Paw Health in the Winter

Well, it’s winter in British Columbia, and I’m currently looking at the blanket of snow outside… Groundhog Day told us we have six more weeks of winter! The daily dog walks are important, but the snow, ice and salt can be especially hard on paws. We will be covering how to care for your pet’s paws in the cold winter months.

To start, booties are great for protection (if they will tolerate them!). If they do not like booties, covering each paw with a protective layer of Vaseline before going outside can help to keep hydration locked in. When you return home, wipe each paw with a towel and warm water to take off any excess salt or snow/ice, and warm those paws up!

Secondly, keep humidity levels up, as the environment in your home is an important part for healthy paws. As well, trimming fur around the paws will decrease snow and salt from building up.

Lastly, If your dog does experience cracked paws, I’ve made a short list of items you may have at home or can purchase at a health food store. Rub a small amount of any of these directly on paws to relieve cracks:

  • Coconut Oil
  • Shea Butter
  • Lanolin
  • CBD Oil (see link below for Dr. Jones’ CBD!)

These can also be used for general paw health all through the year! Keep those toes happy 🙂

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