Pentobarbital in Pet Food

The Clean Label Project, a National non-profit organization dedicated to improving pet food quality has tested Pet Foods finding the euthanasia drug, pentobarbital, in some Pet Food products. Link for their website is below.

Sodium Pentobarbital is a drug used for euthanasia – something I would use to humanely put a pet to sleep – it is commonly used in all veterinary practices.

An animal that has been euthanized with Sodium Pentobarbital is sometimes sent to a rendering plant, and then this is sold as meat by-product (such as tallow/fat). This by-product is then added to pet food. Clean Label Project has tested around 85 pet foods.

Some of the Clean Label Project Foods have texted as clean. But the pet food companies have to submit their labels for testing, and it’s up to consumers to call these companies out.

This emphasizes how important it is to know what you are feeding your pet. My best suggestion is to make food for your pets at home – you know what the ingredients are!

Clean Label Project :

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