Omega 3 Recall

Yes, there is a current recall of a popular Omega 3 Fatty Acid product that is sold in Veterinary Clinics…

Stratford Care USA, Inc of Odessa, Florida is recalling multiple brands of Omega-3 Supplements for cats and dogs due to potentially elevated levels of Vitamin A.

But that is NOT Dr Jones’ Ultimate Omega 3 Supplement… in fact we make a point of 3rd party verification to ensure that what we say is on the bottle is in fact in the bottle.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids are wonderful anti-inflammatories… think help for arthritis, allergies, cancer, the brain, the heart.

If you have yet to try them, I encourage you to do so:

Dr Jones’ ULTIMATE Omega 3 Supplement for Dogs and Cats

Omega 3 Supplement for Dogs and Cats RECALL

Stratford Care USA, Inc of Odessa, Florida is recalling multiple brands of Omega-3 Supplements for cats and dogs due to potentially elevated levels of Vitamin A.

Vitamin A is an essential nutrient for dogs; however, ingestion of elevated levels can lead to health issues depending on the level of Vitamin A and the length of exposure. Vitamin A toxicity may include general malaise, anorexia, nausea, peeling skin, weakness, tremors, convulsions, paralysis, and death.

Stratford Care USA, Inc is taking this action after receiving a single Serious Adverse Event from a sole consumer regarding their dogs’ exhibiting signs of Vitamin A toxicity after consuming the supplement. This is the only Adverse Event to date. Currently Stratford Care USA, Inc is taking all necessary steps in collaboration with the FDA to remove all products with these lot numbers from the market.

No other Stratford Care USA, Inc products are affected.

Omega-3 Supplements for cats and dogs was distributed throughout the United States in Veterinary Clinics, Distribution Centers, Retail Stores, and Online Market Places such as Amazon and Chewy.

The white plastic container containing 60 soft gels has the marking on the bottom of the container that states “lot 31133 EXP 04/13/23” and “lot 30837 EXP 10/26/22”, this product has been private labeled under various brand names, please see the labels and chart listed below.

Stratford Care USA, Inc is solely a distributor of supplements and other companion animal products. The lots in question were produced by a contract manufacturer and sold to Stratford Care USA, Inc.

Pet owners who purchased this supplement listed above are asked to immediately stop feeding and throw it away in a container where no other animals, including wildlife, can access and consume it.

Veterinary and other retail partners should remove and destroy the affected product from their inventory.

Please contact our team directly Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm EST at 877-498-2002 or via email at for questions or assistance in getting a refund. Customers who purchased this product directly from Stratford Care USA Inc, can receive a full refund by emailing their information to

Best Wishes,

Dr Andrew

P.S. Fortunately only 1 dog has been affected, so the company is being cautious and responsible, recalling the remaining products. IF you have any of these, please stop using them.

P.P.S. a ‘Toxin Free’ and especially beneficial Omega 3 Fatty Acid Supplement for Dogs and Cats…

Omega 3 Fatty Acids are considered to be one of the most important supplements in Veterinary Medicine(Clinician’s Brief). Dr Jones’ Natural Krill Oil provides high levels of the important Fatty Acids, EPA and DHA, better absorption/bioavailability, WITHOUT the toxins now found in many Fish Oil supplements.

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