights. You are a great vet, and animals are lucky to visit you I can see!
    Concerning animal sleeping–having had both dogs and cats sleep with me over the years–there is no doubt they give much love, healing, comfort. Emotionally humans these days especially require such comfort to alleviate stress, and animals are masters at this. And of course, ‘pack animals’ need to sleep with their masters to feel accepted and loved. The other side however, is health, and it can’t be just ‘ignored’ because you are attached. I don’t think anyone really will accept this until something specific comes up for them.
    Many years ago, having lived in Virginia where ticks are rampant, I can tell you that I unwillingly surrendered myself to a tick bite, from my dear friend….though I had checked him, and obviously missed the little critter. Well, eventually found I had acquired ‘lymes’ disease, and had to go through 3 rounds of antibiotics. Anyone, but particularly kids I feel, should be free from such a happening. Of course this could happen any time, and it is very wise to thoroughly check your animals after every time you go out for a walk, trail or neighborhood. Fleas too are an issue….so I encourage everyone to keep very vigilant. Wash your pets often enough during the warmer seasons. Check often–animals and yourself. Ticks are not a ‘pleasant experience’. Animals can easily carry home ‘critters’ who are just looking for an easy ‘host’. Love your animals, and keep them clean. And if they have joint issues, there just might be a reason why, so be kind. Support their health.

  86. Love your article about sleeping with pets. We have two standard poodles and nights out would not be the same without them on our bed. The only down side is when they both spread out and my husband and I have limited leg room. If we simply say “off” they would go to their own beds. But we DON’T! I agree with the positive responses above. It’s so much fun to be a family/pack. We are all better for it. Us as well as the dogs. So glad you are doing this, Dr. Jones. 🙂

  87. My husband works in a hi stress job…and hated cats. He “let” me have just one….then he adopted the next three, two feral:)….and the drop in his stress level was amazing. They are more than welcome to sleep on the bed with us. They bring immense peace, joy and comfort to both of us….we are eveb upgrading to a King bed….those researchers need to change jobs.

  88. Having had a furry four legged friend in the dog species, suddenly asking or telling my Westie to get off my bed at night – would be like telling her I wanted a DIVORCE, no way man, she’s my baby and both she and I need one another, especially emotionally, why, even those two trots out a day are benefiting my arthritis, my pet stays on my bed WHERE BOTH OF US ARE HAPPY.

  89. I am 73, I have slept with my pets all that time, except the 9 years in the military, (they won’t let you). They only negative thing is, about eight years ago, I came down with Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, something the see in Georgia about once, maybe twice a year. It had the doctors stumped. No one knows where I got it, there was no evidence of a tick bite, nothing. By the way, I volunteer at the local humane society, so who knows.

  90. I’ve usually slept with cats and currently with a dog. About 15 years ago I fell off the roof and ruptured my spleen. After it was removed the surgeon told me it was four times normal size. For three weeks they analyzed my blood, trying to find out why. Never did.

    I have rarely been sick, and injuries have always healed quickly.

    After they finished, they told me all the diseases I’d had. Cat scratch fever was one. Can’t tell you when or the symptoms.

    Like all the rest of the respondents, the benefits far outweigh the risks.

  91. I am almost 70 yres old and can’t ever remember NOT sleeping with a pet. I have 3 dogs now and the 2 little ones sleep on or IN our bed, the larger one sleeps on the floor by the bed although she would be welcome to sleep in the bed.I don’t recall ever being sick because of our pets. In fact when I don’t feel well they are alot of comfort to me.
    Keep up the good work of keeping us informed of what the quacks are claiming…..Betty

  92. There is no greater pleasure than snuggling with my furbabies! I love to drift off to sleep lulled by purring. And since I have 14 cats and have let my cats share my bed for most of my life…..if it were harmful….I’d be a gonner. And I am in much better health than most folks are at my age (59), in fact, I’m healthier than most of those way younger than me are! There is no way these fools have it right!

  93. What a load of crap.
    If people care for their pets the chances of picking up the sorts of things the authors state is minimal to non existant. That doesn’t mean I would go to an impoverished nation & pick out the sickest looking animal & sleep with it but this is just another prime example of the bullsh__ that many unis etc fund with public money, money that could be well spent elsewhere.
    Personally, having 2 Saint Bernards sleeping with them is not an option due to the physical room available but I would feel much safer & healthier sleeping with them than I would with many people I’ve met over the years.
    I hope people don’t take this too seriously.

  94. Because of snoring (mine) I slept with my wonderful Dobie for 6-1/2 years. Rather than her sharing my bed, I shared the floor and covers with her. I think it made both of us more compassionate souls. My wife claimed that Lightning and I were soul mates.

  95. I don’t care what they say. I’ve been sleeping with my little dog since he was a puppy. He is a great source of comfort. I love having him snuggled up to me at night. I’m also a single woman and even though he’s small, I feel protected and watched over by him. They are full of bull.

  96. Having had Guillian Barre and being paralyzed for 3 years… cat was my only link to sanity. My cat “Winchester,” was an angel….he never left my chest/neck or side. I would have died of depression if it were not for God and my cat’s constant companionship. And guess what…I never got anything bad from my cat. Only joy,love and friendship, and courage.

  97. I have 2 Yorkies that sleep with us every night. I don’t think I could sleep without them. One is always curled up next to me always. These guys who wrote this article nmust breally be bored or dont know the love of a pet. They need to get a real job.

  98. I think these guys could not be further from the truth, must have had no pets allowed in the house as children, back then no safe flea n tick drops to put on your pets, only a good bath,their inner child must be broken. Heck I use to sneak my cat in, and he knew he was sneaking. He would hide under my covers by my feet. Peter was a smart cat. Now my pride sleeps with me ever night, any where from 2- 6 cats, and when its 6 of them I very sick with a cold. They are my pet thermometers. Best cat scan mother nature has blessed us with.

  99. Sleeping with our four-legged friends and the chances of catching something – well a very large percentage of the population in North America is ill from what they bought in the grocery store, not something they caught from their pet sleeping with them. Also, chances of catching something from our four-legged friends is far, far less likely to happen than catching something from sleeping with a two-legged friend.

  100. I’m a widow and now fighting for my life against breast cancer. My dogs sleep with me period. They are the best comforters and give freely of their love and compasion.

  101. OK seriously. So what these people are saying is you cannot contract these diseases in the daytime but only at night by sleeping with your pets. That is the most rediculous thing I have ever heard. Our 2 boxers sleep on the floor beside our bed only because there is not enough room on the bed for them. But while we are awake they are snuggled up with us on the bed. Our cat sleeps with us everynight no matter what.

  102. My dog has been sleeping in my bed for 15 years. No problems. I did get cat scratch fever once from our kitten, but only because it clawed its way up my leg. If you keep your dog or cat flea and tick free, plus bathe them from time to time I don’t see any problem. Thanks for the article Dr. Jones

  103. 5 of my cats and 2 of my dogs sleep with me at night and my rabbit use to untill he started eating electrical cords and I had to confine him when I can’t wach him. I can’t go anywere overnight because I can’t get to sleep without them. It gives me a lot of reasurence falling to sleep with the cats on me and the dogs next to me lisening to the water trickle in my aquariums and my rodents scampering around thier cages.

  104. I have a 5 year old beagle that has slept with me since the second we potty-trained her. I have never in 5 years gotten sick in any way that could be a sign of sickness from my dog. So those doctors are just haters, and need to stop drinking all the haterade!!!

  105. I have 3 miniature schnauzers who are the love of my life. I have human friends, but my Seigmund, Sadie and Maddie are the best friends I have ever had. They bring me constant joy and love. How many of you (which I believe would all agree) could not bear to live without our little friends (and big friends) Thank God for the blessing of our beautiful animals and Dr. Andrew Jones. Bravo to all of you.

  106. I had my first doggy princess SHEEKA for 10 yrs now…..shes my baby, my friend…my stress reliever….and the stabilizer of my mood after a busy day in the office. I felt secured when she slept with me.I kept her clean all the time (brushing her teeth and she felt good after had her dog perfume spray and slept soundly with the aircondition on…shes one of the best gifts i had in my life.

  107. I totally agree with you Dr. Jones! I have 4 cats and they take turns sleeping with me. One is especially adamant at cuddling in my arms and under the blanket! Some nights I feel the ‘NEED’ to have him with me just so I can fall asleep!

  108. Thank you for educating people who may not have been blessed with the “Gifts and teachings” our four-legged family members bring us.
    A close friend has been trying to tell me (in a good way) that he heard similar nonsense as this “so called” study shares.
    I am emailing this truth to him right now.
    Miigwetch/Nya:weh/Thank you for all of your dedicated work. I wish only the best for you.

  109. I have 5 dogs and sometimes have 4 dogs in my bed. I used to tell some of them to get off the bed or move, but now I basically just squeeze in among them.

    My neighbor has a chocolate lab, who he leaves outside in the cold and lets him run at large, even after he was impounded last spring. Their excuse now is that if he is tied, he’d get cold. I read somewhere that dogs live longer if they are indoors more.
    I think a dog would be a lot happier if he was indoors at least out of the cold, never mind in their bed.

  110. Oh, one thing I should mention that I forgot. In February,1995 when I hurt my back (herniated disc), my previous neighbor’s orange tomcat was in bed with me under the covers, purring away. At the time, I was in pain and couldn’t move and it was a lot of comfort to me. In fact you could say the cat had a better “bedside manner” than some people.

    A few months later, that same cat was in bed with me in summer, underneath the covers, when my gray tabby tomcat, who I called “Baby” came home and was pouncing on the covers. I put out my hand to push him away and my tomcat, who I raised by bottle since he was 10 days old, bit my hand. My hand swelled up. I went to emergency the next day and had to get a tetanus shot and take 2 kinds of penicillin for a week. I had raised him on goat milk since he was about a week old since his mother stopped nursing them. He got cold at one point and nearly died. I warmed him up next to my body, plus put warm milk down his throat. He was a tiny thing and recognized me when he was 10 days old. (The same tomcat bit my hand when he became an ornery tomcat.)

  111. I should add something else about that gray tabby cat I had. I had raised him by bottle since he was about a week old because the mother cat stopped nursing them. It was in the fall that year. Anyway, I bottle fed him till he was 5 weeks old on goat’s milk till the goat dried up. He did better on goat milk than with a mother cat. The dog, Sister, that I had used to lick his bum. That was her job. I’d say, “Clean the babies” and that meant she was supposed to lick them. Then I’d say,”The face too.” and she’d lick their faces where they were drinking to clean the milk off their faces. This was because they had no mother cat taking care of them. Anyway, at 10 days old, he got cold and was stiff like he was dead but I warmed him up and he revived. He looked at me and knew me when he was 10 days old! After when he was a bigger cat, he used to go limp and let the dog drag him by the tail and he’d whimper pathetically. I think he was remembering when he almost died when he was a kitten. This shows that a kitten that young isn’t that dumb and that a cat has some memory of when they were that young a kitten. Maybe when the kitten is raised normally with the mother cat, it’s not as noticeable.

  112. I recently had knee surgery, and was quite sick to my stomach from the MS04, when I arrived home. My 2 Shar Peis and my cat stayed by my side until I was able to get up and ambulate on the crutches. They stayed on their side of the bed of course but their backs had to touch me, and whenever I heaved, they were right there, to lick my hand( their way of taking care of me). I only took one of the oxycodone tablets, and am still recovering, and I feel they not only comforted me, but helped in my pain control, so that I could stay clear headed to take care of them also.

  113. Well, it goes without saying that this was a hot topic! As most of your readers report, I too am the recipient of lots of doggie love and attention during the night. I am a retired school teacher and definitely old enough to “know better”, but my Izzy (a schnoodle) has never given me anything but love, affection, and warmth. I live alone and she’s quite the watchdog, so I sleep better knowing she’s on the job. Sometimes she sleeps in the recliner in my room and I miss her and don’t sleep as well until she decides to come get in bed with me. I keep the window open, so when she gets cold she snuggles up tight against my back. Very comforting.

  114. Give me a break!

    This story is so vague with no research. There are a few sentences popped in to sensationalize yet no facts to chew on!

    I too have been sleeping with animals for over 50 years and the love and comfort I receive increases my mental and emotional health by leaps and bounds!

    Silly story.

  115. How would my “strictly indoors” cats get cat scratch fever anyway?!! PLEEAASSEE… In our family, when we vacation together, it’s an honor to have the animals sleep with you and earns you bragging rights at breakfast. My two cats sleep with me and sometimes I sleep with them. And my vet says the cats lick me because they love me.
    The Cat Whisperer…

  116. I’m glad that there’s at least one veterinarian left in North America who has common sense.
    It is extremely comforting to us to have our dear animals sleep with us. It makes us feel good.
    It’s nice to see that (from the comments here) that there are still many people who don’t fall for every new “BEWARE OF THE BIG DANGER” report that comes out.
    Just keep loving your animals and sharing your lives with them – never let them get so sick/neglected that they’re even a threat to the health of other animals & people.
    They’re family after all, not wild animals who fend for themselves, they need us to care for them and love them.

  117. My greatest joy & comfort in life is when my babies slept with me. I had 3 American Eskimos who all slept in bed with me & my husband until the day they died. The mother Snowflake lived to be 16 years old, Shadow & Snowball both 13 years. My current dog Holly a lab goldie mix will sleep with us for a while but then goes to her own beds (yes she has many) much to my dismay. There is nothing mor comforting than snuggling up to your best furry friend.

  118. I think it is important not to ignore potential risks involved in the things we choose to do….but when it comes to loving people and pets, the risks are worth it!
    I appreciate what you are doing Dr. Jones….don’t let the system discourage you…keep thinking outside the box. The world needs more folks like that!

  119. I wish someone could send these over paid and over opinionated fools all these comments. This is just more proof that the ones that think they have brains bigger than the animals are really dumber than the animals. I am so sick of these supposedly educated people trying to make a name for themselves at any cost. And to all the wonderful people with comments keep up the smart work– and keep up the great love for animals and life.

  120. The academics (and media) want us to live in fear! Sphynx/naked cat snuggles like a baby, big persian keeps my feet warm at the end of the bed, dogs prefer their kennels because they get a cookie before bedtime. It all works. Keep the cat boxes cleaned up, keep the pets healthy, wash the bed linens as any normal person would, keep your own health and immunity intact – what else?

  121. I sleep with my dogs every night and I have for many, many years. The most peaceful time of my day is the time just before we drop off to sleep when we are touching each other. I call it laying in a pile and it feels fantastic. It is a wonderful feeling and it is as close to true contentment as you can get. I will keep sleeping with my pups. There is nothing better.

  122. I have several pet’s cat’s and dog’s who sleep in my king size bed with the hubby and I. A kitty who has her own pillow. A Pittbull who has slept with us since he was a baby as he is alway cold. Now he keep’s me warm and love’s to snuggle. Plus a golden lab who sleep’s at the foot of the bed and a 2 year old mix breed who just has to sleep inbetween the both of us to be close. I see nothing wrong with it as long as they are all clean and flea treatment is used. My pet’s are my babies, they know they are spoiled and loved lol.

  123. Goodness,what nonsence!
    During my life so far I have had 9 dogs and 2 cats and all of them have slept with us, (not at the same time but….. I wouldn´t have had it any different!
    Our new adopted dog Astro is coming to us at the end of march and of course he can sleep with us.
    Thank you Dr Jones, for standing up for the truth!

  124. To bad they didn’t look at all the diseases you can get from sleeping with humans…they would probably still be researching and not have time to pursue such ridiculous topics as this!!!

  125. I have two dogs, chihuahua and a chipoo that sleep with me. The male chihuahua licks my feet as I fall asleep – can’t get a foot rub, so that’s the next best thing. Josie, the chipoo, will not allow my husband in the bed, which is a good thing because his pain and snoring keep us all up at night. So now, he sleeps in another room and we have a much better relationship. So, tell those doctors to stuff it and try it – they might be a little less stressed!!!!!

  126. The only hazard for me lettng my dog Koko sleep with me is when he almost kicks me out of bed to get more room.

  127. Hi there, here in SA some behaviourists and trainers still go with the dominance theory viewpoint that having dogs in or on your beds makes them think that they are the leader of the pack. Fortunately the thinking is changing slowly. In fact I don’t sleep well if my dogs aren’t on the bed, and they aren’t lapdogs either! It’s good for them and good for me.

  128. I’ll bet these reports on not sleeping with your pet are written and compiled by “non-pet owners” They haven’t a clue of what they are missing out on – by having the love of a loyal pet member of the family. By the way you look happy & relaxed in the photo posted with this article. I’m glad to they they didn’t beat you down. Thank you for continuing in a great service to man & beast!

  129. Sounds very much like the same bunch of idiotic researchers that we have in the European Commission (I live in the UK) who are trying to ban all herbal,homoeopathic and Ayurvedic remedies and prevent freedom of choice by a massive section of the general public who have long since stopped trusting the drug giants to act in the best interests of the patient. I inherited a cat from my neighbour who used to allow it in under his duvet and complained when it scratched him during the night; I admit I will not allow it the same privileges in my house, but he quickly accepted that and so he and my dog sleep on the floor at the bottom of my bed. However, my first dog, a whippet cross, used to curl up on top of my duvet in the curve of my legs and it took a long time for me to get used to her not being there after she died. Animals on the bed can be very comforting and I strongly defend the right of each person to choose what they allow their pets to do. It’s time those in authority realised that we are capable of taking responsibility for ourselves and our pets and stopped playing nanny to us.

  130. I will sleep with my dog Squeaks until the day I die. For me, any negative risks are minimal compared to the love she gives me which gets me through life’s trials and tribulations.

  131. I have slept with my dogs for years and have never gotten ill from them. BUT About 6 months ago I did however pass a bug to my chihuahua that is my constant companion. I felt so bad that I gave her my cough! Luckily she recovered right along with me. And I hate when I have to go out of town overnight and can’t have her with me . . I miss her and my other dogs so very much!!

  132. I don’t take notice of people who tell me not to sleep with my animals and at times I have my two cats and dog on the bed with me. They are happy and they comfort me and they all get along very well together. I have always maintained strict hygene prqactices after patting and cuddling my animals, such as washing my hands very well and I have brought my son up the same way and we have not caught anything off any of our pets.
    From Cheryl in Sydney Australia

  133. I do not care what those so called experts say. I love having my cats sleep with me. You can still get some of those problems even with them sleeping somewhere else. So do they really know what they are talking about?


  135. Rubbish! Did anyone of these so-called “experts” experienced the joy of their beloved pet snuggling close to them? Did they ever experienced their pet, being terminally ill, needed love and more love 24/7….. sleeping with them till the end? This makes me sick.Nothing will convince me…our pets are with us for a short while, enjoy them and show them that you love them. I did and will forever.

  136. My cat Cody never got in bed until I was in bed and settled in. Then he would get in and put his little paws on my shoulder, kneed them a few times then lay down with his head on my shoulder. In the morning I would wake up and he would be laying by my head with both paws on my upper arm just watching me waiting for me to wake up. A couple of times having a bad dream I woke and sat up suddenly and Cody wouldjump up and put both paws on my chest and push to keep me down.It was like he knew it was not a normal getting up. He was my little buddy and showed he loved me in many ways.I would have never made him get out of the bed.I think he thought he was protecting me.

  137. After losing my wife (she was 27) I’ve had 4 GSD’s; 3 have passed, however just got a new puppy, all of them have slept with me, and at 62 I haven’t been sick, had the flu, whatever in 18 years. So much for Scientists…

  138. Hello, over the years I have had seven Poodles and everyone has slept in bed with me.

    I have never invited them, they have automatically jumped up on the bed when they were big enough to do it.

    I love them snuggling up.
    Thanks for your confirmation, that it is totally okay to allow it.

  139. since i can remember, all my small dogs are sleeping with me under the duvet. i have 3 at the moment that sleeps with me every night, sometimes they wake me up several times a night, because they got out from under the duvet, and taps me lightly to wake me up to lift the cover up for them to get under the cover again, but i do’nt mind because i love them more than anything in this world, have not picked any illness from my dogs sleeping with me.

  140. okay, I am a petsitter. Some of my customers dogs sleep on the bed with me, as I pet sit some at my house, usually the small ones. I have been doing this for 40 years, and still alive, never had an illness from a dog, and I feel very good about having them on my bed. I also have a yorkie that is mine. She sleeps on the bed with us.
    I feel so secure when my dog is in my bed with me at night. When I have to petsit, she does not mind that we have a visitor. My hubby sleeps in a different room as he snores something awful, so we are all very happy to snuggle and sleep together. I also have had Yorkies my entire life, never got sick! Cats are okay if they are indoor cats, otherwise I do keep them in another room as I have A LARGE CAGE with every little thing a cat would want.

  141. Gizmo,and Adam sleep on my back, Emma sleep with my husband, Ashley sleeps on my arm, Amber does whatever she wants. Before my dog Boo, he was a chow, 89 bls. he was also sleeping with me. I never go sick from them. wouldn’t have it any other way.

  142. 1 queen water bed, 1 55lb.pit bull, 1 pitty,& 3 small rat terriers oh & 1 hubby & myself. LOL we are gonna need a bigger bed!!!

  143. I’ve read in the news of recent cases of plague or similar deaths of people who swept out garages or sheds that had been occupied by rodents and raccoons.

    My son became very ill when living in a rental house infested with rats. His land”lady” (landbitch if I may) hates cats, and will not permit them on her property.

  144. My 4 yr. old adopted beagle sleeps with me every night, and we BOTH sleep better by beibg so close. Penny was 1 yr. old when I adopted her and she took a lo-o-o-ng time to warm up to me and to accept me as her new owner. The first night I had her she slept in her own bed on the floor, but over the course of the next few nights manasged to wiggle her way into my bed! Now we have a very strong bond and I believe sleeping together has only intensified this bond!!

  145. Having read these comments I must admit to feeling incredulous at the poor hygiene standards of many pet owners. Whilst I understand the devotion of many pet owning friends very few of them have ever understood my feelings of caution. Respect animals and treat them correctly by all means but also realise what dangers they carry. They are animals at the end of the day. My personal experience has been of my own child contracting a round worm in infancy, his friend having emergency surgery to remove a roundworm blocking her intestines – they were just two years old. The neighbour living next door to my sister gave birth to a son who was found to be blind from her catching a roundworm infestation in pregnancy. I have a friend who has been told she can never become pregnant as she has toxoplasmosis from her cats and another friend’s child was born with learning difficulties and a cleftlip and palate – and yes guess what, toxoplamosis again. This is before mentioning the reported cases of pets chewing people’s faces off and the like. Unbelievable!!! As for the money spent on them !! Meanwhile children are starving in Africa and no-one seems to care that much … Crazy, crazy world …

  146. Well I have been sleeping with them for 20 years & it hasn’t made me sick. It can be 1 on the bed or 9- as A rescuer I have up to 9 dogs at once & when one jumps on they all do.

    I don’t get to roll around much but I have never gotten anything from them.

  147. After I retired my doughter gave me a King Charles which started to sleep in a crate, but she sometimes she cried, so we put her on the bed, JUST FOR TONIGHT, At that time we had a full mattress. I got a rescue King Charle (he was an abuse dog). Well to make the story short, we got a King size bed for all of us.

  148. @ Anne. After reading YOUR comment, I am incredulous. I am appalled at your ignorance. It is obvious to me that YOU must be “THE pet owner with poor hygiene standards”. Evidently you never treat your pets for worms. A very simple and inexpensive treatment that would prevent what lame examples you have chosen to use. As for chewing peoples faces off, this is a very isolated instance that I am certain could be attributed to animal abuse. I have had pets my entire life, and it has not been a short one, and NEVER, EVER caught any disease from an animal, or even been bitten, much less mauled. Animals must be cared for and treated with respect. You have a much greater chance of danger from a wild animal (raccoon, rat, snake,squirrel, etc) than from a domesticated pet.

  149. Our Ms. B has been snuggling with us for 12 years now and never made us ill. She is a regular member of our family and we receive such love in return. As she lives with us we keep her clean. Baths, toenails cut, ears cleaned regularly, I wash or wipe her feet when she comes in from outside, and even brush her teeth. When she was recovering from a leg injury the vet advised we prepare a comfy bed for her downstairs as she wouldn’t be stable getting up the stairs for awhile. We went to bed that first night and it took less then 10 minutes for my husband to get up and say he thought he could carry her up. That was probably the most dangerous thing we experienced in terms of sleeping with her. She is a large doberman so carrying her upstairs is no easy task. The kisses, happy sighs, and snuggles were worth it though!

    As for the concerns raised by Anne I have doubts she has had a close relationship with a devoted pet. Roundworm would be hard to get from sleeping with your pet. Its transmitted through ingesting eggs in infected feces. Most commonly children get them by playing in sandboxes or dirt where the infected pet went to the bathroom and then put their hands in their mouth before washing them. You would be most likely to get if you worked in the garden where an animal with them went to the bathroom and then didn’t wash your hands well before putting them near your mouth or maybe if you cleaned up infected feces and did the same. If you have a new pet then one of the first things you normally do is have them checked for worms and treated as necessary. Toxoplasmosis also requires transmission orally through infected feces. People usually get it from cleaning litter boxes. You can also contract it eating many kinds of meat if its not cooked through thoroughly. We probably won’t be eating our sleeping pets in the night though either. Unless you have a serious already existing immune disorder most doctors just advise a person who gets Toxoplasmosis to wait six months after you’ve had it to conceive to be safe. I am not sure why someone would be told to never get pregnant after having it. As for the dangers of my pet chewing my face off in the night, this really is hard to take seriously. Most people who sleep with their pets know them well and have well adjusted and devoted companions. The danger of them deciding to chew your face off in the night is incredibly small, unless maybe they are sleeping with a kommodo dragon or something. You know too every once in awhile a husband or wife snaps and shoots their spouse dead in the night but I don’t see that as grounds to justify my husband sleep out in the garage. So I think sleep with your pet if it makes you happy and don’t if it makes you uncomfortable. We’re hoping we’ll be hearing our dog’s contented snores for a few years more and I know we will miss hearing them when the day comes she is no longer with us.

  150. I have two dogs they both sleep with me every night. It brings me so much joy because they feel safe with me and my husband, but not only for them feeling safe, I feel safe with them as well. They bring me so much joy too when I wake up in the morning – every morning my oldest one looks up at me and its like she is telling me she is not ready to get up yet 🙂 but after her morning belly rub she is ready to go. I love sleeping with my pets they are my pride and joy and nothing will ever change that – especially if there is only a .1% that I MIGHT get sick.

  151. Hi Dr Jones,
    I completely agree with you.. I have a Minpin who really feels the cold, even with her jacket on. Before I go to bed she puts herself to sleep under the covers with my son and when I go to bed, she comes under the covers with me. She is my live teddybear and “never-go-cold” hot water bottle. My staffy doesn’t like being under the covers but sleeps with her back alongside mine. I know she sleeps on my bed to protect me because when she hears movement outside she stands over me and growls. I feel safe and comforted with my babies in bed with me and I would do it even if the risk of catching something was way higher. My girls are part of my family and love me as much as I love them and there is no way I would kick them off, my bed is there bed and that’s all there is to it. There is nothing more therapeutic than having a pet who exists just to comfort, love and protect their family, and we return that love.

  152. Pet-friendly hotels are a blessing, for I can sleep better snugging with my Jack Russell. I don’t know how many comments I read about pets keeping you warm at night… this is my case. My feet “find no comfort” in the loneliness of her absence. She usually goes in and out during the night (maybe she gets too hot), and sleeps like a human, with her head on the pillow. Just love it!!

  153. My neighbor has a chocolate lab which he leaves out in the cold at night. I’ve even heard him outside barking when it’s -40! Which is better? Leaving the dog outside in the cold? or having him where it’s nice and cosy? My 3 dogs sleep in bed with me. My previous dog, Sister, had fleas and I was getting fleas from her, but I’m still alive. Anyway, people can get AIDS and other diseases from other humans. Besides, I thought dog diseases such as distemper are only for other dogs, not humans.

    How about the dog catching diseases from people, for example by not feeding them properly? They only mention the people catching diseases from dogs. I feel safer and cosier having my dogs with me than running at large. My neighbor has a dog which he seemed to like better, having it wandering up and down the highway, like a wild animal, and supposedly he’s a registered purebred.

  154. I have two wonderful and spoiled cats and I
    was thinking of buying them beds to sleep in
    because I am worry about them scratching my
    face during the night and its my fault . When
    my little one was a kitten she was like my
    baby and we played a game, babies nose my nose
    sounds stupid I know but, now when she wants
    to wake me up she hits me in the nose with
    her paw.Maddie’s the little one and Maggie is
    older and thank god I had the time to teach
    them to know words , like NO! HOT! Ouch! so
    when she hit my nose I would say in a load
    voice NO! Mommy’s she look confused but caught
    on. I glad I read this artical because I love
    when my kitties sleep with me It make me happy
    and them too! Thanks! Dr. Jones

  155. First of all, I have followed a lot of your postings, and enjoyed them all. We have helped by cross posting for rescues. We used tom have three min poodles for 15 years. It was some time after they crossed over Rainbow Bridge we kind of got lonely and decided to go shopping. We were at a rescue and decided we would adopt. We saw a rescue that was very similar to a Silky Terrier, she adopted us…a couple of weeks later i convinced my wife to get her checked out by our Vet…We were shocked to find that we were going to be grandparents….This little gal gave us 5 fine looking puppies, three (later) shaggy, cream colored looking like miniature (je ne sais quoi) and one colored like a scots collie long bodied, long haired doxie(jersey–we call her long dog….then we have a smaller male, poodle like blonde, curly haired (bear–smallest guy).
    Well, they adopted us we are now owned by three furfriends that have the run of the house. They own the bed–there is no room for me anymore, to get a good nights’ sleep, so i abdicated to the they also want to share this, as long as i sleep on my side abd allow them to take turns beside me before bed time. Once they are satisfied, and have their bedtime treat i can have a good night’s rest they go to bed and surround my wife to get their bedtime tummy rub then have their sleep. Then they are good till 7 in the AM.
    But…before bed, they have to be assured that they have thoroughly washed our faces, hands,arms and ankles….then peace descends in the house and they will let us have our sleep…Love these little guys and wouldn’t have it any other way,
    Thanks for all your ideas Dr, Jones. Take care.

  156. I can’t remember a time that I have not slept with my pets (besides forced separation on deployments or trips). It doesn’t feel right to not have my English bully spooning with me, or snuggled in the warm space between my husband and myself (as much as the hubby grouches he wouldn’t trade sleeping with her either) He has tried saying that with our next dog he will teach it to sleep next to the bed, and I just nod….who is he kidding?!

  157. i sleep with my best friend (dog) all the time & have not had any issues whatsoever & she has been with me for 5 years. We watch over each other too..if either of us sneezes when we are lying down we check on each other & when i was sick with a 104F temp and was out cold she (Peanut) woke up got off the couch where we had fallen asleep & licked my forehead until it cooled off, which woke me up so that i was o.k. & was able to go to Dr.’s where they gave me acetominophin & antibiotics. luv her & she will always sleep with me 🙂

  158. I would not have it any other way, my dogs sleep with me and I love having them snuggle up. Ever since I was a kid I always had my dog on my bed. They are my furry children and are part of my life. There are nights I get a paw in my face or a wet nose stuck in my eye, but that’s all part of loving our pets. I feel very safe and secure with my eight y pound yellow lab smashed into my side. My Greyhound has better bed manners and try to give me some space. God Bless all our pet!!!

  159. My whole life, i’ve had a dog in my bed. Coming from a hunting back round our dogs have been exposed to many things inside and out. Even recently my dachshund was playing around in a prarie dog hole (commonly known as plague carriers). She regularly sleeps in bed with me, and i am not sick. Plus all the germs they do carry just helps giving your immune system a boost. There is always a problem with something or someone, people just need to get a real job or LIVE a little!

  160. I am so glad with your non licenced veterinary advice!!! I so love it when my
    dog jumps on the bed puts its head on my arm and looks at me sweetely! 🙂

  161. There is no way in hell I would kick my 2 lovable male Labs out of bed. They sleep on their side of bed but the three of us cuddle during the winter months. I have had dogs all my life and they have always slept with me and I haven’t gotten sick yet. Only placed them on my bed once as puppies and the first night out of their crate after being housebroken and out of the chewing stage they cried and carried on when I tried to put up a gate! Needless to say we’ve been together since! The love and adoration in their eyes melts my heart every time!

  162. What was definitely a “no-no” when I was growing up has become almost a necessity – as a child my parents would never consider allowing an animal onto – or heaven forbid – into the bed. It has become quite a routine for my smaller rescue dog get ready for bed the moment the tv and lights are switched off. In fact, I don’t think I can relax until I know she is snuggled up with me. Her huge brother joins us for a while until he decides there is much more room for him to spread out on the sofa!!

  163. I totally agree with Dr Jones. The emotional bond sleeping with our pets is enormous, and a bed without a pet, is not complete! I have four cats and encourage any and all to sleep with my husband and me. As a child, I encouraged my 110 pound dog to snooze on my bed too!

  164. i grew up with dogs and cats; i’m not too keen ‘tho on having grown dogs sleep with me, but as puppies, yes; i haven’t had any serious illnesses apart from the colds, flu, measles, mumps, chicken pox (ugh!); all when i was still young; i’m now 55 y.o. and still loving dogs and cats.

  165. I have a small dog, who sleeps with me, I find that when I go on vacation I do not sleep as well, without her snuggled next to me, and I find myself checking for her in a panic in the middle of the night. She has only chose to sleep away from me when she hurt her back from jumping down from the bed instead of using her stairs. She slept in her crate at the foot of the bed.

    You talk about hygiene, there are so many people out there who I wouldn’t want to share a taxi with due to hygiene, lol. I would imagine is harder to keep a larger dog pest free, but if you share the sheets that is what needs to be done. You wouldn’t ( or shouldn’t) let the kids or yourself go to bed grubby would you?

    Bless the babies and the beasts.

  166. Amber my cat sleeps on my bed and is happy with the arrangement as I am <3 :-)Maria in SW Ireland, thank you for all your emails and info – love em:-)

  167. I have 5 quad babies, K-9 & Feline varieties, that sleep w me every night. However my biggest fear is passing an illness from me to them. I wish we were able to take our loved ones to restaurants to dine w us, as is the practice in European countries. the moray’s in European countries appears much more advanced than in the States, particularly ‘the bible belt.’

  168. Pfffffttt! What a load of hogwash! Sometimes researchers just don’t have enough work to keep themselves busy and then they look for ways to irritate animal lovers! My dogs are HEALTHY and clean. All four sleep in and on my bed, they are bathed once every month, innoculated each year, dewormed three to four times a year, fed good, clean food and their teeth are brushed 3 times a week. Why on earth would they make me ill? We are a very healthy family and I have slept with a dog on my bed since I moved into my own room at age 3. And I’m now almost 52 – and never slept without a dog or cat on my bed for a single night! Whither I go, they go – and our sleeping arrangements too.

  169. I do not believe much in such research Im 30 now since I was born my mom says I show affection towards animals I eat only when our pet dog was around so mom had a tough time if he wasn’t around if it was my feeding time, in short since I was born till this very day each and everyday of my life I have live and grown up with cats, dogs, birds, ducks, chickens you name it I have reared plenty and YES upto now I sleep along my two cats and a dog which I presently have in my home and they are my guarding angels and my life. So, NO I do not believe they give me disease or make me sick cause since I as a kid I have never end up being hospitalised cause of my pets but as a human I have been sick for other reason such as food poisoning or common sickness that everybody gets but NEVER from my pet. So if any stupid researchers would tell me I will get sick from my pet I would still not listen to him and continue to live and Yes definitely hug them to sleep at night cause Im more healthy cause of them and not from stupid researchers.

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