Remember the Pet Food Recall?

From: Dr Andrew Jones
Author: Veterinary Secrets Revealed

Re: Remember the Pet Food Recall?


Good morning and welcome to Friday!!

Remember the Pet Food Recall?

Thousands of dogs and cats became ill, and several
thousand died from contaminated food.

It wasn’t long ago- A little over 1 year, yet it has
left the news..

Pet Food makers are still churning out kibble that
lasts forever, and we as pet guardians are trusting
that what is on the label is in the food.

I have to admit that I now think twice before feeding
my dog Lewis or my cat Cleo any kibble or commercial
canned food.

Here is a story that was sent to me about a recent legal

A pet food maker whose contaminated product may have led
to the deaths of thousands of dogs and cats in North
America has agreed to settle lawsuits with pet owners
in the United States and Canada.

Streetsville, Ontario-based Menu Foods Income Fund
announced the tentative settlements Tuesday.

“It’s a comprehensive settlement,” said Amy W. Schulman,
a lawyer for Menu. “It would resolve all the claims.”

Schulman said she could not disclose how much the
settlements would be worth, but the company did say
that it expects its total costs associated with the
massive recall of its products last year to be about
$53.8 million.

The company’s pet foods are produced in bulk and sold
as store brands.

In March 2007, Menu recalled tens of millions of
containers of pet food when the New York State Food
Laboratory discovered that some contained aminopterin,
a chemical that has been used to induce abortions,
treat cancer and kill rats.

The U.S. food and Drug Administration later rejected
that finding but found melamine, a chemical used to
make plastics, in samples of Menu Foods’ products.
The melamine was traced to contaminated wheat gluten
imported from China.


P.S. So How does this apply to you?

Well Dog and Cat Food is still poorly regulated- there
will be other contaminations in the future…In fact many
of the chronic health problems that many dogs and cats have
is directly related to feeding dry ‘it lasts forever’ kibble.

I am now making MORE of my own pet food at home, INCLUDING
feeding some Raw Food.

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specific Home Recipes, PLUS All the scoop on Feeding Raw,
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Best Wishes,

Dr Andrew Jones, DVM

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