Recall: Omega 3 Supplements for Dogs and Cats

Stratford Omega 3 Supplement Recall:

3 thoughts on “Recall: Omega 3 Supplements for Dogs and Cats”

  1. I love healing with holistic things that God gave us?? Thank you Doc and I’m sending you and your daughter love and light?????

  2. Dr. jones, can you make your supplements available to purchase on Amazon.
    I live in Nova Scotia and the shipping is brutal.
    I have a severely sensitive mini schnauzer and trying to feed her the best for her delicate tummy and skin.
    Thank you
    Kathryn Rhodenizer

    1. We do ship all of our supplements internationally, however some countries do not allow CBD products and certain pet health products. You will have to check with your country’s international customs policies before ordering.

      For shipping costs for Dr. Jones’ supplements, you can find an estimate by adding a jar of the supplement to your cart, and once you are in your cart, scroll down below the cart and you’ll see “Estimate Shipping and Tax”. Just enter your basic shipping details (Country, etc) and click “Get a Quote” and you’ll see the available options.

      Here’s a link to Dr. Jones’ products:

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