Rap star DMX arrested for animal cruelty.

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Re: Rap star DMX arrested for animal cruelty.


It’s is Monday morning again….Hello!

I am coming back from a conference, but while I was
reading the news yesterday I came across a pretty disgusting
news story.

Here is the story:

Rap star DMX has been arrested on animal cruelty and drug
possession charges after a standoff at his house near Phoenix,

Police say the rapper barricaded himself in the early hours
of Friday morning after they arrived to arrest him following
two searches of his home that turned up drugs, weapons, dog
carcasses and abused pit bulls.

The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office said DMX, whose real
name is Earl Simmons, eventually gave himself up.

Police first raided the 37-year-old musician’s home in the
Cave Creek community near Phoenix last August. They discovered
12 pit bulls and three dead animals partially buried on the

An indictment was issued on seven counts of animal cruelty
after the August raid.

This time, police say when they went to the house they also
found illegal drugs and five more pit bull puppies.

“With all his money and fame, [DMX] has no excuse for not
providing proper care for his animals,” said Sheriff Joe
Arpaio on Saturday.

The rapper, who has sold more than 20 million albums, has
also acted in several movies including Romeo Must Die and
Exit Wounds.



How is it that someone with ALL of the trappings of success
can be such a pathetic human being?

I just don’t understand some people.

WHY would anyone even be into Dog fighting?

And then to abuse and starve the dogs- UNFORGIVEABLE.

I this man, Mr Rap Star, is to hold NO value for the
lives of inncocent dogs, then you can believe that he
has NO respect for ANYONE or ANYTHING good in society
and life.

I hope he loses EVERYTHING.

And I hope he spends a LONG TIME in jail.

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Best Wishes,

Dr Andrew Jones, DVM

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25 thoughts on “Rap star DMX arrested for animal cruelty.”

  1. When are they really going to make an example of these people involved in animal cruelty.Why is child abuse and animal cruelty not brought up during elections? The only way we are going to get stronger laws is to hit the politicians were it hurts by withholding votes etc.

  2. The conclusion I come to after reading your comments is “your consuming hatred” for anyone who abuses animals.

    No doubt abusing animals is wrong. Just as hitting your child, stealing from your neighbor, or sleeping with your best friend’s spouse.

    But to have an attitude that DMX should suffer the worst of any fate is just as cruel as DMX’s own actions to animals.

  3. It makes me sick on my stomach, that celebrities can have animals and throw them away as if they were trash. I hope that he gets a long sentence also, but I think justice would be better served if he would get a taste of his own medicine and have a little bit of abuse, by not having some meals served to him or just enough fluids to keep him healthy through the day to see how it feels. There is just no excuse for mankind treat God’s living creatures that way.

  4. I’m not a big fan of pit bulls, as I don’t completely trust them. However, I don’t believe any animal deserves any kind of abuse and I find this absolutely shameful. He should be horsewhipped and made to make reparations (although I know that none can be made for the dogs who have already died at his hands). How about community service cleaning up after and taking care of animals in the local shelter???

    Thanks for keeping us informed.


  5. Dr. Jones,

    All I can say is “From your mouth to God’s ears”.

    This macho BS of dog fighting as a cultural symbol of manhood is so warped.

    Perhaps ‘neutering’ perpetrators would help them to realize how very UNmasculine it is to pit one animal against another. Or to exert power over them by confining them and withholding food.

    In my heart, I know there is a special hell for people who abuse animals.

    It’s hard not to hate.

  6. “…this man, Mr Rap Star, is to hold NO value for the lives of innocent dogs, then you can believe that he has NO respect for ANYONE or ANYTHING good in society and life.”

    And this surprises you? How clueless are you, Doc? Any rapper, by their acceptance of a dissipated lifestyle and moral code, is less than human and a waste of skin. Wake UP!

    Chances are this idiot is just a wanna be and will be someone’s b-tch in the joint. He deserves no less as does Michael Vick.

  7. Many financially successful people are pathetic human beings with severe psychological problems. Any glance at the grocery store tabloids will tell you that. Possibly, rich people have just as many problems as everyone else, and we shouldn’t assume that they’re “better” or “more capable” people. Possibly, the process of getting rich is corrupting and warps people, as they can lead very spoiled, unaccountable lives. Possibly, some people become rich because there’s something loose in their brain that allows them to do things that regular people don’t find so easy to do. I suspect that’s the case here. I bet DMX’s gladiatorial barbarism helped his rap career.

  8. As a proud owner of a beautiful female American Pitbull (as well as a couple Pugs, a Pug/Datchund mix and a Poma-Poo (Poodle/Pom mix) — I am disgusted at how these stories of dog fighting and cruelty continue to destroy the image of wonderful dog breeds.

    Our Pit, even though she still have many puppy tendencies at a year old, is one of the most loving dogs we have ever owned. She’s defensive, protective and can sometimes show a temper but with all of the other smaller breeds in the home – she has shown a great love for her “little” friends. She might play a little rough at times though but she learns quickly.

    I hope to see more abusive owners prosecuted and even them rich and famous abusers should get the same treatment as any other common criminal.

  9. Why are some humans cruel to children and animals?
    They want a feeling of power, preferably over other adults and when they do not have that power, they will abuse anything living that they can control.
    I don’t think that “stealing from your neighbor or sleeping with your best friend’s spouse”(per Dave’s comments)falls into the same category…

  10. This is awful. Obviously the guy is big loser but it’s sad to see celebrities whom young people look up to behave like this. I can imagine that this guy is a very unhappy and insecure human being if needs to abuse helpless animals in order to get his kicks. Without his fans and bodyguards he will be like any other prisoner in jail. A victim, just like his dogs. I wish they would make him pay a huge multi-million dollar fine with proceeds going to an animal shelter!

  11. I cannot agree more with the comments made about animal cruelty. Dog fighting is only one example of animal cruelty. My wife and I have rescued three Greyhounds from the racing industry. These animals come off the track full of parasites and grossly underfed. There is no concern shown for the dogs only money. Dogs that don’t make money are euthanized. Some are lucky enough to get rescued and adopted out. There is much work going on to get the industry shut down.

  12. I can’t understand how anyone can treat animals so cruely. May be as their punishment, they should be treated in the same way.
    Did you know that the Chinese skin dogs and cats alive, just so they can make fluffy animals and send them to the USA for people to buy because they “look so cute”. Check out this website. http://www.animalsaviours.org/index.html It gives the report and there is also a vidio that you can view, if you wish. I watched a small portion of it and was in tears.

  13. I own two very sweet dogs one of whom is a pit mix. I love my dogs so very much. I can’t imagine causing them pain. But I have come to understand that the relationship between humans and dogs has been tarnished between minorities and dogs. We have people in our neighborhood who are scared to death of our harmless dogs. Because they were raised to fear & hate dogs. Dogs have been trained to kill someone because of there color for decades. Families pass down there hate & fear to there kids and so on & so on because they think there protecting there kids or grand kids. But for good reason. Black folks coined the term “Hush Puppies”. Because they had to make something to throw the killer dogs off so they could escape with there lives from there white slave owners. Look yes there needs to be accountability but there also needs to be put in place a sort of rehab. They should be made to work with animals in a capacity that would teach them a much better way of relating to dogs. To be re-taught & re-sensitized to the REAL value of the lives of animals. And to be honest I wish people were just as passionate about protecting children because without the value of human life we have no basis for the value of animal life. Think about it!

  14. What I am having a hard time with is why did they allow him to keep on having dogs after the first raid? They should have taken them away then. I hope that he is banned from owning any pets or animals of any sort forever. If he is this way with animals can you imagine what he would be like as a father? Yikes! That is a scary thought. Well I hope he is fined alot of money and sentenced to community service. Like having to work in the spca cleaning the cages of dogs.But supervised so he won’t hurt them. And having to spend time being nice to animals. Supervised of course. Lol Let the punishment fit the crime.

  15. The Bible says things will get difficult in the end and hearing more and more stories about this type of abuse and violence makes me sick. It comes on the tail of my losing a canine friend through someone just wanting to shoot something. I cared for an English Setter named Bruley who had come home from a trip with his human companion, got out of the SUV ran up in the woods to do his duty and was shot by a neighbor out target practicing. Shot him in the hind quarters and in the chest, twice, shoot to stop, shoot to kill shots. Why to such a loving dog, devastating what men will do to unconditional love.

  16. I think it’s just pathetic and cruel, what DMX did. What’s a good thing is that our consciousness is evolving to the point where we get angry when animals are abused, and we are passing laws to protect them. There was a time when a woman or child could lead a hellish life of abuse, and everyone turned their heads and did nothing. Now, if we could just do something about those horrible factory farms and slaughterhouses!! Those animals have feelings, too!

  17. While the man may try, once he get off the drugs, to blame his behavior on the drug-abuse, we all know that human nature can be horrible, even without drugs. I truly hope that our court system will not allow this man off just because he is able to pay some slick lawyer. I truly hope that he is used as an example that no longer will we, as a society, tolerate the abuse of any of God’s glorious creation.

  18. I am a proud owner of a very loving Bull Terrier and unfortunately this bread also suffers the same fate, I do not understand the senseless need for such cruelty.
    It seem that there are many people who think that animals are just a disposable commodity, these people should not be allowed to be guardians of any animal.
    I have been the guardian of many animals from chickens, cats and dogs, raising them from new born to mature age adults and seeing their personalities develop, yes even chickens have their personalities.
    When one decides to look after an animal it is a big responsibility and not just with feeding as a domestic animal is totally dependent on its carer
    for its survival and safety.
    To do such cruel act is such a betrayal to any animal.
    Dumping any domestic animals in the wilderness is also just as bad as they usually don’t survive and those that do become a menace the the native animals of the area.
    In conclusion, it is hard do figure out what punishment would fit the crime, sure there is jail time but does jail really rehabilitate any one, we animal lovers know what happens to animals when they are caged and subject to abuse, it does not make a better animal. Sure maybe DMX assets could be sold and given to a wildlife sanctuary, but what reputation would that give any wildlife sanctuary or animal welfare agency to have received funds from someone so despicable.
    You can apply harsher penalties for animal cruelty , such as a heavy fine and jail time but and I hope it does not come to this and that is all pet owners need become licensed which would require training in basic animal care as well as attitude and psychological assessment.
    In Australia you need a license to have any of the native species such as dingo’s, kangaroo’s, possums, wombats and reptiles as pets. To get this license there are very strict guidelines and you would virtually have to set your property up as a wildlife sanctuary.
    Cats need to be desexed, registered to the local shire council, you have to build an outside enclosure
    and they are under curfew and must be indoors after 6PM. There are also strict laws on ownership
    of known vicious dogs such as Pit Bulls and the American Pit Bull is banned. These dogs must be on a leash at all times, wear a red and white collar
    and musseled, when out in public.
    There are also heavy fines as well for such acts of cruelty, ranging from $50,000 per animal and up to 10 years jail time. These are some of the animal welfare laws we have here in Australia.

  19. I have watched so many videos of people treating animals as though they had no feelings…I have 8 dogs of my own and still care for others and I love them all!anyone who confines an animal and abuses it deserves worse that what he gives out and no escape for him!YES! he should suffer terribly!! he should beg for mercy and none given!! that goes for all animals!!there has to be a special kind of hell for anyone that abuses! I cry every day from watching or hearing about some act of cruelty to an innocent fur baby…amen! may God reach out and slay their very beings!!!

  20. I got so upset just thinking about all the cruelty that I spelled my name wrong! I love animals and dog spelled backwards is GOD!!!

  21. mounths agow (not sure when ) i was looking for info on some rare dog breeds and stumbled across a forum that asked which would win in a fight a caucasion mountain dog or a pitbull i was curious so i read the posts and it seened that a lot of people were trying to justify dog fighting buy saying that it was natural for the dogs to fight and that they enjoyed it and that that was the purpose for those particular breeds so they were actually maintaining the breed for it original purpose and even claimed to be dog lovers it seems rediculouse to me that these people would make such claims when even if a dog (including the gladiator breeds) are left on there own they dont go looking for fights and that the dogs have to be trained to fight if they really were doing what was natural for them i dont think that they would need training to make tham mean (sorry this is so long )

  22. I think that is discusting, I hope he goes away for a long time and is never able to own another animal !

  23. i dont see wats wrong with pitbulls killing eachother THERE FIGHTING DOGS as im the owner of1 male staffy and 7cats

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