New treatment for Bone cancer (osteosarcoma)

Bone Cancer was always one of those cancers that I neverwanted to diagnose in practice… no real good treatment options, and for most dogs it has already spread by the time it is diagnosed.

So prevention is key. What you feed your dog can play a big role in this.

Most of us now know the benefits of supplementing our own, less than ideal diets… well the same thing applies to your dogs.

Your dog on kibble is not getting as many beneficial nutrients that can help support their immune system, preventing serious disease in the first place.

Our supplement, Ultimate Canine ADVANCED Health Formula, has a 10, 000% increase in probiotic levels, additional Antioxidants, 400% more Colostrum, 100% INCREASE in Essential Fatty Acids.

This is the X-ray of a dog with Bone Cancer:

Osteosarcoma in Dogs

This is bone cancer, common in medium- to large-breed dogs. The bones of the legs are most commonly affected. Most dogs first intermittently limp, then progressively limp more often as the tumor grows from the inside of the bone out. At that point you may see a swelling at the end of the bone, and it is firm and painful to touch.

VETERINARY DIAGNOSIS AND STAGING. Your vet will perform blood tests, X-rays, and possible bone biopsy, although the X-rays are generally diagnostic.

BISPHOSPHONATES. Bisphosphonates are used to treat osteoporosis and to help lower high calcium seen in certain types of cancer in people. The most common bisphosphonate is oral alendronate (Fosamax). In bone cancer, bisphosphonates can inhibit osteoclasts (cells that cause bone lysis), as well as directly kill bone cancer cells, and be a great source of pain control. If used, you need to discuss this with your veterinarian. The dose is 40 mg per day (large-breed dog) or 70 mg every other day.

ALTERNATIVE TREATMENTS: This can include previous treatments I have discussed for Canine Cancer including Dandelion Root Tea Tincture, Panacur, Turkey Tail Mushroom, Cannabidiol/THC, Melatonin and 95% Curcumin.

Find Dr Jones’ ULTIMATE High Absorption 95% Curcumin here. 

Immunotherapy Study

A new non profit called The Canine Cancer Alliance is seeing some promising results with a new form of immunotherapy against dogs with Bone Cancer (osteosarcoma).

They are located in Washington State, and currently accepting dogs with Osteosarcoma as part of the study.

EGFR/HER2 Vaccine Study

A new cancer immunotherapy is available for dogs with tumors associated with EGFR/HER2 overexpression.

Potential benefits of cancer immunotherapy for pups:

* May stop or slow recurrence and spreading of cancer

* May help when surgery is not possible, or if chemotherapy doesn’t work

* May reverse cancer metastasis

How does it work?

Safely activates the immune system against cancer cells that are over-expressing EGFR and HER2 proteins.

The vaccine has already been given to over 600 dogs. Minimum side effect reported.

May help with many different cancer types. Preliminary data for osteosarcoma and hemangiosarcoma published.

Limitations and challenges

Today’s immunotherapy cannot guarantee every dog will become a long-term survivor.

Researchers are investigating different ways to safely enhance the efficacy and increase the number of responders.

Study Locations

Bridge Animal Referral Center (BARC) in Edmonds WA is now enrolling patients in the study. Please contact the clinic to inquire about the enrollment criteria and to make an appointment.

Call (425) 697-2272

Washington State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital in Pullman WA is enrolling patients with osteosarcoma.

The treatment option includes VAX + Radiation therapy.

Call (509) 335-0711

Contact if you have any questions.

Best Wishes,

Dr Andrew

P.S. Osteosarcoma is so difficult to treat – in practice there are so few options, and unfortunately it has almost always spread by the time it is diagnosed. So good to see potential alternatives.

P.P.S Here is a good way to just generally help your dog, and hopefully prevent serious disease in the first place.

Dr Jones’ ULTIMATE Canine ADVANCED Health Formula

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