Scooby is thanking you!

From: Dr Andrew Jones
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Re: Scooby is thanking you!



My BIG Special of 7 Days to Save the Animal Shelter is
into day number 4- and the packages are flying off the

The Animal Shelter needs to fundraise because it is VERY
expensive to run a ‘no kill’ animal shelter. What this means
is that any pet that is taken in for adoption is kept until
they are adopted.

In the recent ‘old days’ before I moved to Nelson, my clinic
also housed SPCA animals.

They had a 7 day policy.

If you weren’t adopted in 7 days, then you were euthanized.

Not very nice, or fair.

But that’s how it was.

Now things have dramatically changed.

But these changes cost dollars. An example of this is with
a pet that can be seen on the video called Scooby.

Scooby is a Lhasa, but she has a history and problems.

She was given up for adoption by an older owner who became
to ill to care for her. Scooby is older (12 years), and she has
ongoing medical issuses ( skin allergies).

Scooby has been at the shelter for nearly a year.

If you have yet to see Scoob, go see the video now at


P.S. This outrageous Week of Specials is coming to a close,
So if you have ever wanted to become an educated, empowered
pet owner, get over to

P.P.S. If Scooby could speak, she would Thank You..
Go ahead and buy something today before its too late.

It’s Your Pet- Heal Them At Home!

Best Wishes

Dr Andrew Jones

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