Resignation from the College of Veterinarians of BC

I resigned from College of Veterinarians of BC on November 30, 2010.

So even though I owned a veterinary clinic, The Nelson Animal Hospital, I couldn’t work in it.

No surgery.

No more examinations of sick dogs and cats.

No more diagnosis of unusual health conditions and no more specific treatment of any kind.

The British Columbia Veterinary Medical Association first began investigating me on Dec 1, 2005.

An inquiry committee was struck – on April 20, 2010 this committee found that I had committed various offences under the Bylaws and Code of Ethics.

I was found guilty of professional misconduct.

The College of Veterinarians of BC met on September 20, 2010. I was fined $30,000, plus required to pay $9,500 for the inquiry committee costs, and told that if I did not take remedial actions within the time limited for doing so, that I would be suspended from membership.

Here is the conclusion of Inquiry Committee’s findings:

Dr Jones was found guilty of violating numerous sections of the Code of Ethics and Bylaws with respect to marketing of his Natural Dog and Cat Health Internet Business.

“ The panel finds that between December 1, 2005 and October 31, 2008, Dr Jones violated ss 8,26,27,97,100 and 104(a),(b), (c), (d), and (e) of the Code of Ethics and Bylaws.
Furthermore, we are concerned that a veterinarian, a professional person, would breach his two written undertakings to the BCVMA.”

The inquiry committee claims:

“ Dr Jones ‘ marketing material is a serious example of his unprofessional behavior in that his marketing material has an all –pervading persistent theme of denigrating other members of his profession in order to draw attention to himself. In his self laudatory statements, Dr Jones’ constant harangue serves to throw the veterinary profession into disrepute.”

You can see the entire report by going to the college of veterinarians of British Columbia website here:

Your comments are appreciated, especially if you are aware of veterinarians who have been fined by their governing bodies.

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Best Wishes,

Dr Andrew Jones, DVM

P.S. There was a recent article about ‘human’ doctors who have been disciplined in Ontario for sexual misconduct with patients- yet after paying relatively small fines they are now still practicing, but supposedly required by their governing body to put up some type of sign in their waiting room informing of their past ‘indiscretions’..

A news investigation revealed no such signs, with these physicians still practicing.

Do I think that I violated my By Laws and Code of Ethics?


Do I think that the fines were fair?


I’d love to hear what you think…

37 thoughts on “Resignation from the College of Veterinarians of BC”

  1. This veterinarian was doing what was best for the animals. Dr Jean Dodds, expert in the field, has shown that vaccinations every year damage the immune system. In this day and age, he was the only vet that is using current info and making available vitamins to help the longevity of dogs.Many other vets will be following his ideas. I hope you don’t punish all of them and will try to get current with the times.

  2. Good Morning,
    I agree that is very unfair fines given to you considering all the love and help you provide for our pets. I work in the human HealthCare business and see numerous misconduct licensure suspensions of all sorts (with no more than a virtual slap on the wrist)or horrendous Malpractice cases over and over to physicians who by all rights should have their license revoked permanently but it is not done. I have the highest respect for you in standing up to them and proving to them that you speak the truth. Keep up the good work. Our pets thank you and so do we their pet parents. : )

  3. What people do on their own time is non of the The College of Veterinarians of BC’s business. They should oversee only how you cunduct in the business itself. Questioning the ethics of fellow members should have been embraced by the College, but it is actions such as this that more people do not trust mainstream medicene.

  4. I am sorry that you were picked to be victimized. During my career as an engineer I was placed in unethical situations several times. I, too, took the hard road and stayed true to moral principles. Sometimes there was no vindication in a financial way; however, now that I am 66, I am glad I made the correct choice because how we live our lives becomes more important as we age and as we uncover more of the hypocrisy that our societies force on us. I have been victimized (or I should say my beautiful Penelope) has been victimized by a veterinary clinic that should not be in practice. I tried to sue. I found an attorney that was willing to help and I did all the legal research (shepardizing); however, I could find no veterinarians willing to testify against him even though it was clear cut negligence. Animals have no rights! His negligence and arrogance have gone unsanctitoned. You may not be vindicated among some of your peers; however, you are vindicated among clients, like me, that know the truth behind society’s hypocritical facade. It cost me $5000.00 several years ago to save her but I am grateful she is with me.

  5. Good for you! Instead of being a member of a fraternity whose actions/behaviors are NOT in alignment with your spirit and your purpose here, you have chosen to be a front-runner for the truth…. one who is willing to take a stand for his beliefs despite the negative fallout. Willing to “self sacrifice” to improve the lives of fellow spirits (animal and human) on this plane.

    Trailblazers have always suffered the slings and arrows of the masses who are, as yet, unable or unwilling to SEE the truth, and practice it their own lives.

    Like an albatross cast from around your neck, you have freed yourself from a regimen of obsolete and HARMFUL dictates… doesn’t it feel GOOD? (well,most of the time, anyway!)

    THANK YOU for being willing to stand up for US!

  6. The College was wrong. Pioneers like you, are often punished for leading the way. Thank you for standing up for our fellow animals and for enlightened clients who care about our pets, holistically.

    Hopefully within this lifetime, the College will issue an apology of its treatment of you and will state that vaccinations are unnecessary.

  7. I am a firm believer in treating the cause not the symptom. Holistic medicine has to be our future whether for humans or animals. Our bodies (animal alike) were created in a way to heal itself if allowed. I am fortunate that my current vet actually does not recommend yearly vaccines depending upon the pets cirucumstances. I applaud you for taking the stance you have and so sorry that you are not allowed to practice medicine that allows you to use all the knowledge you have that can heal. Big Pharma has too much control and has brainwashed the medical community. God Bless you in your efforts.

  8. Mmmm. I have a real mis-trust of big pharmaceutical companies and vets. The vaccination protocol every year is, in my view, just a way to line the pockets of vets and drug companies.
    There has been a real change in the financial attitude of vets over the years. We had a Spaniel a good few years and parvo virus was supposedly running amok, so we took the dog for a jab. The vet said, with such a fit and healthy dog not to bother. More recently I took my equally fit and healthy Pointer for stitches (barbed wire at speed – it should be banned below 4 foot from the ground and land owners made responsible for maintaining it) – the vet tried to talk me into a parvo jab! Money.
    Common sense needs to prevail and vets realise that they are in a caring business first

  9. Thank you, Dr. Jones! The profession threw itself into disrepute by being corrupt and doing the bidding of the petfood manufacturing industry! The BC veterinary authorities are pathetic! As many of them, unfortunately. Instead of treating divergent views amongst their members as co-existing schools of thought, they crucify those who tell the truth. Very sad. But thank you for your courage.

  10. I have subscribed to Dr. Jones’s newsletters for many years now, and have used his canine supplements. I also have his video’s which have been a GREAT help for understanding and helping my dogs at home. When I read about his ordeal with the College of Vet Medicine in Canada, I was shocked that they could do this to a vet that is helping animals and people in the best way possible. The fines were just unreal, and then losing his business was an outrage. So Thank You Dr. Jones for all the help you’ve given us, and good luck in the future..

  11. Hi Dr. Jones I think you have done an exemplary job of practicing natural health care. I have followed all your advice & saved all your articles. I have 6 dogs ranging from 11 yrs. ( he looks just like your Hooch ) to the youngest 10 months. They are all in excellent health with no medical issues whatsoever. I raise puppies & have found your vaccine protocol to be the least invasive. Thank you for your continued good work.

  12. They are dead wrong. We need more vets and doctors that will think instead of clinging to the old ideas.The old style thinking and ideas of the establishment has to go if we and our pets can live and be healthy. Hooray for holistic and for you for promoting its practice.

  13. It’s great that good men like you have integrity to follow your research and conscience in the proper care of our pets. Unfortunately, BIG PHARMA and BIG MEDICAL has nothing but their own best interests at heart — hardly the best interest of the animal or its owner. It’s all about money and power. That’s why you’re such a breath of fresh air. Keep up the good work!

  14. Dr. Jones,
    You have been treated unfairly with huge fines that aren’t even levied on doctors treating humans. You have still continued to be a vet that we can appreciate no matter what happens. It seems to me that others might afraid of the truths you might make public. One of the things about you I notice is that you are the real human human. You let us see the real you instead of nothing but a fake photo from a service. It is your animals, family, real you. It is the reality of YOUR reality that endear you to so many of us.

  15. I agree with other comments posted here. Big Pharma controls so much and all they care about is money, money, money and protecting their money, money, money. The “health care” system for humans is so sad and, before following you, I never realized it was the same way with our animal health care. I’ve been following you for many years and was so happy to have found you. Society is waking up slowly and professionals like you are so vital in making a difference!

  16. The fines are unfair. It does not match the “crime”. The AVMA is now trying to halt homeopathic remedies from being used by trained veterinarians by “going through the back door” so to speak. I abhor regulatory boards that assume more power than they are given, and make decisions that will pad a few pocketbooks, and cause harm to the animal and the animal guardian in the long-run by limiting what a vet can do and say. I worked for a wonderful vet for years who said a lot. He never promoted himself,so is able to remain in operation. He has lost a lot of potential money by not doing unnecessary “uber” expensive testing and treatments. He believes in the Oath and practices it and makes his employees read and understand it. I read your materials every day. I trust and believe in you!!

  17. Dear Dr. Jones,
    From what you have said it appears you are dealing with some of the same problems Naturapathic doctors and Chiropractors deal with. If some pharmacutical company isn’t making money off of you, that makes you the bad guy. I like to treat my own health issues in a more natural way which really unsets my D.O. but my chiropractor is thumbs up. I love your natural remedies for my dog. Just keep doing what you’re doing because not everyone believes in “BIG PHARMA” or the medical model. Sometimes they just make matters worse.God created bodies both animal and human and He has better more natural ways of treating them.

  18. I love what you did in revealing the “secrets” of veterinary healing.It has helped and no doubt saved numerous beloved pets,All I see for meself in the area I live are vets who have very posh homes and care nothing about the clients just that almighty dollar.I have experienced this myself in the last month and you helped my best friend, Sheba, immensely in the last month,probably saved her life.Thank you so much Dr andrews,you must have been sent by ANGEls!! Gratefully,Cheri

  19. Well done Andrew. Although I live in Britain, I notice that many vet surgeries push foods for my dogs which I do not approve of. I have been told that these colossal manufacturing companies contribute to vet schools BUT they also test their products on animals. Definitely a no-no in my book. I buy an excellent dog food from a company which prides itself on not putting harmful additives in and not testing on animals (apart from their own dogs). My labrador and bichon frise are supremely well and very rarely have to visit a vet – in fact my lab only visits to have her nails cut, and she’s six. Their coats are those as good as show dogs. Says it all really doesn’t it. Keep to your principles Andrew, and all the very best for the future.

    BLESS YOU for speaking up for the animal kingdom. All the best to you for a happy, healthy and prosperous new year.
    P.S. The fine was outrageous, shame on them.
    Kind regards Maria

  21. I live in the US. Don’t know anyone with Dr. Jones particular problem. I do have a problem with the vets in this country that continue to advocate the most unhealthy forms of kibble imaginable while our pets are dying of food induced diseases at an alarming rate. Of course I’m sure that the fact that the pet food industry helps to fund most veterinary colleges and that they give most vets tons of perks has nothing to do with the situation. Our veterinarians depend on the pet food industry to provide them with chemical laden, corn filled, prescription foods for their patients and then receive many incentives from the companies for purchasing from them. I consider this kind of behavior unethical. Not the behavior of a vet that advocates for healthy foods and treatments that do not threaten the health of our pets. It does not take a rocket scientist to realize that the ingredients contained in the current pet foods available in grocery stores and department stores are simply a source of slow death for our pets.

  22. Keep up the good work!! I have spent thousands of dollars trying to help my dog, Max, overcome his allergies. After 2+ years, he was not really any better. Then we started with your Ultimate Canine Formula. In less then 2 weeks there was marked improvement. Now his allergy suffering is minimal! Your only “offense” was showing that facts are facts and better than the mighty dollar! You intimidated those whose true goal is not the betterment of our pets/animals. Continue to hold your head high! We love you for your caring and honesty. THANK YOU!!!

  23. Sounds to me like the typical response of the “good old redneck boys club”
    Too bad they are so closed minded and not open to things other than what was “taught” at the vet colleges. Perhaps they are not smart enough to answer this question:

    Everyone knows that there are innumerable ways to do that, but does the vet college of bc know that.

    Deliberate use of lowercase letters for a lower case association.

  24. Dr.Andrew Myself I don’t see any offenses, maybe in their veiw but not mine. they are looking only one way for big Pharma and the dog food industry. If they did their research like you have done they would see they are in the wrong. Keep doing what you know is right and saying so to, sooner or later things will come your way. I wish all vets were like you and in time there will be. I know If I lived where you do I would go to you.

  25. Seriously this is a million pages that really say “we will not even listen to anyone else’s opinion whether it is based on experience or not”. Someone paid a lawyer $9,000 to come up with all this trash. Dr. Jones should have developed the habit of starting every sentence with “In my opinion” and these lawyers and the Vet Profession would have had no leg to stand on. What they have done in effect is stop the community from exercising their right to choose what vet and what vet technique they wish. I’ll bet communists even have that right. I say to the Vet Assn “Relax most people will stay with the traditional ways so your Association will not suffer financial ruin and nor will any vet. Those who wish to go with the natural ways have the right to do so and should take the Association to Court for taking away their rights”. Dr. Andrew has what is often referred to as “balls” – please excuse the French. My dogs are too precious to me to care what the Vet Association thinks. If in doubt try it and see.

  26. firstly, you rocked the boat and the people in power don’t like that – it threatens their existence, as well as, their sales and their profits. the powers that be that established conventional mentality and the drug pushers want people to retain their sheep mentality (and stay inside the box) in order to control them easily. — we all know that the agenda of the health and medical multi-national corporations is not to cure any disease but to keep patients as repeat customers through out their lives, curing patients with natural medicine is a big threat to the drug cartel and the medical mafia. they will definitely dig and find technicalities they can throw at you to get rid of you in whatever way possible. the first thing they will try is to discredit you first, if that doesn’t work, they’ll find more underhanded things to throw your way, maybe even hurt your loved ones. I’ve seen this happen to people i know.. to everyone else, let it be known that this is my personal opinion, it is an opinion.

  27. I beg to differ. The veterinary profession has served to bring disrepute upon ITSELF in so many ways. These are just a few of the things that come to mind….being closed minded about intergrative medicine, selling and marketing inferior petfood, protecting those colleagues who harm pets by malice or negligence,not supporting Gracie’s Law for Peach, and last but not least .. by turning the once noble profession into a corporation, instead of a service profession. It is clear that anyone who disagrees with the status quo, anyone who has a conscience, and anyone who cares more about actually HELPING his patients than becoming a spokesperson for the establishment, must be punished. You are a hero, Dr. Jones. I admire you.

  28. Professional misconduct, huh? Is that like taking advantage of animals under anesthesia? If so, shame on you!!! Seriously, I don’t mean to make light of your situation. I can see your owners miss you. The world is not fair and truth doesn’t seem to always prevail. Good luck.

  29. I have to agree with Nigel. You are doing something greater than any other vet I know of. While they are doing this for the money (it seems) You are giving the people who cannot afford to take their beloved pets to the vet, the means to treat them at home. This is true love of animals! We are so proud of you!! xx

  30. Well done Andrew for doing what you think was right, if there were more people like you that actually care the world would be a better place.
    Carry on the brilliant work.

  31. Oh..What big babies they are. Instead of wasting all that time and money to being vindictive, it could have been spent on actually doing good for the animals. Now isn’t that what they’re suppose to do? Treat the animals and give them the best quality care they can. You can obviously see just where their heads are and it is not for the good of the animals. Truly pathetic.

  32. Your situation is unfair. You should find the best legal advice and continue to fight! Your animals need you,


  33. Hi, Andrew!

    PLEASE continue what you’re doing! I’m trying to get lots of others to follow you.

    You’re brave and strong and the animals and we NEED more people like you in this world!

    Much unconditional love (like the animals give to US!)

    Sue and all the animals. x

    Tiamat Sue on Facebook!

  34. I applaud you for standing tall, but what a shame – there are so many vets out there that are more about making the $ – where you are all about the care, and for sure – you deserve the $ deemed to you. You have not shamed other vets – as it is their schooling – you have the vision to make things brighter and better. The Ministry irritates me for condoning your vision.

  35. I think Canada is not the progressive country it thinks it is. I think it is a shame that you were fined and forced to resign. Does Canada not have freedom of speech? I don’t think this would have happened in the United States. I think you are doing a great service for people with alternative views to medicine. Thank you for continuuing the good work.

  36. Wow, do you really think the public and pet owners should forgive you for your past transgressions? Do you really think you shouldn’t be held accountable for the charges you knowingly committed? Do you really need to be asking your nearly blind readers what they think, so you can just feel better about yourself and continue to skirt the laws? Wow, this is really low, Jones, really really low. Thank god for boards to oversee the likes of you.

  37. Can someone please tell me why it’s okay for this TMJ dentist

    to be selling mouth guards on line (mouth guards he invented) WHEN HE SHOULD BE PROMOTING CUSTOM MADE DENTAL NIGHT GUARDS MADE AT THE DENTISTS OFFICE INSTEAD?????? There is no difference between what this dentist is doing and Dr. Andrew Jones marketing of his Natural dog and cat health internet business. Has this particular dentist been fined and not allowed to practice anymore??????

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