[Podcast 48] Vomiting Pet? Natural Answers. What is Laryngeal Paralysis. NEW Mosquito Repellent

Hello and Welcome to the Veterinary Secrets Podcast!

My name is Dr Andrew Jones and This is episode 48

In today’s episode I am going to talk about what you can do for your vomiting dog or cat, and what to know about megaesophagus. Explain what laryngeal paralysis is, and then talk about a surprising NATURAL mosquitoe repellent that may help with Malaria and Heartworm prevention.

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3 thoughts on “[Podcast 48] Vomiting Pet? Natural Answers. What is Laryngeal Paralysis. NEW Mosquito Repellent”

  1. Hi, Dr. Jones,
    Sorry, but the audio quality on this was so bad I could barely understand a word… Sounds like you’re underwater… in a box, lol!
    – Lynn

  2. Hi Dr. Jones – my friend, Roselyn, has a 2-yr old female Biever Yorkie, named Bijou. 6 months ago she started to vomit yellowish bile and often followed with blood. This has been happening regularly at least once a month or several weeks. She has taken Bijou to the vet here in Sidney and to date has spent $13,000 with no specific diagnosis. There has been two occasions in the last 2 months when Bijou had to be taken to the emergency vet because it was the weekend. The vet has done the usual tests – blood work, fluids for dehydration, antibiotics and pain relievers, no food for 24 hrs, then specific diet of rice and chicken. The vets suggested she may have Pancreatits, but no specific diagnosis. Little Bijou recovers and is playful and active, but Roselyn is at whit’s end to get some answers from 2 vets she has seen so she can be treated appropriately. The next vet option is to do an ultrasound. Roselyn is scared that Bijou may have to be put down because she doesn’t want this precious animal to continually suffer. For that amount of money, we could have driven or flown to Nelson with Bijou to see you! Would you be good enough to offer us your professional feedback on what it could be, if not Pancreatitis, then what? I’ll be joinign yoru webcast on Feb. 14. Thank you so much. Linda Fleury, Sidney, BC – linda.f.y@hotmail.com

  3. Yes, I agree with Lynn about the quality of the audio. Though I was able to mostly catch what was said, I nevertheless strained to do so. Will ask a question by email regarding the honey/lemon and warm water for my 12 yr old lab who coughs pretty loudly from time to time. X-ray shows that the heart is A1 and the lungs too. So… maybe he has eaten tree bark (go figure, he LOVES it and I always have to stop him and in winter time, he knows he has time to get a few littles bites before I can get to him… little devil) or it could simply be an inflammation of the laryngue. That honey stuff will not hurt him anyway so why not try it.

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