[Podcast 41] Cat Food Secrets, New Kidney Failure and Ringworm Treatment

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This is episode 41

In today’s episode I am going to talk about the very big nutritional differences between cats and dogs, and how you need to be feeding your cat differently to prevent and treat disease. Kidney failure and pets- you should be focused on this one ingredient, and it’s not protein. Ringworm- what is it and how best to naturally treat it. Holistic options for Wounds and Lacerations.

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Dr Andrew Jones

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2 thoughts on “[Podcast 41] Cat Food Secrets, New Kidney Failure and Ringworm Treatment”

  1. Can kidney problelms be reversed so the cats can be well again, how about thyroids as well can that be reversed? I do enjoy listening to all what you talk about. Thanks so much for your guidance.

  2. Hello Andrew — this is a nice service and I’m grateful, as I have an 11 year old cat I fear I’m going to lose. Our local vet did a blood test and xray and we still do not have a diagnosis. The symptoms: weakness in hind legs (unable to scratch his ear, for example, and difficulty standing). Nothing visible on xray, no palpable mass. He went a couple of days without a bowel movement or urination, so our vet prescribed a relaxant and gave him an enema and since then he’s been urinating twice each day and pooping once. Appearance normal. He continues to drink and is eating well, but that’s the reason I’m leaving this comment — after listening to EP41 it’s apparent he’s getting nothing but junk. Until he got sick, we were feeding him a little human canned tuna packed in water once a day, but he stopped showing interest. Now he loves Fancy Feast and Temptations, and I’m desperate to keep him eating and drinking, but it’s obvious I’m doing it wrong. He also has widespread skin problems. The vet checked him with a black light and though it might be ringworm, it’s not the kind that fluoresces under UV.
    I listened several times to your podcast, but I cannot make out what you’re saying about what we should be feeding him — maybe it’s a combination of my laptop speakers and that you speak quite fast, but I can’t make it out. I’m going to order that book of yours, but I was wondering if you have transcripts available that might help me determine what to feed him and what we might try to help with his skin condition.
    He was a rescue cat, very shy and gentle and has been a blessing for us (retired) folks. It’s killing us to watch him go downhill, three weeks of this, now, but he occasionally has good days when he responds and eats well and if there’s a chance he could recover under the right conditions, I’d love to give him that chance.
    Thanks again for this service — it’s a blessing.
    Reggie Audibert

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