Scientific Evidence for Homeopathy

Does homeopathy work?

Well if you are to ask most of those practicing ‘conventional’ veterinary medicine, here is what you may hear..


But ‘gasp’ real accredited medical institutions are acknowledging the benefits of homeopathy, such as this university:


Here’s what they say about treating diarrhea with homeopathy

Homeopathy, diarrhea

Here is an abstract from one such study

Homeopathy and Diarrhea

My point being is that homeopathy has clear benefits for potentially millions of animals (and people) around the world, yet those in the conventional world just cant bring themselves to acknowledge it.

Will it always work? Of course not, but neither do many of the conventional drugs.

What I find interesting is how ‘upset’ the so called torch bearers of ‘evidence based whatever’ become anytime someone brings up homeopathy, and scientific study.

Conventional medication doesn’t always work.

In fact many times it causes serious harm… Such as the now prevalence of antibiotic resistant bugs in no thanks to the plethora of scientific practitioners who felt it was OK to dispense an antibiotic for everything, or use it as an additive in animal feed so they grow faster..

My non-scientific study.

I have treated hundreds of dogs for gastroenteritis ( ie garbage gut) with yet..drumroll……


a homeopathic, Arsenicum.

And the majority of them responded quickly, with their symptoms rapidly resolving.

Works for me. Will likely work for you.

And now major medical institutions are recognizing it.

Time for the evidence based guys ( and gals) to sip on some soothing Chamomile tea 🙂

Best Wishes,

Dr Andrew J

1 thought on “Scientific Evidence for Homeopathy”

  1. Dear doc I need an opinion.
    We have a female cat for about 3yrs now.
    Very recently we have discovered that she is having problem in urinating. She would squat for a long period. She won’t let us touch her.
    We are giving pulsetella 30 liquid.
    We for 1 yr also have another male cat. They aren’t friendly.
    The she cat don’t mate but
    howls for coconsecutive 5 days once a month. The vet said then she has false pregnancy.
    She has fresh fish, meat, pumpkin, potatoes…

    I would like to know the dosage of liquid pulsetella. Kindly let also know of anyfurther suggestion.

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