New Cough Remedy – and should you vaccinate for kennel cough?

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Cough Remedy and the wisdom of the Kennel Cough Vaccine

Coughing in dogs, (and some cats) is one of those more difficult conditions to treat.

In some cases there is a treatable underlying cause, such as Heart Disease, while in other cases its something to manage (i.e. a condition called tracheal collapse).

Kennel cough is an infrequent cause of coughing in dogs, and there is a vaccine.

But, there are MANY different organisms that can cause the disease (up to 9), with different viral strains.

Yet the vaccine typically only is potentially protective for 1-3 of these causes – on top of that there is no assurances that the vaccine your dog receives is the one with the RIGHT strain of virus.

SO what to do?

Well if you are going to a kennel, then you may have NO other options – they may require it. Fortunately it is a fairly benign vaccine, (in that it won’t do much harm), although it may not be doing much good either.

If your pet has an extended history of coughing, (more than 2 days), then at least have them examined by your local Veterinarian. They can check for more serious conditions like Heart disease.

I for one am NOT a strong vaccine advocate. I have NEVER given my own dogs Kennel cough vaccine.

Recently my older dog Jesse was going through a bout of coughing, so I tried a ‘newer’ remedy which worked GREAT.

BuckWheat Honey

A study at Penn State showed that 2 teaspoons of thick, dark brown honey were MORE effective than Over the Counter cough medicines at limiting the severity and frequency of cough in children.

Honey’s antioxidants and antimicrobial properties may be soothing the inflamed throat tissues.

My preference is to KEEP my own pets immune systems thriving to prevent these diseases in the first place.

My pillar begins with nutrition, and specifically my advised supplements.

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P.S. Does every alternate remedy work?


Does every conventional remedy work.

No as well.

In fact it is now advised to NEVER use OTC cough meds in any child 6 and under due to potential serious side effects.

Which reinforces one of my mantras…

Make a point of avoiding conventional medication side effects with potentially safer, natural alternatives.

And here is a great way to start with your dog or cat.

Heal Your Pet At Home!

Best Wishes,

Dr Andrew Jones, DVM

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