Second Chance has a Second Chance.

From: Dr Andrew Jones
Author: Veterinary Secrets Revealed

Hello Pet Lover
Re: Second Chance has a Second Chance.


Good morning dedicated dog and cat lovers.

There was no newsletter yesterday as I was travelling back
from a conference and out of internet range- but I am
glad to be back!

The 7 Days to Save The Shelter Special was a HUGE hit.

We were able to raise enough mon**ey to keep
the shelter going, and I couldn’t be more

I will have my accountant figure out the exact sales,
and I’ll be donating a BIG FAT check to The Animal
Shelter on Friday.

I am going to do it with a short video, so you can see it
“online” and see that it really happens.

Many of you donated directly to the shelter, and a few even
asked about adoptions.

The Shelter has adopted dogs and cats to many Canadian
provinces, and a few areas of the United States.

There is a shelter application process, and they ask you to
provide references- Sherri the shelter director is VERY
thorough and really makes a point of only adopting pets to GREAT

If you are thinking of adopting a pet such as Scooby, you can
contact Sherri at Second Chance and go thru the process.

While I was at the conference I met someone who was VERY
EXCITED about raising funds for the animal shelter. He is
very skilled dog trainer, and interested in what he can do to
make a difference.

He wants to promote my book, Veterinary Secrets Revealed,
but he wants to donate ALL of his sales to the Animal Shelter.


There really is something about the energy that happens when
you give back- you attract others that want to do the same

So when the Dog Whisperer that I met this weekend begins promoting
my book, the Animal Shelter will have even MORE funds.

I’ll keep you folks all posted.

I am continuing to support the Shelter- now 10% of all my
sales of ANYTHING will be donated.

I am now making my membership site even BIGGER.

I am in the process of adding Pet First Aid,
and I will be adding a huge section on recipes next month.

But if you are wanting to get a feel for all that I offer,
I suggest that you check out my membership site at


P.S. Here is how you can adopt a pet:

Second Chance Animal Shelter
2124 Ymir Road
Nelson, BC
V1L 6Y9

Tel: (250) 352 2228

And here is How You can Heal Your Pet
with Natural Home Remedies that your vet
is not telling you about:

It’s Your Pet- Heal Them At Home!

Best Wishes

Dr Andrew Jones

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