[Podcast 56] FDA Investigation, New Glaucoma Treatment, Raw Food for Pets

In today’s episode I am going to tell you about the FDA investigating a connection between dog food and heart disease..glaucoma in dogs and cats and a new treatment, PLUS my thoughts on RAW food for dogs and cats.

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1 thought on “[Podcast 56] FDA Investigation, New Glaucoma Treatment, Raw Food for Pets”

  1. Kiki, 11yr old female maltese-chihuahua was fed baked ham by a dinner guest in March. ..Took to Vet. Was told she had enlarged heart, heart murmur level 4, collapsed trachea 75%. Was told she had less than 6 mos to live. Rx Vetmedin & Lasix. She had 11 side effects to Vetmedin and 9 to Lasix. I took her off those and put her on Organic parsley tea (diuretic) and Pet Wellbeing’s “Young at Heart”. Later added Glucosamine, CoQ10, coconut oil & a dog multi-vitamin-mineral powder. Tried raw food diet. Made her throw-up. Since early August, she’s improving!! Her rib cage is normal-size. Normal breathing. She dry, squeaky coughs 2-3 times a day. Her energy level, strength, behaviors, playfulness all back to normal. BUT, she’s had 10 syncope collapses during the 5 months. She has never lost consciousness, peed or pooed with them. She collapses and goes limp. Lasts only 5-10 secs. Recovers quickly. Most have happened after getting excited, or stressed. Never from coughing or exercise. Most early evening. They are coming closer together now, 3-4 days apart. Is there a home remedy for this?????

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